getting political again...

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    Aug 26, 2004
    ... im sorry for it :oops:
    this thread is for to say what has to been said.
    it's been said a hundred times before but is is necessary again

    well... Fahrenheit 9/11 was on German TV-channel "ProSieben" tonight (just... 1 hour ago).

    Well... the movie just pointed out 2 things:
    First: the reason why i don't like Moore: this is the most manipulating and partially film ever...

    Second: that america needs a change... NOW...

    i hope americans will do what they have to and those 3 words in my sig will be in the seal of a man who realy earned it.

    Americas presidency is a global concern...
    so let us hope that the world last superpower will make the right decision today... no... tomorrow (here it's the 2nd already)

    AMEN, my brothers...