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    Mar 8, 2022
    Now I've already read some old threads made here on it, but I'm having no luck.

    Steam packages Fallout with both SFALL and the HD mod and serious fucks it up. I've tried reviewing older threads but can't quite get everything working properly.

    Wondering what you guys do/have tried. I can't use my disc version anymore because my gaming laptop doesn't have a disc drive.
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    Nov 26, 2007
    Bit of history... Fallout failed its Win95 certification because it ran on WinNT; —because it ran on it, and did not crash as M$ stipulated.

    The developers were rather proud that it worked on every version of Windows. So as a result they crippled the installer to detect WinNT, and crash. You can simply copy the humongous install to the install folder of your choice, and it will run just fine from there after manually updating the FALLOUT.CFG file to point to Master.Dat, and Critter.Dat archives—if that's even needed; it might already be set to the relative path of the executables (as shown below). Absolute paths also work.

    So... you can copy the CD contents to a thumbdrive for transfer.

    Alternatively (if you have shared network folders between your desktop and laptop), you can transfer it that way.
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