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    Not sure how much I had. I know I spent $300,000,000 and still had a couple hundred mil to spare, but that was total, not just from that heist. Either way, I'm not hurting for money. Not much to buy at this point anyway. Bought most of the real estate.
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    Oh, there's always more to buy. But then you also said most of the side interests didn't really pique your fancy. I know especially when hunting for collectibles or challenges, if I didn't buy special vehicles to tackle them then they would have been incredibly tedious (more so than usual). I still DIDN'T buy special vehicles, most of the time, so they were incredibly tedious all the same. But The option was there to alleviate that aspect of them through special vehicle purchases, and those add up to millions and millions very quickly...

    But now GTA Online is live! .....Kinda. I haven't been able to get any games going, because there's always a problem that besets me when I try. Either it's faults with Rockstar's first attempt to launch the service, or because of the delayed release date so many users are bogging down their servers to the extent that it can't function for some, if not all (Error 37, anyone?), or it's something to do with my network. It could be any of the 3, but I neither believe it's tied to my network, nor would I want it to be, but I haven't seen any evidence that my connection would show any issues with this one service, alone, as everything else works just fine, both on my PC and my PS3. Playstation Home works fine, Steam works fine, etc. Sometimes the problem it gives me is that the Rockstar cloud servers are unavailable, so that would suggest it's one of the first 2 possibilities, but I don't always get that for my reason not to connect. Most of the menu options are greyed out, so that also seems to imply it's that the release isn't QUITE ready yet. All that said, I'm both slightly disappointed in not being able to get a game going (it even provides a "Play Solo" option, which I still can't access without some kind of problem) and anxious for when it'll be fixed to that I can.

    EDIT: Found this helpful article that explained a few things that what little I could access didn't tell me. The sections that felt most important to me were:
    So for one thing, yay, the problems are on Rockstar's end of things, not mine. For another thing... wow. It's like Dark Souls and Fable had a character creation lovechild or something. That's some ambitious character building mechanics. I'm eager to finally experience this more fully in a few days. =)
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    I could atleast create a character and watch the intro scene. She looks sexy! :P
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    Pfft, stereotype...

    Did you set your character's activities up for the sake of her skills or just for the starting clothes she got from them? =P I did both. Found a reasonable balance of skills I felt were acceptable, and the outfit that came with it looked good. Even managed to come out with a character that doesn't look all that unlike me... just when I was much, much younger, and still had hair. XD
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    I didn't alter the skills actually in any way. Realized I could do that after I finished the process. -.-

    And no, it ain't no stereotype, she doesn't wear makeup or such. :P
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    You altered her skills if you altered her activities; that's HOW you alter your character's skills (during creation, that is). XD

    I was saying you're a stereotype because you're a guy making a female character and loving that she looks sexy. =P

    I like that my character takes up the 4th slot in the character wheel, so I can literally just switch to him instantly from the game, or through the pause menus. A nice update to the UI from GTAIV (which had good ideas, but didn't always work out practically). Of course, it doesn't take me very far right now, but soon it will, and I just like how the design incorporates all of the features of the game. I was curious if that 4th slot was just to take up temporary characters (like Chop) or for future DLC characters maybe, and now I know. Neat.
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    I actually wanted to create a guy first, but all those combinations of parents/grandparents looked very ugly kinda. So that's why I choose the path that was atleast tolerable. :P

    I wonder if that new update fixed the bug that my xbox freezes when I want to upload a picture to that instagram-alike ingame app...
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    I do believe my testing of the various heists is complete. I don't have all the precise numbers down, since using the Replay Mission method has left some inconsistencies, but I have the important relevant information.

    Jewel Store- Went over this twice already, so see my previous posts about it, if you want the details on how to get the biggest payoff from this heist. The short version is to go in Smart with the cheapest driver (if you've unlocked Taliana, you're in the best shape possible), Packie for your hired gun if he's been unlocked, and the cheapest hacker, and with that you'll make off with the maximum possible take.

    Merryweather- You don't hire anyone for this heist, so all you have to choose from is the method you take. The payoff is the same, regardless of your choice, so try out whatever sounds more enjoyable to you.

    Paleto Score- There's only one way you can go about the Paleto Bay job, so all that matters is who you pick for your hired gun.
    Choosing a cheap gunman will cost you a third of the take, as he will get killed, and unlike the Jewel Store Job, you won't be able to recover his bag. So hiring Packie again will more than pay off, once more.

    Bureau Raid- This is the first heist where you can potentially get away with hiring a cheap hired gun, at the same time it can still cost you. The sneaky method requires a smaller crew, just 2 guns, while the audacious method 1 driver, 1 gun, and 1 hacker.

    Your target isn't worth any money, but you're getting paid by the leftover funds from the Paleto Job. If you performed optimally robbing the bank, you'll be paid well after completing this job. If you lost a third of the bank take, your performance raiding the Bureau building will merely determine how much of very little money you'll make off with.

    Fire Truck:
    Sneaking into the FIB building by using the janitor's key and the Fire Truck won't pay off as well as parachuting in through the roof, because you'll lose a cheap hired gun in a firey explosion, so you can't save on crew expenses, however it's the far easier approach to this heist. The alternative has lengthier firefights and getting the data is more involved, so the actual heist is shorter and simpler if you take a sneaky approach.

    Since you haven't managed to hire any inexperienced gunmen for heists prior to this one (who will survive to learn from it), you can't hire the bottom 2. You can hire 2 middle-ground guns, and you won't lose anyone. Contrary to what you might think, since the maximum pay will not change no matter what you do in this heist, losing a gun will still cost you, thanks to those handy dandy Casualty Expenses, so getting your crew out alive will pay the most.

    This is a far more difficult approach to raiding the building, but it can also be far more profitable as a result. You can save on all 3 crew members (as long as you've unlocked Taliana as your driver), as this is the first heist where hiring the least experienced gunman won't necessarily cost him his life and allow him to upgrade his abilities. Once more, the hacker you choose will only slow you down but otherwise not impact the money you get out of it, aside from their fee. Compared to the minimum 20-24% cut of the take that you'll lose in crew fees for taking the sneaky approach, you shouldn't need to pay more than 16% in crew cuts for taking the direct approach, despite hiring 3 members as opposed to 2.

    Parachute into the FIB building, hire Taliana as the driver and the cheapest hands available for the other 2 jobs. Be careful while making your getaway in the ambulance, as your cheap gun MIGHT blow your cover, however whether he does or he keeps his cool, you'll still be able to make a clean getaway without losing anyone, and earn the max possible pay from your FIB handlers.

    The Big One- The final heist of the single player story, how you approach this heist can cost you anywhere from $20-100million in the take. Upgrading your crew members is all for this one job. The crew you have to assemble will be 4 or 5 extra hands, on top of Lester's cut, on top of how much you're able to get away with, so having upgraded, cheaper crew members will make a big difference.

    Strangely, considering how much of an impact this heist makes on the game, and how difficult it might prove, you can get away with hiring completely inexperienced crew members without much consequence. It can bite you if you only hire the cheapest hands, but you still can do so while potentially making off with 100% of the take.

    This is the sneaky, easy way take on the Union Depository. You'll need to hire 2 guns, 2 drivers, and 1 hacker, so your funds will be stretched thin depending on who you choose. The "first" gun and driver make the most difference, so they're the ones you need to be careful in your selection. You can, however, hire anyone, including the discount crew members, for the "second" gun and driver.

    The "second" Gunman and Driver will replace the blown tires of the Security Vans you take over and drive off with the hostages, so their roles will be taken care of almost immediately, and they basically can't fail you. You'll have zero problems taking the gold, since as Lester describes you literally trick them into "giving it to you", but you'll run into trouble when you try to offload the gold into the getaway cars. You'll need to assume control of the street lights to block the pursuing Merryweather Security while expediating your own escape, but once more your Hacker will only cause potential delays, at worst. If you've picked Ricky for the 2 opportunities you could up until this point, he will handle his responsibilities without any hang-up, so that's not a problem.

    Once you reach the getaway cars, things get a little bit complicated. The 3 main characters need to hold off several heavily-armed waves of Merryweather while your "first" Gunman and Driver offload the gold from the vans into the cars. The area has ample cover, so this shouldn't prove difficult to hold off at all. If your crew here is inexperienced, they won't be able to transfer more than half of the gold before you need to get in the cars are drive off, so you need good ones to finish by the time you're ready if you're to make off with the maximum $201,600,000 in gold. You should absolutely have Taliana unlocked at this point, so she will handle herself just fine. You can hire either Packie or POTENTIALLY the low-end Gun IF he took part in the parachuting Bureau Raid approach and upgraded his abilities, and you should transfer 100% of the gold to the getaway cars.

    The getaway is a simple matter of following the other 3 cars as Franklin, and if you hired Taliana for your "first" Driver, all 4 of you will make your escape without any issue. All told, you can save enough to make at least $34million on each character, at the end of this heist.

    This is the bold approach, and it's more difficult, but with the higher risk comes higher reward. You won't need a Hacker with this approach, so you already save on requiring 1 fewer crew member on this heist. Despite being the biggest and most daring heist in the game, in addition to saving on crew size, you don't need to spend on crew quality either! NONE of your crew members need to be very expensive, so as long as you haven't lost any cheap Gunmen in earlier heists, and you've unlocked Taliana, you should make your getaway with the full $201,600,000 in gold, and each character will make $40million in the end.

    During the various phases of the heist, your hired guns will be looked out for, and hiring cheap and/or inexperienced hands won't cost you in any way. Franklin will be covering one of the guns you hired while he loads the gold into cages for helicopter pickup, then he'll split once Trevor and your "first" driver (pilot) collect the gold. The other gun will follow Michael and Franklin as they make their getaway from their distraction maneuver while the gold flies away.

    Your "first" driver makes the biggest difference, since he/she will be piloting a helicopter carrying half of the take, so if you hire an inexperienced "driver", they'll crash and you'll lose half of the take. This shouldn't really be a problem at all, however, because Taliana is both the cheapest driver and has the best default driving skill of any driver. She won't crash unless you don't look out for her as Trevor. The "second" driver is just filler, as he will be driving a train, so hire the cheapest guy you can, and you're all set to go. Once Michael's crew makes their extended getaway and loses police pursuit and once Trevor gets rid of the tailing Merryweather helicopters and drops off the gold, you're done. You should be able to complete this heist with roughly $40million in the bank for each of your characters.

    Take the Obvious approach, hire Taliana for Driver #1, and fill the rest of the slots with the cheapest hands you have available. You'll make a killing in saving on crew numbers and expertise, and it won't cost you unlike earlier heists.
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    Finally got it and it crashes, twice in the first mission and once in the second so far. Seems like a few other people are having trouble with the game and older 360s like mine. I'll probably return it and wait for a PC release and a big Steam sale if things like the USB install trick don't work.
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    Make sure you get a 16 GB USB because the 8 GB is too small....Install one disc to the hard drive and the other to the USB...
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    [Insert scathing mockery that you suffer an inconvenience because you chose the 360]

    Having replayed the game because I wanted "the perfect game" (seriously rich bastards by the end of it, with close-to-the-pinnacle of "the maximum amount possible" by the final save... and preferably Gold Medals in every mission) I'm more impressed with the cohesion in the story that the game has shown, which I didn't notice on my first run through. When you visit Lester to ask about getting "the old guys" back together and he dismisses you for it, anyone who played GTAIV would notice the reference to Niko that Lester made, but even better, he refers to the player character from GTA Online, as well. Since Online is set prior to the events of GTAV, the exploits of the player character (and in a manner not-too-unlike Dark Souls, everyone else's, "existing simultaneously in a separate universe and in yours") are remarked upon by some of the characters, from time to time. Lester calls the Online character "too unpredictable", which just made me smile. Sure enough, I'm all over the place, and I rarely pay Lester any visit, or call upon his help, much. Your work in getting rid of witnesses for Madrazo is even the subject of Franklin's description of Madrazo being "wrongfully accused" by witnesses "found missing". I love that everything ties into each other so succinctly. Very well done. =)
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    I am slightly annoyed by one thing in the game...

    My Xbox 360 is not connected to the Internet so this means that I only have access to the LCN and not to the Bawdsaq(not sure if I spelled it right)...

    I was about to start the Lester mission regarding the hotel. Lester explicitly told me to invest stock in a certain company. I went to the LCN and couldn't find it listed there.

    Well guess what? The stock is on the Bawdsaq not the LCN. This means that without an Internet connection, I will not be able to get the stock rewards...

    WTF ROCKSTAR!?!?!?! Don't get me wrong. This game is one of the best games released in the past many years even with just the singleplayer and I am getting well worth my money with the offline content for the 60 bucks I paid...

    BUT I don't see the purpose of restricting some of this stuff to online only...why do I need to be connected to reap the rewards of this SINGLEPLAYER mission? Why do I need to be online to be able to save pictures with the in-game camera? It doesn't make any sense to me...

    This is the kinda stuff that has been hurting PC games in the past many years....can't believe it is starting to come to consoles as well...

    This game is still awesome though....I just hope the other Lester missions can be done with the LCN and that I don't need the Bawdsaq to get my players super rich....

    Ok so I just went to this website...

    Once you get past the age gate, you can head over to the Bawsaq and see the apparently the stock has been falling for the past few days for Betta Pharmaceuticals which is the company whose stock should go UP when doing this certain if I had invested in the stock...I would have lost money???

    Wtf...this system doesn't make much sense to me..

    I still think GTA V is one of the best games of the past few years and probably the best game released this year because of all of the other stuff but I don't get this Bawsaq and Snapamatic online-only stuff...

    EDIT 2:

    So I was reading about this online and I found out that almost all of Lester's missions have stocks that are on Bawsaq....this sucks....this really REALLY sucks..

    Ah well, I guess I won't be using the stock market much on this playthrough then...maybe I will have my 360 connected sometime in the future and can use the stocks if I want to do another playthrough...the reason I don't have my 360 connected is because I have an older model and an adapter would cost another 60 bucks and I would rather spend that on other stuff...ah well..
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    I had thought the bawsaq (lol) was the same for all players at any given time and affected by every players actions and investments, while the lcn is limited to your profile. but i could be wrong. Im sure I made money off of the single player assassination missions on the lcn though, maybe you missed the ticker symbol?

    also get live wtfs wrong with you
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    Ok so there are 5 Franlin-Lester assassination missions. 3 involve the Bawsaq and two involve the LCN. If you do many of them after the story ends, you can still get a huge amount of money just through the LCN ones. This is because each character will be very wealthy anyway after the final mission so the assassination missions can multiply this significantly more.

    The Hotel one is required to progress, I think, so you can't keep that until the end but the last four definitely can wait until after the ending...