Gun Runners’ Arsenal preview, part 3

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    Revolvers, rifles, plasma/pulse grenades, more guns detailed in the third blog post on the upcoming GRA DLC.<blockquote>GRA Anti-Materiel Rifle, Assault Carbine - For our more hard-nosed “operators”, we’ve got two customizable rifles in big and small calibers. First up is the GRA Anti-Materiel Rifle. Personalize this hard-hitter with a Custom Bolt (increases rate of fire), Suppressor (reduces sound — does NOT silence it), and Carbon Fiber Parts (lowers weight). For close-quarters armor-piercing mayhem, we’ve got the GRA Assault Carbine. As with standard Assault Carbines, you can outfit them with Extended Mags (GRA variants required), but you can also boost weapon longevity with a Forged Receiver and increase the rate of fire with a Light Bolt.

    12 Ga. Flechette, Dragon’s Breath - You know we love shotguns. We’re especially fond of the 12 Gauge variants. Between Buckshot, Slugs, Coin Shot, and our new 3/0 Buck, 4/0 Buck, and Pulse Slugs, you’ve got loadout options. Is that enough? No matter the number, the Gun Runners answer is always, “No.” So here are two more. Flechettes and Dragon’s Breath. Flechettes are tiny metal darts that replace traditional shot. Great for armor penetration, though not quite as damaging. Dragon’s Breath is for people who occasionally want to set things on fire. Why you want to do that with a shotgun, we don’t know. We’ve stopped asking. Here you go. Just keep your engagement ranges close or the Dragon’s Breath will produce a pretty cone of flame and nothing else. You’re welcome.

    Bozar - Some have called this beauty the “ultimate refinement of the sniper’s art”. We call it a highly accurate Light Machine Gun with a mil-spec scope, a 30-round magazine of 5.56mm, and a rate of fire that can project a withering storm of lead downrange in no-time flat. The compensator keeps it accurate even on full auto. With 5.56mm Match ammunition, you could mag-dump into a Bloatfly’s head at a hundred yards with all shots on target (no guarantee implied).</blockquote><center> </center>
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  2. My fear of putting in the Bozar is that it could be either completely nerfed compared to 2, or it could be game breakingly over powered. It's hard to balance out what was once a complete rape machine.
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    It probably breaks down quickly.

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    For those of you who are curious what flechettes and Dragon's Breath should look like, youtube has plenty of decent videos.

    This one effectively covers them both:


    I'd prefer to go through LR with Dragon's Breath loadout in my riot shotgun rather than a flare gun, myself.
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    I think that I may just take back what I said about not picking this add on up turns out there are a few interesting things that I might want. My only complaint is that with these there's going to be so many different weapons out there I don't know how I wont get bored.

    I really wish they made one last DLC that maybe made up for how short Lonesome Road was.
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    Flechettes are fine.

    But Dragon's Breath rounds aren't anything more than sparks and smoke.

    Phosphorous Buckshot on the other hand...
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    Meh. So far none of these tidbits have made my interest going up even slightly. They all look very boring to me and I'm fine with the thousands of weapons already laying around in my chache.

    Also, the Bozar was horribly overpowered/buggy in FO2. I don't think they will copy this status in NV then. :)
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    GRA counterparts of vanilla weapons (Hunting Revolver, etc.) DO NOT count towards those 27 new weapons. Those were just added in GRA counterparts because of the problems added mods to vanilla ones would cause.