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    Apr 2, 2003
    But he already calls his dad "uncle"! :shock:

    Oh well, I'm sure they'll go perfectly along with his "bruncle"! :lol:
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    Apr 3, 2003
    GoblinKing? Civil? Really?

    He must be sick or something...
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    Jan 20, 2004
    Mostly civil, yes. I honestly didn't come here and ask to be called names. That doesn't make you a lick of ballsweat better than me and me halfway supporting the game. Wow, you can call me stupid! Good for you, now where are your points in refuting my arguements? Yeah. Locked up in your pathetic insults. If that's all you guys do around here, good for you. I don't feel like being flamed when I didn't do a damn thing to flame you. I didn't call you a retard, and I sure don't appreciate it when I came in here with nothing but a just arguement. If you don't chose to respond with maturity, that's fine. I can do the same. But you know what, I won't.

    I'm not saying you guys cannot critique the game, not anymore at least. I used to. But now I realize it is fully within your right to critique it. But insulting the game's designers, fighting with its company, posting inane things on their message boards, and using screenshots of their attacks on you to attack them back is not critiquing. It is silly nonsense fighting. Please do not tell me they started it, because honestly it doesn't matter who did.

    I don't like the game more than anything on the planet, no. That's a very wrong assumption. But I do give it a lot more credit than you guys do. I read your 27 Things About Fallout Brotherhood of Steel. I found some things wrong with it. Such as the Brotherhood's logo. Its not changed in the game. They changed it back. At least above the NPCs heads when they have something important to say. Also, the Brotherhood sending out a force of Paladins/Knights to deal with the events in BoS is not true as well. Its just your character(s) (In two player) and Rhombus. Just two. I don't think that they ever planned on sending out a force, just a few to check out what was going on with this situation. I could go on, but I am actually going to create a counter-document to it, when I have more time. Debunking or upholding each point as I get to it.

    As for being new in the gaming industry... not particuarly. But its not like games haven't come back from the dead before, or things that seemed like they wouldn't happen, did. A splinter of light can burst through the darkest clouds and hope can bring victory to the lost. All you need to do is hope. (Sure, call me a pathetic optimist... I am.)
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    Apr 2, 2003
    Not ours. That was created by a Fallout fan by the name of Dark Underlord who frequents several Fallout boards, including this one.

    Independantly made, and not for us either.
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    Pathetic optimist.
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    Dec 21, 2003
    Getting back on topic... :D
    I just had to bring this to the attention of the other forum I frequent...

    Someone mentioned Starcraft:Ghost and I replied by saying that it's shaping up to be a good game that stays faithful to the source material. I mean, Blizzard is codeveloping this game, unlike the BOS devs who never even bothered to talk to BiS (allegedly!), and since they won't be going down soon, a proper Starcraft sequel is almost inevetable.
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    Complaining about the insults does nothing to validate your argument. It goes both ways, kid. You just went even more asinine than the typical assuming child and didn't just whine about the insults and dropped the topic, you've used the insults as some excuse to only half-ass answer.

    If you like to post clueless shit, then more power to you. You won't be doing it here.

    Your idiocy offends, Allen.

    No, you'll just post more idiocy, much like your calling of DAC and NMA in the credits "gratitude". You're definitely nowhere near the bright bulbs in the pack.

    You made your bed.

    Good that you learned that discussion goes both ways. Finally. Now you can reply only when you bother to do enough background info. Posting before that would be...amusing. Yes, amusing.

    Critiquing the methods, and the game, but it is also about the treatment of Interplay's customers and fans.

    I noticed your reply, one of the typical ones used by idiots who can't bother to digest certain facts.


    It will never cease to amaze me how people can defend $50 mistakes like a matter of pride. Are you just bitter that you didn't grab a better game and are trying to hide it?

    Please note the time of when that article was created, a while before the game was released. Now imagine that someone might have changed it back at Interplay.

    Here's the next point. Imagine if the article wasn't written. Do you think that they would have changed it if someone didn't point it out? It's much like their "nothing in this game contradicts what happened in previous games", then they went with the "alternate timeline" cop-out like some cheap sci-fi show.


    No, I'll call you for what you are. An assuming idiot.
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    Oct 22, 2003
    Is there anyway to get Rosh's autograph?

    ...Because he's my fucking hero.
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    You know... twice I thought and pondered, and stroked my chin to think of a proper response, a good, intelligent-sounding response. One that maybe would have brought more than just insults towards the conversation. Again I was going to be civil and nice, in the face of the insulting towards myself and my apparent idiocy.

    I realized that it wasn't worth it. You will continue to berate me, over facts about a video game. Its just a game... I wonder if some of you realize this. It's not life. It's not what makes you get up in the morning and live, at least I hope not. I might be beaten, that's fine. I concede. I know jack shit about what back and forth between the fans of Fallout and Team Chuck, as it is called from what I understand. But I don't let it consume my days, and fill my thoughts constantly. I let it go. Because frankly... I don't care. May I be defending the so-called $50 piece of shit? Sure. That's alright by me. At least I know its a $50 piece of shit, and I'm content with it. Its completely and utterly sub-par to two things that it can be compared to, Dark Alliance II and Fallout I/II. Do I care? Nope. Because its still my $50 piece of shit. I am a casual Fallout fan. Not a rabid, Fallout-blooded fan. I wouldn't want to be from the looks of it.
  10. Roshambo

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    Apr 3, 2003
    And you've just failed to reply in favor of whining about the harshness. That's pretty much just a litmus test, kid. That's to see if your argument has any foundation, or would you take the easy way out and whine, conveniently ignoring the topic points and instead paraphrase and make pitiful excuses.

    Ignorance is a poor element to possess in discussion. It is both asinine, is a gross violation of basic netiquette, and hopefully it will get you killed before your presumptuous and carefree attitude towards your own ignorance (and then arguing upon that ignorance, which turns it into stupidity) manages to kill someone else.

    It's also people like you that are perhaps the second or third most problematic issue with the gaming industry.
  11. Saint_Proverbius

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    Apr 6, 2003
    Rosh is playing kick the can on the llama, so I'll reply to this:

    Actually, one of the main reasons we were mad is because we knew it was going to be a quick cash in on Fallout's name. Fallout's name used to mean a quality product, but this is the second in the trend of Interplay looking at a game and saying, Hey, I bet this would sell better if we slapped Fallout on it! That way, we can rush it out and make more money! Few people know that Fallout Tactics was originally a sci-fi tactical game called Chimera, but IPLY execs decided to post haste make it a Fallout game to drive up sales based on that name. Likewise, Fallout Enforcer started off as a sci-fi shoot 'em up type game called Future Shock.

    This kind of thing is basically the equivalent of Paramount getting the Battlefield Earth rights, slapping some wookies in it, and calling it Star Wars: Battlefield Tattooine or some such. They take something that won't sell on it's merits, then slap a name on it they think will sell it, make a few changes, and publish it. The end result is that the name is no longer worth what it once was.

    It's rather funny all the people who said, Hey, Fallout fans, shut up because this game will most likely bring new people in to enjoying Fallout so how could that be wrong? Well, like FOT which was a buggy mess pumped out before it was fully baked, Fallout Enforcer is also a mess. People new to the universe from Fallout Enforcer are going to relate the universe to crap because that game is crap. They're going to think that Fallout is all about saying the word, "SHIT!" as often as possible or banging hookers. It's not, and that's a problem. It's not going to bring in new people, because it;s at best mediocre and it's most certainly childish and stupid.

    Most Fallout fans are pretty saavy about these things. Most of the stuff that's come out about this game we've predicted from the beginning, like how lame that autotarget thing would end up being. I think it's about time a lot of those people out there need to show a little spine and admit we were right all along.
  12. Roshambo

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    Apr 3, 2003
    Hey, I can't have all the fun, 友人.
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    Oct 28, 2003
  14. TheTreasoner

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    Jan 20, 2004
    The biggest problem, of course being rabid fanboys like everyone here.

    Oops, I'm sorry, did I just use your insult against you? Thought so. Have a nice day.

    While I'm on the subject though, Rosh, do you have like a poster of Pipboy in your room you jerk off to to make up for not having a life or ever being able in your life to get a woman (or man)? I mean, if being ignorant about a pathetic arguement between a bunch of fanboys and some developers makes me worthy of death... being one of the pathetic fanboys must be an atrocious sin, worthy of a lot worse. I'll take my death thanks.

    I didn't respond to any of your points, because there weren't any. You just kept quoting bits of what I said, and insulting me. How are those points? Its just flaming the living shit out of someone who is trying to hold a 'discussion' as you think you're having with me. Its just me saying valid things and you being a jerk to me, for my apparent stupidity over a video game. Flaming someone like you have, I believe, is an even bigger violation of netiquette, by the way. I didn't deserve it at all, even though my apparent stupidity.

    There's a reason why I didn't reply in-depth to anything you said, because I know no matter what I said, I would always be wrong, to you. You win. Is that what you want? Probably not. You want me to keep spouting off things and keep saying inane shit about a goddamned video game! ITS A GAME. Go out in the world, spend some time with people for crissakes... give it a fucking rest.
  15. Montez

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    Jun 20, 2003
    It's funny how so many people who come here to troll start and end the same way. We should start a betting pool the next time it happens; ie., how many pages it'll go, how long before they go from arguing to dreaming up insulting scenarios for his life, how long until they dissapear never to be heard from again, etc.
  16. TheTreasoner

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    Jan 20, 2004
    Montez, for the record, I never came here to fucking troll. I came here to defend what I posted on GameFAQs and try to suggest that everyone try to keep a level head, and maybe cease with the fighting. Then Roshambo proceeded to insult me. If anything, I am not the troll. He is.
  17. Pope Viper

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    Dec 9, 2003
    Two points:

    1) We like Rosh
    2) You are an idiot fuck-wit who doesn't have a clue.
  18. Roshambo

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    Apr 3, 2003
    Too bad your analogy doesn't fit. Unlike you, I have a very good familiarity with how the game industry works. Apologists for shit work create more shit work, leading to the franchise being fucked into the dirt like X-COM and other titles. When you excuse mediocre work that is nothing more than a design to fleece the consumers, then you're pretty much the con man's little verbal whore.

    The biggest problem has to deal with unimaginative construction in most modern games that is leading to ennui among the consumer base.

    The next problem, nearly matched with the next one, stems from both poor publishers/developers that churn out shit products at full price, but at the cost of the name recognition that someone else built up.

    The third but tied place would have to be clueless apologists who want to excuse a game either in whole or in part, for whatever reasons, and can't accept the fact that perhaps the game should be shunned because the company knowingly shipped out a lemon on shiny popsicle stick wings of hype but charges full price. A move that the company will do again until even you are capable of intelligent thought and can figure out that others have developed much better games and charge less.

    Let me give you a hint. It didn't look like the hype worked for FOT, and even media whore sites are taking potshots at it than most other Interplay titles combined (except maybe Messiah).

    It's funny that being knowledgeable about Fallout and the game industry makes me a "fanboy". Well, better a fan of something good than a moron that got suckered into buying the first part of a crappy game that was cut in half for $50 and is trying to validate it through extremely weak means.

    You may want to read again. Or learn to raise your reading comprehension level.

    Fascinating, another simpleton with a victim complex.

    Nice attempt, but I would put money on the fact that I'm more familiar with netiquette than yourself. Flaming is not a violation of netiquette.

    Let's take a look from the netiquette guide:

    Survey Says: You're a dumb shit who couldn't even look that up right.

    There are guidelines against flame wars, but as you can see, this isn't a war, this is someone beating a child with Down's Syndrome with a lead pipe. There's a difference.

    The point of evolution and education is to improve understanding and learn from stupid mistakes while also fitting the environment.

    You are offending the precepts of both. My apologies if you're an evolutionary dead end, but I can't help with that, it's all yourself at that point.

    That is always amusing when someone uses that line. You know what, kid? This is a message board about F:POS, so naturally it is a place where discussion about it will take place. It's a funny concept, isn't it?

    Nice try to excuse your stupidity, but you fail again. Either that, or you're arguing that it's okay for you to be an idiot if it's just a game. It's that carefree lack of attention to detail that will hopefully cleanse the gene pool from the waste of education dollars that is yourself.

    That's amusing, since you're trying to say that people shouldn't be pissed at someone for attempting to shamelessly sucker them, nor be pissed at the really awful gameplay. There's better in the bargain bin already, and a good number to pick from. Why don't you just e-mail everyone who has made a review of the game and ask them to stop bashing the game/Interplay, so the ten hours you worked at McDonald's drooling into the fries to afford the game wouldn't seem so bitterly wasted?

    Lay off the drugs, kid.

    Oh, and to prove you a liar as well as a moron:

  19. TheTreasoner

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    Jan 20, 2004
    Like I said before, nothing I say has any merit whatsoever. No matter what I would say. I could whine and plead and become a pathetic convert like so many other people you've berated, but no, I have a very strong will. I'll keep posting and never stop until you ban me... NOW I'm officially a troll.

    Netiquette also says not to keep flame wars going for too long... well, as long as they keep people from having a good time that is.(damn, I was wrong on one point of netiquette... apparently again I'm the dumbest fuck ever!) I'm sure though that everyone here is having such a ball over this one that we should keep it going.

    I think I am going to particuarly enjoy how Roshambo responds this time. I think that's what is keeping me posting... I don't think I've ever met a person who put so much effort into flaming.
  20. Roshambo

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    Apr 3, 2003
    I already have had contact with Michigan State's network folks over one similar matter. It would be a simple matter to LART you. Revoking Freshman accounts is a simple but common matter for their sysops.

    Well, I think that was the point I made. You spouted something cluelessly, much like the bit about the F:POS team giving thanks to DAC and NMA. Posting clueless shit, like that garbage you spewed about netiquette, is a violation of netiquette in turn. You just don't stop fucking yourself over, do you?

    I'm sure their amusement will be magnified in a little bit.

    With idiocy like yours, the insults just write themselves.