Here lies Cass...

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    Sep 8, 2009
    I'm roleplaying FNV with a cowboy courier and one decision of this build is when companions are killed, they stay dead! That's it, no reload or second chances.
    This make me very carefull when engaging creeters or enemies and also make the game a little bit more tactical, because you need to weigh your chances and study more the scenario before entering the combat.
    But I made a mistake.

    One of my perks is "And Stay Back", a perk that make a shotgun knock-down an opponent, just like Knock-Kock/Oh, Baby! do. But I think I gone over my head, because I was feeling immortal and untouchable.
    Well, my great work made me losing one of the best companions for my build, Cass. :(

    This is her grave and this is the motherfucker that kill her.

    I forgot how unforgivable the FO world is.
  2. Korin

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    Aug 6, 2010
    I would eat her heart and absorb her powers. It's what she would have wanted.
  3. AWildmann

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    Sep 12, 2010
    I recall playing Fallout 2 and while I was rescuing Sulik's sister.

    The encounter in the slave camp started pretty good, I managed to take out a few guys without them noticing me right when I got into the camp, and things were going nicely.

    I managed to get the key and went straight to the shack where she was being held. But I failed to notice a few slavers in the back of the main house, and about 4 of them started charging me and were starting to shoot. I entered the shack and couldn't get shot for long, since they were still coming. But I couldn't let her go before they were all dead, so I used a few stimpaks and went back into the fray.

    What I did noticed when I was still trying to open the door, is that Sulik heroically shot 2 of the slavers down with a SMG burst, but went out o ammo, and started using his spear to try to kill them.

    He still managed to kill another slaver with his spear, but ended up killed by a slaver with a shotgun. Me going batshit angry due to that, I killed the last guy and released her.

    By the moment I saw his death and released his sisters, it never ocurred of reloading, but after I read his sister's reaction to his death, she barely said anything more and wanted to mourn his death.

    I thought to leave it that way, because the way the encounter went was so realistic that I felt it would be a shame to try to do it again.

    So long Sulik, your SMG bursts in my companions back shall be missed.
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    May 28, 2010
    Uhm, I suppose you're talking about the restoration mod?
  5. AWildmann

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    Sep 12, 2010
    Yup, I usually forget to mention that =/
  6. Jasan Quinn

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    May 11, 2011
    I know your pain my friend. I too have a tale of heartache to tell regarding Cassidy, but rather than just spill it here I think I'll recount it in character...

    You know, the long journey back to New Vegas gave us plenty of time to think. All Cass thought of was revenge, I knew that much. All I could think about was how suicidal this plan was. See, I'd done a little work for the Van Graffs. Not much, just a little door duty to pay the bills and fund my gambling habit, but it had taught me enough to know that there was no way in hell we were walking out of this alive.

    The doorman didn't bat an eyelid when we walked up to him. He knew me, I knew him. He let us walk right in, guns and all. That was the first part of my plan. Inside we got a few looks, but I just gave Gloria and Jean-Baptise a nod and they turned their eyes off me. I could feel Cass' eyes boring into me, wanting to know when the shit was kicking off. I took her hand in mine and led her over to one of the gun racks under the pretence of admiring the hardware.
    "Just keep it calm." I hissed. "Act natural. I want you to walk around a bit, then go and use the bathroom. I'll meet you there."

    My mind wasn't in the game. All I could think about was how soft her hand was in mine. It was damn stupid; this wasn't the time to talk about love. Before long we were both in the bathroom, cocking guns and making ready for mayhem. I'd grabbed a couple of claymores and set them up ready to blow, loaded my rifle and set the spare guns leaning on the wall - there wouldn't be time to reload.

    All hell broke loose with a well-timed execution. I pushed the door open with my foot, took aim at a puzzled looking guard, and put a shotgun shell through his face before he could react. His friends came running, but by then me and Cass had ducked into a cubicle. Sure enough the claymores made a kill, blowing the door off its hinges in the process. I hurled a stick of dynomite round into the hall for good measure, and together we opened up with everything we had.

    I don't really remember much about the fight. I remember standing in the hall with my custom cowboy repeater clicking dry, shotgun and trail carbine empty on the ground at my feet. My vision was blurred, my ribs were cracked and I was bleeding from more wounds than I could count. Still, it was worth it; the Van Graffs were dead. Gloria I'd killed with the dynomite, but Jean hadn't gone down so easy and in the end I put a round through his head.
    "We... we did it..." I had to say it aloud just to know it was true. "We fucking did it! Cass! We nailed those sons of-"
    Cass wasn't answering. I turned back toward the bathrooms where we'd begun the ambush, stepping over the dead to look for her. There she was, face down in other people's blood with a plasma burn right through her.
    "Cass?" I stood over her for a long time, not sure what I should do. I'd done the impossible for her, and she hadn't lived to see it. Knowing that hurt far more than the gun wounds.

    What I did next might sound cold to some. I reloaded my rifle, recovered the trail carbine and reloaded that too. Then I shoved as many guns, grenades and power cells as I could carry about my person and I headed for the door. I stopped to shoot the doorman just to be safe; poor bastard had stood outside too scared to come in and help his friends.

    You might say I should have cried for her, or at least had the decency to bury her, not just loot the place and walk away. Call me a cold hearted bitch if you want, but I loved her. I didn't cry for her that day for one simple reason; Cass' personal hitlist still had one name left on it. When Alice McLafferty was dead then, and only then, could I mourn for Cass.
  7. AWildmann

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    Sep 12, 2010
    That was one hell of a read, I should work on something as epic as this for Sulik!
  8. Courier

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    Apr 10, 2011
    Or for Cassidy Senior.
  9. Jasan Quinn

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    May 11, 2011
    Heh, now I'm tempted to try and produce a new playthrough and keep a diary of it, just to see what kind of a story it produces. :P
  10. AWildmann

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    Sep 12, 2010
    True, but I don't know if I could let Cassidy die, he's too cool!

    Also, when Sulik died, his sister responded to his death. I don't know who would respond to Cassidy's death.
  11. Courier

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    Apr 10, 2011
    Rose of Sharon would never have been born if Cassidy died. That's pretty depressing.
  12. Hassknecht

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    Aug 16, 2010
    Now we also have to make sure that Cassidy survives every playthrough of Fallout 2 to remain canon :D