Hitman 2 - Anyone remember this is out?

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    Sep 17, 2016

    Red Dead Redemption 2, Fallout 76, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, and more. Really, it's kind of a terrible time to release your new video game if you're not a AAA blockbuster. Hitman (2016) was a successful but not entirely controversy-free game that revived interest in the franchise after the tepid response to the grindhouse cinema-inspired Hitman: Absolution.

    There's a lot of stuff which was going on behind-the-scenes at Square Enix and IO Entertainment that prevented what was originally going to be an ongoing game with multiple seasons from coming to pass. Thankfully, what could have been an aborted arc of storytelling was changed into a full-fledged sequel with Hitman 2.

    Miami is probably my favorite level from the game.

    The premise of the game, continued from the original game (and not--see below), is that Agent 47 is a genetically-engineered assassin that is chasing after a mysterious killer known as the Shadow Client. Richard Grey, as he's known to his subordinates, is master of a massive alliance of terrorists and pirates that are working to bring down the mysterious Providence. Providence is the Illuminati, literally, with all the holographic businessmen and super-science this implies.

    Agent 47 has multiple targets to pursue on his way to eliminating the Shadow Client with it not really being a spoiler that he's not going to remain loyal to the Illuminati. The Shadow Client is depicted as the lesser of two evils and if you're looking for a game where you work for the Illuminati then you'll have to play the original Deus Ex. In fact, let's be honest, the plot is SUSPICIOUSLY SIMILAR to Deus Ex complete with the fact you join a militia of bad guys you initially oppose. It's just in the present versus the near-future.

    If you have played Hitman (2016) then you pretty much know how this game works. The Opportunities system, which more or less hand-held you to all the methods of killing people in the game, has been dialed back so it's now completely optional. There's also a somewhat heavier experience cost before you get things like the sniper rifle and lethal poison.

    There's a couple of homage levels like Columbia.

    The games are built around each level being a huge sandbox which Agent 47 navigates, finds tools within, and eliminates. You can either pursue opportunities using disguises, which never stop being entertaining given 47 looks like a middle-aged Vin Diesel but can impersonate anyone without the Mission Impossible masks. Basically, if you like Hitman games, you'll enjoy this as they're generally a mixture of both humorous as well a serious with a good deal of variety in gameplay.

    A big reason to get this game is that they've included the entirety of the 2016 game as a DLC for experiencing the work. It's also free if you have the original downloaded. This gives quite a few extra missions for people who want an expansive Hitman experience or to experience the entire story firsthand. There's nothing particularly great about the Hitman storyline but it's not bad either as I'm quite fond of Deus Ex-style conspiracy thrillers.

    There's also the Elusive Targets system which provide a dozen or so 'temporary' missions that you are only possessed of a single opportunity to do. I'm inclined to think they'll repeat them after going through them all but that's not a bad thing. Really, I wish they'd make them all available because they are enjoyable as repeatable adventures.

    Sean Bean should have been a target in the main game.

    Hitman 2 has a lot of "homages" spread throughout it including one to the Delgado Drug Cartel (first in Chile, now in Columbia) and the suburbs of Blood Money. Honestly, I didn't like these levels as much as the original ones. Miami is probably the best of the new levels as it uses the unique premise of a car race to provide some interesting new opportunities.

    I hope they shake up the formula some more as I love it when the games go in strange directions. NASA space shuttle launch? Luxury cruise liner? Think of the places Batman would go, people! In fact, sadly, this is the one weakness of the game. While it's perfectly serviceable, most of the targets don't stand out the way the ones of the 2016 game did.

    The game mostly earns its price in replayability. With so many games being bug-ridden messes, the chief appeal of Hitman 2 is that it does what it claims and does it well. This is a tried and true formula that doesn't wear out its appeal. It's a game which can be replayed hundreds of times in various forms with a Casual, Professional, and Master difficulty that actually might encourage you to switch modes. There's hundreds of Challenges to complete and most of them are worth doing.

    In conclusion, this is an excellent game and I very much enjoyed it. I will state that it's also not exactly an innovator in terms of Hitman gameplay or design. As such, it's a perfect time-waster for you to enjoy the experience of being a genetically-engineered superspy.

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    Aug 9, 2017
    I've been playing 3 weeks now, earning back my Mastery in Season 1 levels.

    It's the perfect sequel to the previous game (though they still have to get rid of some really annoying bugs with enforcers and tresspassing zones). They just added new maps and some new mechanics, gadgets and weapons.

    I really like the new maps (except for New Zealand, which is just a tutorial with around 30 NPCs). I don't have a favourite one yet, but all of them are great. There is no Bangkok or Colorado drop in quality as it was in Hitman 2016.

    Ghost Mode (multiplayer mode where you compete with another player who first gets 5 clean kills) is surprisingly fun and doesn't take away basic formula of Hitman. Shame that it's currently in Beta and only available on Miami. Sniper Assasin is also fun and the map is better than the one in Absolution bonus.

    I love most of the new gadgets. EMP charge, briefcase, frag and flash grenades, taser, dart gun are all fun to use and allow more creativity in Contracts. New weapons like Shashka AK, Druzhina Dragunov or the new Glock security on new maps uses are also OK. But you also get MK II stuff. Why do I need a lockpick and a lockpick with red sticker?

    Story isn't bad, but they made an awful comic canon.

    Aside from the story missions we'll also get two new locations with their own normal and bonus missions, two new maps for Sniper Assasin, new Elusive Targets (next one coming on 21rst), escalations and featured contracts.

    If you've played the previous game and had fun I advise buying. If you didn't like the previous one you'll propably don't like this one. If you're on the fence you can always refund before 2 hour mark.
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    Apr 21, 2016
    Do i rmember if this is out? what an insult to one of gamings absolute best franchises. ofc i remember this is out and it definitely takes precedence over shitout 76 and RDR II. one is a complete bastardization and the other is an entry in a series that refuses to acknowledge its roots with even so much as a reference. and assassin's creed Odyssey? does anyone give a shit about AC anymore? i liked it back in the day before they put them out every five minutes. they dropped the story entirely in AC III and just kept churning them out until 2015. yeah sure they took a little break but here we are again with Origins and Odyssey releases a mere year apart. if i seem overly angry its because i haven't had a chance to get at hitman 2 yet because im poor as fuck and have medical bills. and you're all like "do people even remember this?" yeah we do mate there's only like 5 AAA games that have released recently that warrant anyones attention. what are we chimps? even chimps can memorize ten numbers. you insult me, sir.
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    Sep 17, 2016
    So, no?

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    Nov 22, 2009
    Haven't played it yet but am aware of it. From what I know it's pretty well made. The series is pretty nostalgic to me.
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    Sep 17, 2016
    Its a straight forward single player game and I appreciate that these days.
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    Nov 22, 2009
    Yes, I'm with you on that one. Also, one thing I appreciate in games is well made locations which correspond quite well to the real location they're trying to depict.
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    Apr 21, 2016
    so HITMAN 2 is GOTY material despite being online only and basically being a glorified map pack.

    but as anyone who's played a hitman game (barring absolution and maybe the first one) can attest hitman levels are stupidly good and one of the most replayable things on the market. HITMAN 2016 and HITMAN 2 are also the first ones in the series where you can do every mission suit only. and i gotta say SA/suit only runs are just too fun. 40 minutes will go by in what feels like 5.

    also they gave you the LEGACY PACK dlc free if you already owned the first season. that's very cool. if this formula proves successful enough then HITMAN 3 will have 18 levels.

    i think the devs are on record of saying they want to do all the way to HITMAN 4 but its not looking so hot because sales are down 90% from absolution....

    Bangkok was one of my favorite levels from HITMAN 2016.
    colorodo isn't so bad either once you get past how unapproachable it seems at first. I've actually manages to SA Suit only that one.

    still tho what's a drop in quality from god tier? king tier? i'd say bangkok is king tier. at least queen tier. colorodo is maybe princess tier. it can be married off to one of the older levels like maybe the meat king's party or beldingford manor.
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    Apr 1, 2005
    I got Blood Money on sale. Since I can't play this I will play that. Long time fans of the series give me a rundown on how good this game is.
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    Aug 9, 2017
    Blood Money has similar amount of levels compared to HITMAN 2018 with Legacy Pack, but maps are much smaller and have less replayability.
    On the other hand it has mechanics that 2018 doesn't have (taking a hostage, disarming guards, working metal detectors, elevators, blood trails and few more).
    Before I played newest games it was my favourite, so I place it as my second favourite Hitman.

    Physical sales in UK are down 90%. There is still no word about digital (i think someone at Hitmanforum mentioned it selling over 2 million copies on Steam). Not to mention that if they still had problems with money they wouldn't open a studio at Malmö.
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    Nov 22, 2009
    Malmö. :)
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    Jan 20, 2019
    I loved the old hitmans, Hitman 2 SA is my favourite, I just love its huge levels where you can experiment many ways to kill your target, tried the first game, good but with worse mechanics.... Contracts and Blood Money are great too..... Then I played Absolution... they ruined everything with that game, waay too story focused, the levels were too little and even linear, also a lot easier than the previous games, a HUGE letdown..... I hope the new ones are different
  13. R.Graves

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    Apr 21, 2016
    well i've got GREAT news m8ty!

    its hard to be too mad at absolution now when Hitman 2016/Hitman 2 (they're basically the same game think of hitman 2 as a map pack) is shaping up to be one of if not the best entry in the series. absolution can safely be looked back on as that one weird one that kinda sucked because IOI has backpedaled hard after they were let go by Square Enix.

    lowkey i don't think absolution would've been that bad if they didn't completely fuck up the disguise mechanic. but with the way disguises work in absolution you may as well play the whole game suit only. its a borderline broken mechanic and arguably pointless.

    easily one of the best in the series and is well on its way to surpassing even blood money.

    (altho there are a lot of mechanics from blood money that are missing. but seeing as how this new iteration of the series is episodic and seems to be trying to improve the mechanics with each new set of levels i have to assume they'll bring at least some of it back for HITMAN 3)

    hope once they're done with all the episodes it gets a complete release on disc with the online only aspect removed. that'd be tits.

    also holy shit 47's original VA is so bad it hurts.
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    Aug 9, 2017
    Couple of code diggers from Hitman Forum found some information about upcoming DLC missions.
    Sniper mission released this month will feature some kind of hostage exchange on a ship.

    Disguises lists hint at what new locations are- one is a high- class holiday resort, while the other is a high- security bank (there is a bank robber disguise, so I wonder if the heist will be in the centre of the mission or one of Opportunities)

    Here's a link to the thread
  15. Instantly thought of 47 having a Heath Ledger Joker style opportunity when I heard this.
  16. Alphons

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    Aug 9, 2017
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