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    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON May-12-00 AT 03:19AM (GMT)[p]*A middle aged man who is completely bald walks in. He adjusts the goggles on his face to compensate for the darker atmosphere in the building. Slowly, he trundles over to the bar, sweeping the dirt-ridden floor with his long trenchcoat.*

    Smackrazor: Barkeep, a drink.

    Barkeeper: You new in town eh? Well, wos yer poison *he coughs violently and then spits a yellow mass of flem onto the floor.*

    Smackrazor: *He looks slightly disgusted* Uh, I'll have a glass of Roentgen Rum.

    *Someone next to him snickers behind his bottle of booze.*

    Barkeeper: Heh! You sure are new here. I ain't got any glasses. I ken give you a leftover bottle for half price I guess.

    *Smackrazor gestures at the barkeep to forget it then turns around and basks in the drunken yet depressing laughter of a couple of inexperienced men listening to the old barflies' stories.*
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    !! O.O.C. !!
    I'll continue "What the HELL is this CONT 2" here.
    By the way, Smack, if you'd have read "What the hell is this", WTH is this cont & cont 2, you'd have known there isn't any barkeep anymore.
    !! O.O.C. !!

    *jumps off it's motorbike, and walks into the bar again* Ah, fuck that shit, if that guy's worth $2550 I'll probably get myself killed. Hey, a new guy. I haven't seen you around here before. My name is Ceasar, can I offer you anything to drink ?
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    *Smackrazor staggers slightly before walking into the bar itself.*

    Smackrazor: Wow. The desert heat must have got me more'n I thought.

    Ceasar: That's okay. Just make sure to drink plenty o'Gamma gulp.

    *Ceaser reaches behind the bar and pulls out two bottles of Gamma Gulp beer.*

    Smackrazor: Ah...that hits the spot.

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    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON May-16-00 AT 09:09AM (GMT)[p]*burp* Man, there are some strange things going on around here. I've heard something of a huge robot who talks with a man-like voice and seems to be indetructable. Some guy who was in Reno told me. I figure he was just flying too high on Jet or something. Damn junkies...
    You want another drink ? Let's have something different. I don't like sleeping with the lights on, you know. Here, have a whisky.

    By the way, have you got any weapons you wanna sell ? This here revolver is a bit too light for things walking around here. I have the feeling something's going down, and I don't think the weapons I have now are packing enough punch.