How would you separate a tactical game and a strategy game?

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    Thread title.
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    Let me try to answer this in a short way:

    Strategy Game:
    The player has to gather resources so they can build bases, train troops and build vehicles. There are usually builder type units and/or gatherer type units.
    Usually the player controls a large amount of units in a "mission".
    Units are, for the vast majority, not important. As in, they can be replaced just by building more of them. There are exceptions with unique named characters in some games.

    Tactical Game: The player has access to specific units, units are usually persistent (they go from mission to mission) and can grow/evolve (like leveling up or gain permanent bonuses). The player can usually equip these units with weapons, armor, items, etc. and can also (usually) use items the same way as you can in RPGs (healing potions, etc).
    Usually the player controls just a small amount of units in a "mission".
    Units are usually "unique" in some way. They can (usually) die and be lost for that mission or be lost permanently.
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    I would say that tactical is more on the battlefield, while you handle other aspects on strategy.
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    Generally I consider strategy games to be your Warcraft, Civilization, Stellaris, Crusader Kings, Lord of the Realms, Dark Reign, Command and Conquer - type games.

    Tactics is totally relegated to squad/platoon size elements like Xcom, Myth, Fallout TACTICS, Desperado, Commandos - that kind of shit.
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