How'd I get into this? Fallout New Vegas AAR

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    How'd I get into this?

    Game: Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition
    Difficulty: Normal (Hardcore)
    Project Nevada
    Classic Weapons
    Secret Stash
    Miscellaneous small mods

    Introduction: Hey guys I'm new to the forum. I go by Censored. This is my first AAR but I used to do a lot of writing and a lot of roleplaying so I figured this would be a cool way to get back into an old hobby. I know you are probably all as tired of goodsprings as I am but I would feel like the story would be incomplete without it. The first few posts might be a tad rushed though. So let's get started. Hopefully it's not terrible.

    How'd I get into this mess?

    A message to that bastard who shot me in the head.
    You are so fucking dead.
    Yeah, I'm a poet.

    I gotta admit I was a bit surprised to wake up. The first shot from a 9mm at that angle was rather harmless but the second shot should've had no problem finishing me off. Seriously, how do you screw up a double tap? Obviously dealing with a real genius here.

    "Hey, you're finally awake."

    Considering I should've never woken up that's a pretty liberal use of the word finally. My eyes take a moment to adjust to the light. The raging headache wasn't helping. I manage to push myself up and turn the face the older gentleman. "You got a name, kid?"

    Heh. Name. Easy right? Right? Crap! What the hell was my name? Dozens of names ran through my head. Names of friends, names of family, names of old world heroes and villians, but not my name. What was my name? "Uh, Um. Mercury." Well it wasn't my name but it sounded good and if I had waited any longer the Doc probably would've thought I was slow.

    "Not the name I would've picked for you."

    "Seriously Doc? I've met AI who could come up with better dialogue than you."

    The Doctor chuckled. "Okay smartass, let's use that vigor tes-"

    "Yeah I got it. It's not the first time I've been shot. Hopefully the last though." I slowly forced myself off the bed. The wood floor feels rough against my bare feet. Where the hell did my shoes go? I look down at myself, standing there in my underwear. Did the Doc strip me? Or did that asshole in the suit take my clothes too? This just wasn't my day.

    Having regained most of my facilities I walked over the vigor tester and gave it a whirl. Boom. Look at that intelligence score! Of course I would max that bitch out....I'm kind of glad the vigor tester doesn't test humility. The Doc ran a couple of more tests and I filled out a medical history report before he sent me on my way.

    Strength: 4
    Perception: 5
    Endurance: 3
    Charisma: 7
    Intelligence: 10
    Agility: 6
    Luck: 6

    Tag skills:
    Energy Weapons

    Four Eyes
    Small Frame

    So I'm a bit of an egghead.
    Looks like I was gonna need a new pair of glasses. The Doc returned my stuff to me. I was a bit surprised to find that all my abundance of caps were there but not my clothes. The Doc handed me a laser pistol and a modified vault suit. It was time for me to start my hunt.

    After stopping by Chet's for some extra supplies I entered the Saloon to meet Sunny Smiles. She offered to teach me some basic survival skills. Consideringl I just got taken down by a couple of Khans and some pansy with a tie I figured it might not be a bad idea to take her up on the offer.

    The training started with her handing me a varmint rifle. Now I think admitting that I'd never fired a real gun before might save me some face here. I knew energy weapons like the back of my hand but to be completely honest, guns that fired metal shards at high velocity scared the piss out of me. Hey I'd just gotten shot in the face, cut me some slack here.

    So my first shot didn't go so well. I aimed down the sights and pulled the trigger. I didn't expect the recoil. The gun came up and bopped me square in the nose. Smiles had to stifle her laugh. Rather than waiting for further instruction I thought 'Oh I'll show her!' and stuck the butt of the rifle inside of my armpit. So putting a rifle with a splinted stock between your armpits may not be the greatest idea. Think of having a porcupine in your armpit. Smiles didn't bother holding back her laugh this time. "Okay Miss Sunshine, show me how it's done." I really don't know why I thought challenging her would be a good idea. Sometimes I think the only thing faster than my brain is my ego.

    Smiles grinned. Heh. Smiles grinned. Get it guys? Not funny? Sorry.
    Anyways, she lifted her rifle and proceeded to knocked every bottle off the fence without wasting any extra shots. Damnit Ego.

    After showing me up she tutored me on what I was doing wrong. Didn't take me too long to get the hang of things. Then we went Gecko Hunting.

    I killed my fair share, even saved some poor woman who thought it was a good idea to go the wells on her own with nothing but a cleaver. During the hunt I got a little scratched up. I planned on ignoring it, letting it heal on it's own but Miss Sunshine insisted on showing me how to make some sort of healing powder. We parted ways on good terms and I figured that's where my story in Goodsprings would end.
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    I admit, I havent really checked a lot of the fanfics here, but this one something I never seen before. Am curious to see how it progresses.