Hubris comics??

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    Sep 1, 2009
    Hi, I recently started playing FO3 again after getting the DLC's (after playing vanilla originally).. I've been going around trying to maximise the game's life before the final quests doing as many side quests and purging locations of mutants as possible before tackling the main quests.

    I'm up to level 29 and still haven't done The Pitt, Broken Steel (obviously having not finished the vanilla) and Zeta..

    But I chose the explorer perk and now can see some locations in the wasteland south east city areas I had not noticed before.. from the DLC reviews, I notice some are new for the DLCs, but I wonder about Hubris Comics and another location, right near Jefferson and the new BOS citadel?? I can't seem to find ANY way to get into these..

    Am I safe to not worry about it and assume I will be there at some point in the Broken Steel DLC?

    Also I would like a bigger party, I only have Charon and Dogmeat atm, where should I head to try and find more party members? I had a chick who now works at the 9th Circle club with me at one point but she's happy to not continue with me anymore. I'd like some others to help out, where should I go?
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    Sep 23, 2010
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    Oct 9, 2010
    Sometimes places can be tricky to enter if they're fortified and are located on tricky terrain, only having one way in.

    Also, you can't have all the companions in your party at the same time unless by doing some sort of a cheat
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    Oct 25, 2010
    If you kill Dogmeat you can have another partner. I don't like this one, so I do a different one. I become evil and get Jericho, then I go to Paradise Falls, talk to Eulogy or something like that, try to hire a body guard, but he says no. So before I talk to him again I fire Jericho talk to Eulogy again and hire Clover, then talk to Jericho and hire him again before Clover talks to you, she'll walk over to you and say that she's now your partner. There, now you have Jericho, Clover and Dogmeat.