I am sorry for A-Bomb...

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    I am sorry, I really thought, that these pieces of shit are true.
    I have read hitchhikers guide to galaxy, where I got all of this bullshit and for a moment i BELIEVED (So many fucking lies, how I could??).
    I made that mistake, that before posting it here I didn't try it (I couldn't, I have uninstalled my Ffallout2).
    I am very sorry, so accept it.
    E.g. Who was BOS SteelKnight?
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    Apr 3, 2003

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    >I am sorry, I really thought,
    >that these pieces of shit
    >are true.
    >I have read hitchhikers guide to
    >galaxy, where I got all
    >of this bullshit and for
    >a moment i BELIEVED (So
    >many fucking lies, how I
    >I made that mistake, that before
    >posting it here I didn't
    >try it (I couldn't, I
    >have uninstalled my Ffallout2).
    >I am very sorry, so accept

    Right, like Douglas Adams has instructions on how to:

    "When I first mentioned Atomic bomb, i meant A-Bomb in fallout2 (Can only be created in gecko, with blowing-up a reactor, you need uranium ore and chemestry journals). When i mentioned BFG I meant that there IS BFG(Big Fucking Gun-the same as in quake, 666-666 dmg., Micro fusion cells, every hit=critical).
    Do you know about Elvis? When you have collected 5x Elvis's image (fuzzy painting) and you go to Father Tully in New Reno, and you are female, base charisma 10, Sex appeal, he will tell you where to find him.(Very good companion).
    E.g. Do anybody know where is Vogon poetry book in Arroyo hidden?"

    I don't know which is worse, the first load of BS or the excuse. I'm sure Mr. Adams had put in instructions on how to meet Elvis and all sorts of other stuff. If so, I must have to patch my decoder wheel to the latest version or somehow find the temporal rift that caused the rather interesting occurance of a book giving hints for a game that hasn't even been conceptualized yet when the last book of the series was published.

    Either Elvis must be talking to you again, or you have one of the most interesting reading disabilities I've ever seen.

    >E.g. Who was BOS SteelKnight?

    Another one that spread BS rumors and tried to lie to everyone.
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    All I gotta say is...

    Where the weed at bitches!?

    errm that is...apology accepted, just don't claim things like "THERE IS A BFG IN FO2" unless you have actual proof (ie - Savegame, Screenshot, err nix out that screenshot one, Re: BOS SteelKnight). If you wish to ask a question similar to that simply say:
    "I read somewhere about these items, does anyone know where i can find them or if they even exist?
    1. Vogon Poetry Book
    2. Elvis NPC character
    3. BFG from Quake.
    I read that...blah blah"

    you get the point, as long as you don't claim anything you can't be held responsible for "spreading rumors" or "making up BS" and shit because that way you're simply asking a question. In your statement you claim that Elvis is one of the best NPCs LOL! (that's a good one, that's like saying I have a five foot cock I can pull between my legs and over my shoulder and suck myself off (odd reference no?). ANYWAY just a little advice on future postings (which, hehe, well, for your sake, hope you're not "villified" in this message board hehe)..

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    The truth

    I protest against all thouse that claim that that the abovementioned things are lies!

    There was a Vogon poetry book in arroyo, however all the programers that tried to transcribe it died of savier case of brain death and so for public safty it was taken out of the game.

    The BFG was created by the brotherhod and is kept in their headquarters (south of the old military base).

    There is also an HHG and you would easily find it if could get to brittania(or what remained of it after the war).

    Elvis is alive and uses fallout2 as hideout, you cannot find him because the denies his existence (read mostly harmless, about what Ford did in the Guide's computer system).

    Last but not least, you can make an A-BOMB in Gekco with uranium and chemistry journals, all you need to do is have thouse two items, go into the reactor room stand in front the main coolant,take off your armour and wait for a while when your screen goes white you know that you succeded.

    The wandrer
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    RE: The truth

    Now this is too much...

    "I am a vessel for my thoughts"
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    RE: The truth

    Ha, prove me wrong.

    The wandrer
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    RE: The truth

    I can prove you wrong:

    >The BFG was created by the
    >brotherhod and is kept in
    >their headquarters (south of the
    >old military base).

    You cannot get to the old brotherhood in FO2, and as this was a FO2 topic, it's NOT IN THE GAME.

    >There is also an HHG and
    >you would easily find it
    >if could get to brittania(or
    >what remained of it after
    >the war).

    Wrong, you would find it in a random encounter if that part of the game had been finished by the programmers.

    >Elvis is alive and uses fallout2
    >as hideout, you cannot find
    >him because the denies his
    >existence (read mostly harmless, about
    >what Ford did in the
    >Guide's computer system).

    can you have him as an NPC?

    >Last but not least, you can
    >make an A-BOMB in Gekco
    >with uranium and chemistry journals,
    >all you need to do
    >is have thouse two items,
    >go into the reactor room
    >stand in front the main
    >coolant,take off your armour and
    >wait for a while when
    >your screen goes white you
    >know that you succeded.
    >The wandrer

    The wandErer

    it's pretty sad when you can't even spell your own sig properly

    - I'm the beginning, I am the end; I am the Alpha, I am the Omega -
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    RE: The truth

    Yeah apology accepted. But (To the wanderer) that means you're dead. There's a radiation leak and it kills you. It can't get through some armours so that's why you have to take it off. You dn't even need the chemistery journals or uranium. Correct me if i'm wrong they may have some effect over how quickly you die STILL...
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    hahaha funny shit wanderer..here's a quest for you, find out how to get the VIRGIN trait (as picture below), and, for all you Fallout 2 Purists out there there really IS a virgin trait, I don't know if they put it in the final product or not but it is in the art file in the master.dat :)

    Anyway hehe, *Revil voice w/ a hint of wanderer in it* "Anyone got the virgin trait, you know when don't have sex for the ENTIRE game and use a cats paw like 5000 times in a bathroom in Reno after you beat horrigan...but to do this you must have 10 charisma, sex appeal, and giggolo perks! Also try giving horrigan a cats paw, like T-Ray he beats off and then explodes! It's a new death ending too!"

    - Of course, the first one is impossible since you can't get giggolo w/o sex! (or cheating :)
    - The second one is possible...if you could even get close enough to horrigan without a dialogue popping up! hehe...

    hehehe yeah not funny and kind of mean but whatever!...hehe in the words of Lumpy the ghoul(?) who runs the power plant in Broken Hills:

    "[Says to you in a small voice] you're mean" (after you tell him that Eric's house has more power and you see it didn't black out all of california) hehehe...

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    sigh :-)

    That was exacly the idea ;-)

    Thanks for the spelling corection.

    The wanderer
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    RE: LOL!

    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Oct-24-00 AT 04:29PM (GMT)[p]Nice one :D

    The wanderer
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    RE: The truth

    Thank You Testes. God, when will people learn?

    "I am a vessel for my thoughts"
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    Im REALLY starting to get pissed off about the ammount of morons on this board. Although there's only 2 they're really big morons. Which could count for probably the population of New York (the state not the city.)

    "Three guns are better than two."