I Could Make You Care after The House Always Wins V

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  1. DynV

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    Apr 30, 2019
    I'd like to get Veronica Santangelo unarmed perk; to do so the quest I Could Make You Care need to be completed. As I already completed the 5th stage of The House Always Wins, I'm not in the good grace of the faction she'd like to reconnect to (
    as I had to wipe them out, luckily not using the self destruct
    ). If I wear plain armor, she immediately leave. She luckily can be duped by wearing faction apparel. Wearing NCR apparel I get attacked by the Brotherhood of Steel, and even though I didn't make a single attack and she made plenty of them, my brotherhood reputation worsen and eventually she leaves me. Wearing Legion apparel, I can move in the Hidden Valley bunker without being bothered but going next to every single character in there and covering a lot of area, whatever event getting one closer to obtaining the perk doesn't seem to trigger.

    I could cheat to get the perk but I'm wondering if I should do so; perhaps atoning myself doing so, maybe making a (fictitious) teaching fee or(and) a skill/attribute check (which I'll wait until I could make one, removing the resources I would have needed (if it's the case)). Any thought?

    Thank you kindly
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    Nov 8, 2018
    If you want to cheat, do it. Otherwise, I'd recommend starting over from a save before killing the Brotherhood and then recruiting Veronica. Go to three of the places where she comments about how others have eked out a living in the wastes, then bring her to Hidden Valley and start I Could Make You Care. Whether you have her stay with the BoS or join the Followers is all up to you.

    If you still want to finish The House Always Wins, V by killing the Brotherhood off, here's how to keep Veronica:

    1. Have Veronica wait outside the bunker.
    2. Go into Ramos's office and hack the terminal on the wall. Set the turrets to kill all BoS personnel.
    3. Go back topside and dismiss Veronica.
    4. Go back inside the bunker. Activate a Stealth Boy, whip out a suppressed weapon (i.e., Christine's CoS silencer rifle, Sleepytyme, a suppressed .45 Auto pistol) and sneak-kill all the remaining people on the first level and everyone on the second level. You'll know you did it right when the "Hidden" text remains after each kill. DO NOT ACTIVATE THE SELF-DESTRUCT SEQUENCE!
    5. Go back to wherever you dismissed Veronica to and recruit her again.

    If you did things right, you'll be able to keep her in your party no problem AND suffer no karma loss.

    I've only done this once, though. The second time I sided with Mr. House, I used a mod to ally him with the BoS. The option was originally planned but cut during development. The dialogue is still in the game files, just disabled.
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  3. DynV

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    Apr 30, 2019
    I could use your advice for a rerun of the game but for this one, I'll remain having done The House Always Wins V, and was asking opinions on what to do in such case (to get Veronica Santangelo unarmed perk).