I nuked Fallout 4 off my Steam Client and I feel great

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    Mar 9, 2017
    You know I pent six years waiting for mods to fix Fallout 4, two to make 76 something remotely playable, and I finally realize you MFers are right in it's totality and Bethesda is bankrupt in every sense of the word that ain't money, they never cared, they care about stories period. This is why this is is in the general section cause this is for Fallout 3 and 4 and 76, cause Bethesda ruins everything it touches, and has at least since Robert Altman let Todd Howard run things and maybe since he kicked the original founder out in a hostile takeover.

    I knew in February of 2016 I flushed 90 bucks down the drain pre-ordering that piece of shit, I hate open world games on principle (way too wasteful of designer time AND compact in scale) and the environmental storytelling is SHIT, because it makes no sense.

    The logistics of the East Coast Brotherhood makes no sense, like how many BOS personnel were there in total before the expedition and how many were sent east? And how many are stuck on breeding duty to repentish the numbers? Doesn't seem like Casdin could have the critical mass to have a splinter org in the middle of nowhere.

    Not saying the numbers can't add up but the Bethesda shithead don't have the numbers, and never did the research on what kind of numbers they would need. They don't do the world-building, or the world-building research, and thus their stories are shit. And it finally came to Megladon sized Taco Bell 3 AM gigadookie in Fallout 4's Boston which I could not in any way retcon or paper over or ignore. It ain't the mediocre quests, the non existent side quests.

    It's the city of Boston itself, a pristine, unnuked, easily defensible, fortifible city on the sea coast and thus with limitless opportunities for trade and fishing from the sea (that's why Boston was founded there in the first fucking place!), is nothing but a vertical battleground for jambronies for 200 years while the most civilized people live in a favela inside a baseball stadium smaller than my apartment building.

    Well that game has not brought me a moment of happiness in six years, and though there are wonderful quest mods for that game that are much better than the base game they require me to PLAY the base game. So I finally FINALLY learned on a spiritual and emotional level the importance of sunk cost fallacy and nuked that thing off off my client list. Full deletion.

    No Fallout Cascadia, no Fallout London, No Fallout 4 New Vegas or Capital Wasteland. I don't give a shit. I pulled a longstanding thorn out of my side, squeezed the blood and pus out and finally have a little peace as the wound can finally heal. I wasted 90 bucks I can't get back, but there's no more sour grapes over it.

    Fallout was important to me. My characters, My story. But my relationship to Bethesda Softworks is OVER. If anyone else gets a crack at Fallout, I will take an interest. But I wanted to take a moment to celebrate with you folks, who might understand my celebration, even if ya'll be chide me for being late for being fully late to the party.
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    As the old saying goes, better late than never! :clap: