I wish it had stolen from more Blade Runner

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    Sep 17, 2016
    There's a shit ton of stuff stolen from Blade Runner in Fallout 4 but absolutely nothing is done with it and it's not even surface level deep because you can't do anything with it. If I'd been able to play a Blade Runner like Deckard or Replicant like Roy Batty, I would have given the game props. I fucking love Blade Runner. Greatest movie of all time [I know it's not but it's my all time favorite]. So, it just feels like it throws in some concepts and does nothing with them.

    Fuck that.

    I'd GO ALL IN on Blade Runner and Fallout combined.

    * Ring that bell they refused to ring. You're a Courser reprogrammed with faked memories of Shaun's father or mother. This is all some fucking midlife crisis for the scientist and he's trying to resolve some existential guilt. Use that to explain away all of the idyllic elements of Pre-War life and how it doesn't make any goddamn sense they left you alive and killed everyone else.
    Your mission is to kill Kellog, replace Father, and guarantee his insane legacy with the robot version of him as a child.
    * Make the discovery of this obvious but ACTUALLY INTERESTING route as something that is spread throughout the story. Tie it into brain uploading, Nick Valentine, and a bunch of other weird tidbits that all comes together.
    * Some of your love interests will actually be revolted by this revelation and leave you while others will stay with you so you have the option of deceiving them or revealing the truth.
    * Do the creepy option I've seen mods for that if you ally with the Institute, you can get your wife/husband cloned by the Institute.
    * Have New Boston be a cyberpunk city. Remember that Vault City and other advanced cities exist in Fallout. Have a city that has thrived under the use of robot slave labor and while its a junky mess, have advanced technology around the place. Make it a neon contrast to the rest of the franchise even its still a bunch of scavengers. You can contrast it to the Ipod-esque Institute.
    * Rampaging robots are the enemies across the Commonwealth. Have it add to the theme of technology run amuck.
    * Bring back cybernetics as a option to upgrade your characters.
    * Have the Institute be on the surface and employ slave labor. Synthetic humans are common enough to farm and till the soil above--and that's why there's a fucking Railroad because the Institute makes their slave labor en masse.
    * With the Commonwealth absolutely full of rampaging robots, power weapons, and so on--THEN throw in the fact the Brotherhood of Steel is going to come and burn the place to the ground. Not just Synths, the whole place is an abomination to them.
    * Have the option of being a Blade Runner and working on Synth bounties. Track down runaway Synths and terminate them or help them escape.
    * Use Synths, unstoppable superhuman killing machines, that look like damaged Terminators as the replacement for Super Mutants.
    * Ditch pretty much the entirety of the Minute Men plot and focus on the Railroad/Brotherhood/Institute conflict.

    Goddamn, if you're going to fucking steal from Phillip K. Dick, STEAL A LOT.