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  1. Albatross

    Albatross Still Mildly Glowing

    May 20, 2004
    Vedpose was wishing she was dead. She had an insistant ringing in her ear and her vision was a little blurred. With that it was curtain that it would be a few days before her depth perception, both hearing and version. would return to normal. Once the initial affects wore off, she was able to sit up and her and Zeke got to know one another even better. Vedpose wondered if the group she needed to meet had gotten back to Shady Sands yet. She looked up and the sun began to rise, the dawn of another exciting day in the wastes.
  2. SuAside

    SuAside Testament to the ghoul lifespan

    May 27, 2004
    Richard saw Shady Sands from afar. It looked like a peaceful wasteland town, with a sturdy wall surrounding it. Standard whitened clay houses, brahmin, fields and a couple of guards up front. It looked safe to Richard, but also quite dull... But boring was good enough for him, after all they had been through.

    They were welcomed into town by an ok looking woman that apparently had some issues with keeping her mouth shut. The woman was enthusiastic about the groups achievements, but there was also a guard with shifty eyes. For some reason he looked as if he was suspicious of Roadrunner, Sam and Richard. Probably a good dose of wasteland paranoia...

    Richard decided to break off from the group, being his inconspicuous self and see the towns doctor. Praise for destroying the radscorpion den would have to wait. He didn't care much about that kinda thing anyway.

    He worked out a trade with the doc: free healing for a couple of radscorpion tails. Richard wasn't quite sure the doc knew exactly how to make antidote and mentioned that Sam had quite some medical knowledge too. What he was going to do with this information was up to him... After a quick checkup the doctor bandaged Richards leg and assured him his nose was only bruised not broken, as Sam had already told him.

    Richard then started to look for the others, hoping the annoying formalities had already been taken care off.
  3. PsychoSniper

    PsychoSniper So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Jun 27, 2003
    Daniel shuffled slowley into the town, slowley even for him that is, hoping the guard wouldnt shoot him on sight.
    'And I thought discrimination was bad for the colords before the bombs fell, ha!'
    After an extended interrogation by the guard, who kept calling him a raider even though none of the other guards seemed to take him seriously, Daniel was set free.
    'Bah, damn normies. And I thought petty power freaks were bad when I was normal. Meh, I wonder what kind of bar this redneck town has ?'
    With that last thought, Daniel begain slowley walking to where one of the guards said a bar was, although he noticed several guards were following him.
  4. Carib FMJ

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    Nov 8, 2003
    Carib strolled back into town, Seth met his gaze. Carib held out the spear which he was given and held it out to Seth, hand in the middle of the sheath, the weathered blade recently filed to be sharper glazed in the sun.

    "I think this tooth pick is yours," He held it out.

    Seth had a mild look in his face. The man whom he accused of a raider and a briggin seemed a bit different, like he had seen something no man should have seen.

    "You'll bring it to Aradesh. And receive judgment." He said firmly, still in his mind convinced that Carib was nothing more than a rogue, though he was surprised that the Vaulkt Dwellers had survived, he figured, in his own logic, that Carib would have cut slit their throats and ran for it. But all were accounted for including some more outsiders.

    "Sure... Looking forward to cuttin' a deal and getting my goods back." Carib met the hard gaze, not carrying what the guardsman thought.
  5. PyroPhoenix

    PyroPhoenix Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Jun 13, 2004
    ** Two days later**

    Zeke and Vedpose were currently heading towards Shady Sands seeing as over the past few days Vedpose had become adequately educated in surviving in the wilderness.

    As they rounded a small bend into a valley between a few low hills Zeke noticed a cave with a wooden sign bearing a lightning bolt over it, and the ruins of a cabin. Zeke quickly stopped and pointed Vedpose to it."Hey wanna check out the cave??
  6. Zoe

    Zoe Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Dec 5, 2003
    There was a celebration at the bar. People drinking , singing, talking aloud. Everybody was happy and Inne was drinking - quite a lot.

    She herself did not understand why she leg go of Caribs hand like that. She acted without thinking. Even now she did not want to think about *feelings*. Or did she?

    The bartender served another drink.
    - What is next, INne?

    What about the frigging raiders? Have they given you a hard time while we were away?
    - Nope, not a peep. And you know thats weird!

    Inne took a glance around. No sign of Carib. Damn, I had a chance and I blown it... Too late now! she thought.

    Inne raised her mug and said: All right, if those bags of geckoshit that call themselves raiders are too chicken to come here again, we are going there to teach them a lesson! Heres to the ass whopping the raiders will be taking...

    And she turned (drank) the whole mug.
  7. PsychoSniper

    PsychoSniper So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Jun 27, 2003
    Earlier that day, Aradesh approached Daniel with a deal. A decent cash reward if he wiped out the raiders.
    Hard up for cash, Daniel accepted.
    Hearing the woman mention wiping them out, Daniel decided to make a smart move.
    "Do ya mind if 'ol Daniel joined ya aginst those raider varmits, smoothie, seing as Aradesh has allready hired me to take em out, and I aint got a damn chance of doing it on my own."?
  8. welsh

    welsh Junkmaster

    Apr 5, 2003
    The group had barely made it into camp when Katrina ran out and jumped up into Melvin's embrace. "Lordy! You're back. I wasn't sure you'd come back, or that you'd survive! You beautiful black man! I got something for you!"

    Melvin could hardly have gotten a word in when Katrina grabbed him by the hand and dragged him to her little clay brick home just inside the walls.

    Dwemer could only hear Melvin call out. "Yo Brute! Check out my plants!"

    Dwemer looked over at Roadrunner who had also watched Melvin disappear. She smiled broadly and looked at Dwemer.

    Dwemer could feel his face turn red, cracked a smile and tried to say something, but his tongue suddenly felt swollen and stupid and all he could say is. "Well I guess we know where Melvin will be."

    Inside the camp, Dwemer had joined Caribe and Inne as they had approached Aradesh. Aradesh seemed pleased. Inne had reported that the radscorpion source had been dispersed and that they would no longer concentrate to the South of town. However, she warned, some of the rad scorpions might take up residence in caves near Shady Sands. More importantly she told him of Curtis and the cave complex beneath his home, warning Aradesh that something terrible probably lurked below and the caves were highly dangerous. Aradesh swore that he would tell no one of the caves below. Inne also introduced Rich and Sam, new allies, which were welcomed by Aradesh.

    Dwemer was also aware that Tandi had followed the group into the meeting room and was standing quietly in the corner listening. When he glanced at her, he noticed that she was watching Caribe, and although she gave him a polite smile, he attentions were on the other man. Perhaps Inne didn't notice that she now had competition.

    After Inne and Aradesh had finished, Aradesh asked Dwemer to wait behind for a private matter. Inne told Dwemer that they were going to the canteen to celebrate, and not to be too long. Dwemer smiled and nodded as both left.

    Aradesh waited patiently and then drew out a map for Dwemer, showing him the location of Vault 15 as well promising provisions for the trip. If Dwemer wished Inne would serve as a guide. Aradesh also had questioned Katrina while the group had been questing and the girl had told him that Vault 15 did indeed have a waterchip.

    "However," Aradesh also cautioned. "be mindful of the raiders. There is a raider group, the Pythons, between us and the camp. Nasty fellows. Brutal and cruel. They are a dangerous and well armed, but they have been mostly fighting the other gangs. But there's something more."

    Aradesh hesitated before saying more. "I feel I must tell you. Katrina came from Vault 15 when some left. There was an earthquake that caused more trouble and we sent some of our people there to offer what assistance we could. I had thought that if we could join our numbers with theirs we would be stronger. But alas, we came across the raiders and turned back."

    The old man's eyes grew cloudy with the memory. "On the way back we discovered a man. I have no idea how long he had been out in the desert. But he was long without water, dehydrated, his skin burned as if by the nuclear sun. His hair falling out. He had not long to live. He was near death so said little. But what he said.... there is a darkness over vault 15. Perhaps it was the earthquake. But something is in vault 15 that should not be. An evil awakened. We have not been back since. I would caution you against going there my friends. It is a cursed place."

    Dwemer listened carefully but did not comment. His path was clear, his purpose essential. He was to find the waterchip or die trying.

    Dwemer thanks Aradesh and left. On the way to the canteen Dwemer pasted the farmer who had planted Melvin's seeds. THe plants had grown tall, with long beautiful green leaves. "But what am I to do with them?" Asked the farmer.

    "I think you are to dry the leaves, roll them in paper and smoke them." Said Dwemer, guessing at Melvin's strange practices.

    At the canteen, Inne seemed to be drinking her full, but she seemed distant from Caribe. In fact, where was Caribe. Roadrunner, Sam and Rich were sharing a table and called him over as Inne continued to drink among the other local guards.

    Then one of the locals said to Inne. "Good to see you're over Ian."

    "Where is that Motherfucker! I still need to deal with him!" Shouted Inne.

    The rest of the bar grew quiet.

    "What the fuck are you all gawking about?" Asked Inne in her drunk slur.

    "You hadn't heard?" Asked the man.

    "I've been killing rad scorpions while you lazy fuckers been sitting on your asses. WHat did I not hear?"

    "Ian was sent on a recon to watch the raiders. He didn't come back. Probably dead, or worse, by now."
  9. Zoe

    Zoe Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Dec 5, 2003
    OOC: My kudos, Welsh. Excelent post :)


    Inne looked around. No sign of Carib. She looked down at her mug.
    Damn she though she was over that...
    She walked to the table were Sam and the other friends were sitted.

    Heya Inne
    Heya. Tomorrow morning, early. We leave for Vault 15.
    And on the way well teach some raiders a lesson. I have a score to settle!

    She turned to leave and walked out of the bar. Inne went home and after fighting some troublesome thoughts she slep deeply.
  10. The Brew Master

    The Brew Master It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Mar 14, 2004
    Rob had been walking around for awhile just talking to people of shady sands.

    "god damn it,I hate it when they just leave me "said Rob in frustration.

    Rob walked over to the bar and noticed Inne sitting there drinking away,he walked up to her and sat down next to her.

    "ya know that doesnt make your memories go away....."said Rob

    "Who ya callin fat!?!?!?"said Inne

    "oh nevermind.....bar keep get me a drink!"said rob as he placed his rifle over his shoulder.
  11. welsh

    welsh Junkmaster

    Apr 5, 2003
    OCC- I have to slow this down a bit for Vedpose and Albatross to get back in. Guys, till Weds then we continue-


    Daniel found himself back in the garbage heap of Shady Sands, sifting through the rubbish for things that were useful. Occassionally he would pick up a rare item and inspect it, decide whether it was worth repairing, and then usually tossed it aside. As a ghoul he had few needs, but even ghouls needed to make money or trade. More importantly, it helped him keep his fingers busy.

    It was better to keep the mind busy and not let it wander. A wandering mind led to places best left in the past.

    The past, that place over the horizon of yesteryear, back when he was a smoothskin, back when he had a job, a family, a life. Before the fire came down from they sky, before the streets filled with so many corpses the smell would make you sick.

    He picked up the case of what had once been a fusion battery. Gosh been a long time since I have seen one of those. Burnt out though, ain't good anymore. Need a fusion power reactor to recharge it, but there's some trace of radiation. Dim traces sure, but they fell good. Yes, radiation is a good thing.

    Fusion.. Fusion cells, power cells, micro sells, the new resource. The new means.....


    But then there was the war....

    Lucky that....
    Had he been lucky to survive, to have been in a vault doing repairs on that particular day? Was it luck to have lost all one had loved and known, to turn into a shambling leper, slowing whithering away so that even one's most cherished memories disappeared? Is this luck?

    Vaults.. vaultec..... Yes, once upon a time, long long ago when he had a different name and being, he had been doing things for vaulttec. Electrical things..... That's why his fingers liked to keep busy, why his mind put things into place. Why he didn't like to remember.

    That and the dark one. THe one with the black eyes..... He had touched one and felt it's... what.... emptiness.... He had seen what......

    Daniel shook his head.

    No it was better not to remember too much. Better to let the memories rot away.

    That vault 15, though. Got to get there one day.... Got to finish that job.

    But what was that job......

    Damn.... brain rot got me.

    Roadrunner was sitting at a table lost in thought.

    She had been thinking about Dwemer, who seemed sad somehow and unsure.

    Inne was beginning to get very drunk.

    Roadrunner, thinking of Inne, flipped a card.

    The card revealed a group of gypsy's talking on a road covered with skulls.

    "It's not time yet to go. We need to wait." Said Rodrunner.

    "What the fuck?"" Slurred Inne.

    "Sorry it's in the cards." Said Roadrunner, flipping another card. This showed a man in a cage caught in a tug of war between and angel and a devil.

    "The one who has your heart is alive, but in danger. His fate is undecided. But he lives."

    "Thas right!" Said Inne. "Thas why we gotta go get him." Her voice slurred with alcohol.

    Roadrunner flipped another card. Death holding a clock, watching it. THen she flipped another. travelers at a locked gate, incapable of going further. COming along the horizon a knight on a dragon bearing a sword shaped like a key.

    "Your love is in danger but he has time yet. His fate is not yet decided. But we cannot travel down the road we must until someone comes with the key to our success."

    "Fuck that we got to go." Said Inne.

    Roadrunner flipped another card. It showed a pegasus tumbling to earth, burning, bombs falling around it, into the nuclear fireball.

    "If we go now, you may live and succeed gloriously, but in the end we will all be destroyed."

    Inne said nothing, then mumbled, "Aw this is brahma shit." Tried to lean on the table and slid to the floor. WIth effort she rolled over and looked up into the sky. "Damn, if ain't drunk." turned her head to one side and threw up. Then she rolled in the other direction put her hand under her head and closed her eyes. A few moments later she was snoring.

    Dwemer who had joined them looked at Inne. "She'll be in no shape to leave in the morning. " Then he looked at the Roadrunner. "What do you see for me."

    Roadrunner flipped a card. A man in the desert, crawling, reaching for an oasis, but dieing of thirst. Then she flipped another. This was of Prometheus tied to a rock as the Gods laughed but below them the humans rejoiced at fire. Finally, there was a picture of a noble man, a victorious warrior, and behind hims a curtain which hid an unknown assassin brandishing a knife.

    Roadrunner hesitated. She did not want to say what she thought.

    Dwemer saw the look in her eyes and turned away. "Not good eh?"

    "Perhaps." She said. Roadrunner didn't wish to lie to the man.

    "Go on?" Said Dwemer.

    There was a pure sincerity in his eyes that Roadrunner could not resist. "YOu will fail in your quest. YOu will reach for the thing you pursue and many times you will come close but always you will fail."

    "Like in the caves below Curtis's trading post?" Asked Dwemer.

    "Yes. But your failure will bring great goodness to the world. YOu will fail in what you wish but you may do greater good." She said, hoping to give him some hope.

    "I must find the chip." Said Dwemer.

    "ANd so you will continue to try. But that quest will be achieved by another." Said Roadrunner flipping another card. This was a of the race of turtle and hare, with the jealous hare watching as the turtle wins the race. "But you will be betrayed from someone. Even in your success you will not be welcomed. YOu have a hidden enemy."

    "And this enemy?"

    Roadrunner flipped a card. A man looking into a body of water and seeing his reflection, but the reflection being that of a ghoul. "Your own kind."
  12. The Brew Master

    The Brew Master It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Mar 14, 2004
    "*hick*hey Rob........could i have some *hick* money.........i need to pay my tab."said Inne as she tried to get out of her seat

    "Oh no you don't....."said Rob as he got up and walked over to Inne.

    Rob placed Innes hand around his neck and helped her out of the bar,the two went over to the rest of the group.Rob placed Inne down next to Caribe in a seat.

    "what the hell happend to her!?"said Caribe

    "we went to the bar to *hick* celebrate........but Inne got a little drunk as you can now see"said Rob as he sat down on the other side of Caribe.
  13. Zoe

    Zoe Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Dec 5, 2003
    OOC: BK, Inne was already sleeping when you wrote your post and she would not be asking for money - she has an agreement with the bartender to only pay when she is sober :)

    So, with minor changes, we can say this:
    Interesting the fallout taro :)


    Rob approached Inne, but she was deep asleep. Rob carried her to the table and placed her on a seat near the friends.
    What happened here?
    We were celebrating. But she got a little drunk as you can see Rob said sitting at the other side of Carib.
    Doesnt she look sweet when she s asleep? Almost an angel...
    I guess if she heard you say that she would say something like: what a heck or Cut it out!
    The group laughed. But she did seem peaceful and even delicate being relaxed, asleep, with that smile.
    I wanna go home she said, softly
  14. Albatross

    Albatross Still Mildly Glowing

    May 20, 2004
    OCC: Okay I completely understand Welsh. Wednesday it is.

    IC: Vedpose was more than ready for whatever bitch faced man, women beast, or child called that cave home.

    “Alright cowboy let’s saddle up ” The blow to the head was still clearly affecting Ved’s lingual patterns.

    “Yeah, right, Vedpose.”

    “I thought we were past that. Just call me Ved all right?


    “Yes. Okay, Jolly lolly gents first there lad” Zeke just kind of stared at Vedpose like she was an idiot and walked ahead first. You would think that after three days of Vedpose’s insane ranting that he would be immune. He wasn’t. As they entered the cave, a smell like vomit and ammonia mixed in a rotting swamp hit their noses.

    “I guess they don’t get room service here.”

    As they made their way deep into the cave the smell got stronger. Once they were about one hundred feet inside the cave something began to become visible. It appeared to be a large, round grayish colored rock. As they got closer it began to come into focus more. It was round but it clearly wasn’t a rock. Zeke stopped about twenty-five feet before the rock and looked down at the ground.

    “Oh, shit! We need to leave here now!”

    “Okay, if you say so” As Ved turned around she felt something crawling on her neck. She hated that feeling more than anything else in the entire world. She began to freak out and ran backwards, back into what Zeke had noticed near the ground of the cave, a thin tripwire.

    As soon as Ved stepped on the thin silken strand, the supposed rock came to life. It was, in fact, the abdomen of a spider. The spider was nearly six feet high with long gangly legs. The spider lacked any fangs at all and relied on sharp barbs attached to its forelegs to attack. The beast charged and prepared to impaled Ved and Zeke upon its deadly weapons.
  15. PyroPhoenix

    PyroPhoenix Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Jun 13, 2004
    Zeke barely had time to let out a venomous"O shit!," before he drew his knife and pistol. The massive spider swung a huge taloned leg furiously at Ved, but before it could bring in a hit it's abdomen exploded in three rough holes of green slime from Zeke's well placed pistol shots. Ved was shoved aside with a quick swipe from the flat side of the spider's taloned leg as it rushed Zeke, who barely had time to bring his knife to bear to catch the leg before it impaled him. The blade quivered like a leaf in the wind as Zeke's muscles zealously tried to push back the Spider.

    There was only one flaw in Zekes block..............The spider had two taloned legs. Jumping backwards managed to get him mostly out of the way, but Zeke screamed in pain and fell to one knee as the scything talon sliced through the muscle in his thigh. Shot after shot erupted from the barrel of Zeke's pistol. Each landed within a three inch area directly above the spider's joint that connected the leg to the thorax, and rendedred it's left foreleg useless.

    Even so Zeke was slowly giving in the the spider's other leg which was overpowering his blade.

    Zeke gasped in a pained breath."Ved where are you?!?!"
  16. SuAside

    SuAside Testament to the ghoul lifespan

    May 27, 2004
    Richard had been observing Dwemer and Roadrunner. Dwemer seemed different around the girl, more childishly innocent maybe... Richard did not put much stock into Roadrunners tarot, a man of science does not really believe in those things. But then again, a man of science had to be open to new things too.

    After some smalltalk and laughs about predictions Richard changed the subject to some more serious matters.

    "I've told you I would follow you until I repaid my debt, but I don't intend to go fighting wars for you. Inne seems to has her mind set on taking out a raider encampment. Without recon or trained soldiers, I might add... I have basic training as you probably already noticed, but I tend to avoid frontal attacks and even violence in general. If it cannot be avoided I will try to do silent takedowns with my silenced pistols, but thats it. Taking on an entire camp is a whole other ballgame..." he said.

    "I don't even kn-" Dwemer replied before being interrupted.

    "I'm not saying I'm leaving you guys. I'm scouting these wastes in the hope to find some traces of a myth I'm chasing and it has been a good experience teaming up with you all. I might as well tag along. But I'm not planning to rush into a camp of raiders and risking my life for virtually nothing. Shady Sands might be endangered by these raiders, but I prefer to stay alive. I will back you guys up if really needed, but we might be biting off more than we can chew on this one." Richard explained.
  17. PsychoSniper

    PsychoSniper So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Jun 27, 2003
    Daniel finished rutting thru the junk pile, not having found much other than some spoiled foods that he could eat without harm, due to allready being fuked up.

    As he was walking around the town, he noticed a group of people talking, and suddenly his momroy clicked.

    'Theres something about that word......... Vault.' he thought, fighting the brainrot that was stagnating his memory.

    Suddenly, it hit him.

    "Hello there smooth skin. You be going to Vault 15 eventualy ? Mind if old Daniel tags along ?"
  18. Carib FMJ

    Carib FMJ Nuka-Cola Chaser

    Nov 8, 2003
    Carib picked up the woozy Inne and got her to her feet. "Okay, darlin' time for a nice bed rest... and perhaps some coffee." He looked to the bar keep.

    Inne's eyes rolled and she gave a slurred smile and and hicked, "Your... my -fuckin- hic... Hero... We gotta... hic, hup... save... 'dat... bastard... Ian..." She slurred on and Carib just smiled down at her.

    "If you got some ol' joe, send some to Inne'e hut... I gonna see if I can sober her up. I think the lil gypsy is on to something." Carib handled Inne with the care of a father handling his child. He liked her a lot, but he had his honor and wouldn't take adavantge of a sleep woman.

    "Good night you all. Brute." He gave Brute a nod of acknowledgement. "OH, and I forgot." He reached for his waist and pulled out a Colt 6520 and placed it on the table by Dwemer.
  19. Albatross

    Albatross Still Mildly Glowing

    May 20, 2004
    Vedpose had been thrown back into the wall of the cave by the lashing blow of the spider’s leg. She took the blow to the best of her advantage and used her right leg to deflect some of the force to make a bound against the wall. Her landing from this maneuver was not soft but who could expect it to be. Vedpose looked up at the now towering fiend, which had its one front leg driving towards Zeke. Ved pulled her rifle off of her back and took three shots, two hits, one to the base of one of the hind legs and the other to the bottom of the abdomen. Ved took one last shot with her rifle, striking the creation in the leg that was pinning Zeke, before throwing down her rifle. As the leg twisted backwards, Zeke managed to get out of the block that he was holding to protect himself.

    “Now what princess???”

    “ You go left and for the front side, and I will go right and try to get at it to blast away from underneath.”

    Ved drew her pistol from her sleeve holster and charged at the spider head on only veering to the right at the very last moment when the spider swung its one descent leg at her. The spider missed but it began to lose its balance and right as Ved was against the wall and preparing to duck and roll under, the spider tipped to right and pinned her arm.

    Meanwhile, Zeke was trying to get at the spider from the front side. He held his colt in one hand the hunting knife in the other. As the beast lazied down into its tilt and crash of kissing the wall, Zeke set up and rampaged the one good foreleg. He managed to half severe it and he punched three .44 rounds into tits face. The beast squealed and shifted its weight back to its center of balance in an attempt to charge at Zeke.

    With her arm released from the pinch of the wall and body, Ved rolled under the abdomen, put her hood back up, and fired a whole 10mm clip into the body. The spider slightly shuttered before collapsing, nearly on Vedpose who had only moved out from under by only inches. Looking at her, Zeke saw only a layer of greenish slime that had splattered on her from the kill.

    “That is a good look for you”

    “I think so too.” Ved took her hand and a gathered a large glob of the spider slime. She then placed it right on Zeke’s favorite gecko skinned vest. Zeke got the picture.

    Zeke walked over to the giant arachnid and took something. Vedpose wasn’t sure what it was. In any case, it could only be smooth sailing back to Shady Sands. Ved and Zeke reloaded their weapons, cleaned themselves off as best as possible and set back out into the wastes.

    A day later they arrived back at shady sands to find that the group had returned and was leaving right away somewhere else. Ved could neither confirm nor deny weather Sam Solo was present. She really wanted to find her and get this over with so she could pay back some raider bitches with a swift shot to the head. Of course, she didn’t really want to leave Zeke behind either way. She actually found that she had made a good honest friend and she would like to keep that friend around.
  20. PyroPhoenix

    PyroPhoenix Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Jun 13, 2004
    Shady Sands had never looked more beautiful to Zeke when he first walked back into the town.

    "So where are you going to go now Zeke?"

    Zeke turned to Vedpose."I was thinking about getting some decent alchohol in me as soon as i get my leg fixed. I guess if you need me I will be in the bar a bit later."

    Vedpose told Zeke that she would meet him there later after she met up with a clientel.

    **2 hours later**

    The town doctor having just disinfected, cleaned up and dressed his wound, Zeke hobbled his way to the bar, and ordered up a nice bottle of booze. He figured he needed a little color in his cheaks anyways. As he lifted the bottle to his dry lips he watched a very drunk looking woman get carried out by a dark colored wanderer, and overheard bits of conversation between a gypsy and a man in a blue suit.

    "I wonder when Ved will get here......" Zeke said quietly.
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