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  1. welsh

    welsh Junkmaster

    Apr 5, 2003
    Major Max looked over the ruins of the city that used to be called the Hub. Once a new center of commerce, the city had been leveled yet again. Yet, the sacrifice had paid off. The Mutants had been turned. But the cost had been tremendous.

    He looked over the few scattered BOS soldiers, weary veterans of battles against the Mutant onslaught. But few, terribly few. The BOS had also payed a heavy price.

    Now they would need new men, mercenaries, volunteers, adventurers. Those looking for adventure or perhaps just a little pay-back.

    His mission was simple. The Mutants were regrouping and growing stronger. If they were allowed to come back, they would win. His job was not to let that happen.

    Lead a group south, to the enemy, into the territory of the renewed Mutant threat. Destroy their installations and the mutant ability to "dip".

    Probably a one way trip for those interested in joining.

    Now he had to find volunteers.
  2. EVilzealot

    EVilzealot First time out of the vault

    May 23, 2004
    I saw couple of BOS soldiers in the ruins of Hub they were hiring peoples for a mission.
    ''must be important if they want to'' hire out-worlders'' I thought.
    I walked at the soldiers and talked to one of the BOS soldiers. ''Hi , How may i help you''. ''Hi im Randall i heard that you guys are hiring for a job''
    I said
    ''Yeah thats right you would probably want to talk to one of the higher ups about it''
    the soldier said .
    ''Just hold on a minute, First i want to know what do you guys pay me for the job''.
    ''Um... idont have the answer to that question'' he said '' But talk to one of the paladins theyll fill you in''.
    ''great'' i replied.
    ''but how do i know that i can trust you''. He started to turn red ''The Brotherhood soldiers never lie''.
    ''Okay okay, just take it easy, im just joking'' I said.
  3. PsychoSniper

    PsychoSniper So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Jun 27, 2003
    You might want to edit that a bit.
    Put it in 3rd person.
    Things like 'I said' or 'she said' just are out of place, treat it like you were writing a book.

    Anyway, heres my first ICC post


    Jack O'Neill perked up when a he heard two little kids talking.
    They mentioned something that he had heard of before, not the most common experience as he had spent his first nineteen years in the vault
    'No scratch that,' He thought as he looked at his pipboy, and the announcement on the calender 'Twenty as of today. Still, interesting. The vault citizen that got the water chip mentioned that group as rather private. what could they be doing recruiting all of sudden?'
    Mentally shrugging, he slung his pack, and made sure his colt .45 was loose in the holster, and set off thru the ruined city to find this 'Major Max'.
    About a half an hour later Jack walked into what was left of the police station of the Hub, and saw a rather imposing figure in T-51b power armour.
    "Are you this Major Max I hear is recruiting for some mission down south ?"
  4. Kahgan

    Kahgan Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built!

    Nov 25, 2003
    A few yards away, a man in a leather coat was standing, listening very carefully when Jack O'Neill talked to Major Max. After a while, it seemed he was about to turn arround and walk away, but when he heard the words "super mutant" and "loot" together, he seemed interesting, for reasons of his own. When Jack O'neill had walked away, he proceededd to walk forward to Max, and he started talking; "So your doin' a raid on some mutants, eh" "i might be interested in joinin up" Max glared at him, "Yeah, we need some hard boned people that can handle a gun" He said.
  5. EVilzealot

    EVilzealot First time out of the vault

    May 23, 2004
    '' where can i find the guy that im supposed to talk about the job?'' I asked.
    ''He should be over there'' the Knight said
    ''Hey they told me that youre the one i should talk to'' I said.
    ''About what?'' the Paladin asked me.
    ''About the job''I answered. He started to laught and said
    ''Well you look kinda inexpirienced, I dont want rookies for that job i need expirienced peoples''.
    '' Hey i aint not a rookie, I have been Caravan guard for a year or more''i said.
    ''Well this job is hell a lot tougher and harder than caravan guarding'' He said smiling.
    ''I know'' I said.
    ''well ok ill sign you in, but if you die its your own fault, but go talk to Major's sergearant hell tell you more about the mission ''.
  6. PsychoSniper

    PsychoSniper So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Jun 27, 2003

    EVilzealot, PLEASE work on the grammer/writing.
  7. welsh

    welsh Junkmaster

    Apr 5, 2003
    OCC- agreed. Evil- work on the grammar and writing. In fact you might want to edit your posts as the story is taking place in the ruins of the Hub, not at the BOS bunker.


    Max surveyed the grounds. It had been a mighty battle. The Hub had been lost, retaken, lost again. The battle had flowed for days like that, the city captured and retaken.

    Like a fire drawing flies to their own doom, in appeal mysterious yet unquenchable.

    A crowd of battle scared veterans had gathered about the BOS soldiers. They were hungry and wanted vengence. They town was in ruins, their friends and family destroyed. They were angry and wanted pay-back. He was there to give it to them.

    "I'm Major Max with the Brotherhood. Normally we don't take mercenary dogs, but these are desperate times. We're going south, to take the war to the Mutants, to find their bases, and destroy them. There aren't a lot of us, and we ain't paying much. Most of you will die. But those who survive can capture what loot they can and profit. That's the deal."

    It wasn't much of a deal, but Max had little time for gentle diplomacy.

    "One thing. " He added. "There are people down there. People like you and me, and they're getting dipped and turned into those fucking greenskin bastards. When there are enough of them, those mutant fucks are going to come back here and kill or dip the rest of us. So we go there and kill them, or we wait, and they come to kill us."
  8. PsychoSniper

    PsychoSniper So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Jun 27, 2003
    OCC, feel free to edit out the combat armor if it's put of place yet, but I just think that it would make sense, since the Hub police wore it.


    Jack left the police station once Major Max had told him to come back later, once the announcement was officaly made.
    After buying a lizard on a stick from a merchant with an arm in a sling with some caps he found on a dead body, Max went into the nearest empty building to sit down for a while.
    As he entered the dark room, he tripped over something.
    'What the fuck.' he though, as he drew his colt
    Looking down, he saw a gory site.
    A Hub police officer in green combat armor lay dead, his face smashed.
    A twisted, bloodied combat shogun lay next to the corpse telling the tale of how he died.
    'Must be my lucky day, the armor isn't damaged.' he thought as he began cleaning off blood and removing the armor, putting it on himself.
    Noticing that he had spent quite a bit of time cleaning the armor, he headed back to Major Max in time to catch the end of the speech.
    "So we go there and kill them, or we wait, and they come to kill us." Max finished
    "I'm screwed either way, count me in" Jack yelled
  9. The Brew Master

    The Brew Master It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Mar 14, 2004
    rob,a brave BOS soldier stood forward,with his assault rifle over his shoulder and his colt in his belt,rob spoke up.

    "count me in max..."said rob

    "i was wondering when you would step forward rob......good luck"replied max

    rob walked over to jack who was leaning against one of the bombed down walls.

    "hey my names rob.....looks like were both stuck in this shit"said rob

    "i now your name it has travelled in the hub and the boneyard.....i'm jack by the way"said jack as he extended his arm
  10. Kahgan

    Kahgan Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built!

    Nov 25, 2003
    OCC, I edited some in my post...dont think you'll notice it(im some of a perfectionist). And by the way, can i have a weapon thats not in fallout?...i just want to, if not ill edit it out


    Kahgan had just found him self an UZI in the ruins of the Hub to support his trusty 10mm pistol. He also made it in time so he shouted "i'm in!" and then he mumbled something about lots of loot to himself". Then he sat down on a broken chair and started cleaning up his weapons.
  11. welsh

    welsh Junkmaster

    Apr 5, 2003
    Max shook his head at disgust. Of course Rob would go. It was his duty. It was his mission. That a BOS should 'volunteer' only reflected what was wrong with the BOS.

    Having finished his speech he went back to his BOS troop. He had come to the Hub with more, but most had been lost and now the BOS was sending the rest to their doom.

    His men would go because they were the best, because he had made them that way, because they would follow him through hell without question. They were what the BOS should be. The finest soldiers.

    In the middle of the Hub was a mountain of Mutant skulls that he and his men had collected.

    He took a cup of black tea from his sergeant, which the sergeant had brewed. In the many years they had served together the sergeant knew that the Major liked the tea black and bitter, much like the Major's own conscience.

    The Major took a long drink from the near boiling liquid, nodded. "Get them ready. We move soon. These dogs need to be whipped into shape, but we can do that on the way south."

    "Most aren't worth spit." Said the sergeant, who looked down on the rabble's lack of discipline and skill.

    "No matter, most will die." Said the Major. "I want to take a look at our stock. Prepare to move soon."

    "On your command."

    The Major nodded, and walked off. The Sergeant watched him go before signing up the volunteers.

    The sergeant watched the Major walk away, brooding. The Major was a man of action and impatience. A man of average height and average build, he was extraordinary in the ruthlessness of his exceptional daring, violence and ambition.

    It was those qualities that had led the BOS to assign the Major and his men this mission. But there was more, the BOS wanted both he and his men out of the way, and if possible disposed of.

    The Major was thinking this as he inspected the two carts that BOS had generously supplied him, as well as his new orders.

    They had supplied his with food, water, and some ammunition for small arms. Not new mini-guns, no plasma rifles or lazer rifles, no hand-to-hand weapons. Nothing valuable in the war against the Mutants. The BOS said they had nothing to spare, and they were right. The BOS had been badly depleted in the war. So badly, perhaps they would not rise again to their former glory.

    And such was the sadness, thought the Major. The BOS were warriors first and foremost. In his scholarship he had read widely, Clausewitz and Sun Tzu, Ceaser and Napolean, Mao and LiddleHart. From these he knew, that the BOS was a military power, and as such, it lived to conquer. To do naught, was to waste, and wasted power turned corrupt. The BOS needed leadership not of elder scribes but of warriors, who would carve a new world out of these barren wastelands, to impose order and rebuild with ruthless discipline.

    Which was why the BOS feared him. Which was why he was being sent on this mission.

    Rhombus had called him excessive in his dispensation of cruel violence.

    Maxson had called him dangerous in his ambition and a menace.

    But it was Vree who's label for him was perhaps most interesting- borderline sociopathic.

    The Elders had been wise. Rid themselves of two problems- Max and his soldiers, a potential praetorian guard, and the Mutants as a threat. If either was destroyed they gained.

    But Max had no intention of being destroyed. He would go South. He would find the Mutants and destroy them.

    If he died, and if his men were all lost in the effort, so be it. The best a warrior could hope was to die gloriously in batte. Such was something he had uncovered in a little known artifact, the Code of Khallus, from an unknown pre-cataclysmic civilization called Klingons. But there was something else he had learned (from another lost civilization, the Ferengi, Rules of Acquisition,) When in doubt, be ruthless.

    Major Max had few doubts, but he would certainly be ruthless.
  12. Syphon

    Syphon A Smooth-Skin

    Jul 12, 2003
    Syphon walked into the Hub cooly, a cig on the tip of his lip; Crackling came from his boot as he crunched debris under neither his weight. Eyes squinted as a fresh cool breeze drafted some dust into the air. The tall, but well built man with both .45's holstered in his belt, eyed the local in suspicion. He heard from a local when he arriving at the Hub, while the local was leaving, that a BOS mission needed some men for a mission. Blah, blah, blah, the details were uneasy by Syphon was up for the ride.

    "...Goddamn fuckin' Muties!" Syphon mumbled as he flicked his ashed-out cig into a pile of concrete and wood, headed towards the BOS installation.
    As he continued to walk past ruined building and bodies scattered everywhere, he noticed a burly, large man, obviously the leader of expedition. Syphon approached him silent. As he reached him, not more than 2 feet away, Syphon made clear of his weapons by unholstering them for a second and put them back in, as a gesture of armed and willing.

    (Who do I go to to see if I can go for the mission?)
  13. welsh

    welsh Junkmaster

    Apr 5, 2003
    OCC- talk to the sergeant. Max is brooding and will probably shoot you if you disturb him.
  14. EVilzealot

    EVilzealot First time out of the vault

    May 23, 2004
    i walked at the sergearant, he looked very busy . I asked him about the mission and then he sat down to a old chair that was barely hanging the weight of his power armour.
    ''We are going to do a raid against those mutants''He said.
    '' ok, well that was all i wanted to know'' .
  15. Albatross

    Albatross Still Mildly Glowing

    May 20, 2004
    Captain Sydney Arco stepped out to examine the various riffraff that come in response to Max’s request. “This isn’t promising,” he thought to himself. The mercs present looked like they’d have an aneurism at the sight of real fight. How was this to be done with such an army? The Mutants were true warriors, they lived for the heat of battle and only way that this mission was to be accomplished was to have warriors who yearned for battle in the same heart filled way. These individuals were certainly not those. Of course, Max was right; most of them would probably be dead by the time the task was accomplished. Maybe Max had bigger plans though. He and Max were both known as the outcasts of the BOS. They desired for conquest like the Spaniards of the old world. He approached the various mercenaries who had gathered around the main street of the town.

    ” Okay you worthless excuses for soldiers, I am Captain Sydney Arco. You will refer to as Captain Arco or Sergeant. Understood? If you have a question, you will come to me. If you have a problem, you will again come to me. If you’re here to be bunch of spineless little bitches, come to me and I will be more than glad to end your insignificant existence. You will supply your own weapons and armor. The group will supply food and water for all. As stated early, you will NOT being getting any sign up bonus. You will however receive a portion of the plunder of this conquest, if you live long enough to see such. As for the rest of you, may you die with honor in battle and prove yourself as something of true warrior.” Arco’s voice was like a booming thundercloud, perhaps like that of the great god Zeus. This compiled with his 6’ 4” 240 LB. body made for a feeling of great apprehension.

    Arco took a half smashed steel desk from one the near by buildings and took a seat in the center of the street.

    ”Those of you who still wish to sign up come forward and we will get everything in order. If you are planning on coming, be ready to leave before nightfall. There will also be a brief exercise conducted to determine the best placement for you, that is if you manage to survive.”
  16. PsychoSniper

    PsychoSniper So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Jun 27, 2003
    OCC--Brotherhood Knight, my characther would not have heard of you. He's from a vault, and hasn't been anyware execpt for Shady Sands, and the Hub.

    Looking around at the motley crew of people that had assembled for the mission, Jack had a slight feeling of worry.
    'How the hell could the Vault survive if someone discovered it ? My .45 was the most powerful weapon we had.'
    Still brooding as he was preparing to setout on this new mission, Jack brushed off some talkative guy name Rob and went off looking for some BOS member to ask questions of.
    Several minutes later, he saw Major Max sitting and brooding silently.
    'Best to leave him alone.' he thought.
    Going back to look around the town, Jack looked in a destroyed and looted shop, with the body of a dwarf on the ground.
    Not finding much left, Jack did however find a flashlight with a series of LED bulbs which had some power left, and could be recharged if he could find a power source.
    As he looked at the corpse, Jack noticed something odd.
    The blood has sprayed all over when he died, but the pool of blood seemed to not be expanding past a certain point.
    Taking a twisted crowbar he found lying on the floor Jack began prying at the spot on the ground.
    Several minutes later, he got the hard wood floor to pop up, revealing a hidden storage locker.
    As he opened it, Jack whistled with appreciation.
    A M-79 grenade launcher, and two bandoliers of 15 rounds each.
    Then jack realized the problem.
    'I know what it is, but I don't have much experience with it. Ah hell, might as well take it along anyway.'
    Jack adjusted the bandolier's and the shoulder strap on the M-79, and walked back to the police station, and the BOS.
    As he got back, he heard the seargent give his speech, and went to sign up.
  17. welsh

    welsh Junkmaster

    Apr 5, 2003
    Far to the South.

    The few residents of the village of Ensenada that woke before the sun had little reason to fear the new day. Since the terrible days that followed the great fire, they had known hardship. Many of them had perished. And yet, a few had struggled and survived, and so the town was once again growing. The villagers worked hard, trying to grow crops out of the dry and near barren earth, keep goats on the desert vegetation that grew nearby, and on occassion scavenged from nearby to make what they needed. They were alone, or so they thought, and being so found happiness.

    The sun's had yet to rise in the East to leave long shadows across the day, and few could not see the towering figures that came from the west. In the dark the Mutant column came, the last vestiges of nightmares that would not surrender to the day.

    The Mutant commander, Corr, an intelligent giant, watched as his men began to seperate into squads. They were strong, proud mutants. Believers in the Destiny, keepers of the faith. Proud in war and conquest. They carried themselves with the dignity than mutants proud. He was proud of them. And they were of the newer stock, stronger and more intelligent.

    "Krogan" Called the commander to one of his sergeants. "Remember we come for captives, not for heads."

    "Bah. These little ones are not worth the dipping!" Called back the sergeant to his commander.

    Krogan was a leader who led by strength and motivation. Around his belt he kept a collection of human heads, tied up by their hair. Each head had been seperated by the shoulders by Krogan's favored weapon, a mighty axe. His men preferred to fight close and brutally, hand-to-hand.

    Krogan would laugh and say he liked the feel of blood splashing on his skin. Axes and blades were better than energy or heavy weapons." Because you never know when one of your plasma rifles, or lazer rifles will burn out, or when the gattling gun no longer buzzes," He would say at night. Then he would laugh. Besides, what pride is there in killing when it's done far away. You want to kill your enemies up close, and look them in eye.

    "These are the next generation." Said Corr. Although privately Corr thought these humans poor examples of the species.

    "They look more like ghouls. Judging by the bodies of those we have captured, most have not eaten properly for days." Said Krogan.

    "Captives Krogan, not heads today."

    "Bah!" Said the big mutant, but he would do as he was told.

    The commander looked out over the village of Ensenada. This would be easy. They didn't even have walls!

    In the morning mist, his men fanned out. Corr's men would seize the town center, and raise havoc within. His other squads would slowly encircle and subdue, raze the town and take the best stock. The rest would serve as slaves.

    Krogan was pleased. This would be another easy victory, and he enjoyed subdueing the humans. And he enjoyed feeling the bloodlust rise inside of him.

    Observing his man fan out around the small village, he waited then told his men to raise the flag. On cue the death of Ensenada began with Corr's war cry. Then began the terrified screams of the Humans. The electic sound of Lazer bolts and plasma bursts. Even the buzz of a chain gun. A scattering of small arms. A house explodes in brilliant red and yellow flames. It must be the guard house. Here and there a few of the people try to escape, and make target practice for the mutants. There is little organization, little discipline by the humans, they are caught completely by surprise. Resistance collapses, more screams, moans. Like music in the morning.

    In an hour Ensenada has died. Those who resisted are crushed but the mutants, swept aside like insect by the Mutants hand-to-hand weapons. Corr has added to his collection of heads.

    The building are put to blaze and the survivors are rounded up and roped. Then they are divided, a slower process. One half will go to dipping, the other sent to the slave camps further away. It is a recurring practice, and Krogan knows the procedures and methods. By noon, Ensenada is nothing but burning buildings and in a day, not even dogs will roam it's streets.

    Krogan selects a few of his men to take the captives away, then orders the rest of his men to continue. They are going North, to Nevada, to find the military stores there. For an army needs its weapons and there will be more conquest to be done.
  18. Melchoir

    Melchoir Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Jun 10, 2004
    Chua came into the Hub through the the thick smoke from burning buildings. He saw a man in a power armor, he looked important. Chua was about to walk over to the man, but were stopped by a BOS soldier in power armor who grabbed his arm and said: "Major Max do not wish to be disturbed."
    "What's going on over there?" Chua pointed at the group of volunteers.
    The BOS soldier answered: "That's a group of volunteers who are going down south to destroy some mutant installations."
    Chua asked: "That sure sounds interesting, mind if I join up?"
    The BOS soldier replied: "That is not my decision to take, go talk to the sergeant over there." He pointed at the man in power armor standing in front of the volunteers.
    "Thanks!" Chua said.

    Chua went over to the sergeant and the volunteers.
    Chua started talking to the sergeant: "Do you need some more volunteers?"
    The sergeant replied: "Sure, we can always need some new blood."
    Chua replied with a smile on his face: "Well then count me in!"
  19. Kahgan

    Kahgan Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built!

    Nov 25, 2003
    Kahgan wasas he liked to, standing in the outskirts when he listened to the speech. he didnt like what was being said about disipline, he was a man that liked to be his own boss, he didnt tolerate shit from anyone.

    But he thought that this was an excellent opportunity to improve his skills, and get some practical experience. So he went over to the captian thinking it would be great to get into some action.
  20. Thorgrimm

    Thorgrimm A Smooth-Skin

    Dec 16, 2003
    Thor had arrived too late to do anything about this latest mutant attack, but he promised himself that the one carrying the human heads he had spotted through his scope would be the first to die by his hand. He had just caught sight of him as the muties were leaving Ensenada a smoking ruin of the damned.
    " These vermin are not worthy of life, especially that one with the heads. On the life of my slain wife and son i WILL take these bastards down"!
    He then began to say a prayer in Spanish for the dead, ending it with "Vaya Con Dios", as he could not do anything more that might reveal his presence to the muties. So he had to be careful till he could find an ambush spot to begin sniping at them. He moved out following the muties, keeping an eye out for targets of opportunity.
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