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  1. Albatross

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    May 20, 2004
    Maybe, maybe it was best that I explain what had happen to Wolfe right now. I seemed aggravated, understandably so, and aggravation would draw attention which I didn’t think I needed. It was relatively unusual for the counsel to admit anyone outside scheduled officials and it was nearly unheard of for outsiders, even those who were considered friends, to do so. In fact, the only other outsider I can think of that was ever admitted to see the counsel was my father and it was still rare for him. The Atheans citizens would not doubt have questions, much like they did for Father. The difference was that I was young and inexperienced and really didn’t know how to handle myself in such situations.

    “Okay, you remember me, right?” Wolfe replied a kind of irritated hiss. “All right… So you remember coming here to Fanum and passin’ through the sewers with the alligators, right?” Wolfe nodded.

    “While we were passing the gators, they woke up and … well… they ah… kind of got a hold of you. I didn’t see it all but what I know is that a gator attacked you and latched on to you arm with its jaws. You were trying to get free but you couldn’t so you…” I had seen Wolfe use the knife, and even to this day, it still grosses me out. “You… took a knife and cut your arm to get free. After that we brought you here to Fanum and let the med techs do whatever they could to help ya.”

    “Okay, but how and why the bloody hell do have I this!!!” Wolfe motioned his new arm as a reference.

    “Why, to save your life, as your new friend said. As for the how, I think seeing the citizens of Fanum would best explain. So can we go find Kilrick now? I need to ask him somethin’.”
  2. Karkow

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    Feb 6, 2004
    Wolf didn't like it.

    Kilrick was gone and with him were most of the crew, and he didn't knew why or were to.
    He looked at the young man... Trevor. He looked to be in his twenties, half Wolfs own age, and didn't look that much healthy.
    He looked at the young girl... Terra was her name, if he remembered properly. Also very young.

    Wolf grabbed his trench coat. It was at a miserable state, the padding were almost completely torn out. He checked his weapons: a couple of grenades, almost no ammo for his shotgun and for his magnum. He had almost no firepower and the two that were with him didn't seem to have much experience in combat.
    Also he was still feeling dizzy from the treatment he received, and there was something twisting on his mind... something was wrong and he didn't quit knew what.

    He looked around and found Logan, sitting up near Stowe, if they were here perhaps they could tell us were Kilrick was at. If not perhaps there was someone else in here, somewhere.

    "Ok then, lets go!"- He said to the young couple near him and started walking towards Logan and Stowe.
  3. welsh

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    Apr 5, 2003
    Logan was coming around slowly from his most recent shock. But Stowe was concerned. The nanobots seemed more active then before. And the more active they were, the sooner Logan would begin transmitting signal. It was as if the bots were learning or evolving.

    Focused on her work, she didn't look up till Wolf arrive.

    "What happened to Kilrick?" Asked Wolf.

    Stowe glanced up at him, then looked towards Logan who's eyes were still glazed over and dazzed, a consequence of the shock. Then she glanced towards Edwards, who was asleep near where Deeds was also sleeping. Jasmin watched all through her dark almond eyes. She nodded.

    "Kilrick went off with Rama, Stokes, Jake and Reik to track down something to do with Rama, perhaps get some supplies. We are to stay here until it's safe. We figured you needed rest so we let you sleep." Said Stowe. "I'd like to take a look at that arm."

    "Do you know where?" Asked Wolf.

    "No, somewhere downtown, I think. Kilrick didn't give us details." Then she noticed a newcomer. "Who is your friend and why the urgency?"
  4. Karkow

    Karkow Still Mildly Glowing

    Feb 6, 2004
    “You can ask directly to the lad, luv. He has a mouth.” Wolf replied, feeling grumpy. He was left alone with a couple of book worms, a jerk he didn’t really trust, a bloke who used to be a spy and had to receive chocks every now and then, and a lass that could be his daughter. The only one that he didn’t worry about was Jasmin and even her he never had that much contact with.

    “My name is Trevor and I have business that I need to discuss with Kilrick.” Said the young, pale man.

    “Well then, you’ll have to wait here for him like the rest of us.” Replied Stowe to Trevor, then turning to Wolf: “And you, don’t call me luv! Now let me take a look at that arm”. She said while examining the metallic construct attached to Wolfs’ body.

    “How do you feel?” She asked him.

    “Bloody brilliant! Can’t you tell?” He replied, then realizing he was directing his frustrations to the wrong person. “Listen luv: I don’t like it! We’re sitting ducks here and we don’t really know these people! I’m thankful at them for saving my arse and all, but I don’t really know how much this’s gonna cost me latter and to tell the truth I haven’t been feeling like myself since I woke up..."

    “Humm… What do you mean by that?” Stowe asked…

    “Now’s not the time. I’ll tell you later.” He quickly replied, thinking he had already talked too much. Then diverting the conversation to his arm. “What do you think of that?”

    “It’s a fantastic job, and the technology is incredible. It seems to be completely connected to your nervous system, but I can’t really tell you more without proper examination. What difference this kind of technology could make out there!”

    Wolf glanced to his new arm. Yes, incredible technology indeed, he thought, with a twist in his stomach. He really needed a drink.


    Somewhere, not that far from there, three figures, human in appearance but only at that, were scanning the area.

    “Scanning complete…”. One said.

    “Various life forms detected, including sub-derivations of human…” The other continued.

    “Data base acknowledge these life forms as a cy-borg community”. Spoke the third one.

    “Subject detected”. Said all three, resuming their path.
  5. SuAside

    SuAside Testament to the ghoul lifespan

    May 27, 2004
    "Yes, technology is a marvelous thing. It gave us the A-bomb, brought us the plague and put me in this wonderful position." said Logan, as he slowly got up. "Regardless, my expirationdate is drawing near, even more so if we stay put."

    For the first time since he was afflicted with these nanobots, he did not felt refreshed after the shocktherapy. The uneasy feelings of both paranoia and fatigue were a most unwelcome sensation.
  6. Albatross

    Albatross Still Mildly Glowing

    May 20, 2004
    Something was going on with Logan, it wasn’t sure what at that time but the doctor chick and the others seemed to have an idea. I just tried to sit tight a moment while I tried to figure out what to do if any of the Atheans came up and asked me about what had occurred in counsel. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t have the chance to think for very long.

    A loud speaker came on, “Attention all citizens, the parameter had been breached. Please follow normal defensive procedures and measures. This is not a drill. This is not a drill. The parameter has been breached, rise and defend and may the gods have mercy on their souls.” The loud speaker promptly went silent after the message was relayed and the citizens of Fanum sprung it action like a well executed program. They raced to the South entrance way to defend their way of life and their homes. It was, as was realized later, a futile effort.

    Even as the defenders set it motion, three men, or at least what looked like men, crashed their way through the wall of cyborg Atheans trying to hold them at bay. Everyone’s eyes, especially Logan’s were turned towards the three men. One way or another, I had the feeling that I was clueless to some sort of critical fact that the others were not. Logan looked at the group with a look of saddened guilty and said a single word, “Run.”
  7. SuAside

    SuAside Testament to the ghoul lifespan

    May 27, 2004
    Logan dropped a smoke grenade between the breach & the remaining members of the group. It wouldn't stall the three, but it would buy the others enough time to get out of sight.

    The cyborgs opened fire, but as always the three received all but superficial damage. Some of the more heavily modified citizens tried to approach the intruders and engage in hand to hand combat, but Logan wasn't going to stick around to see how the fight would turn out.

    There were now two things going through Logans mind: getting out asap & hoping that the surviving cyborgs didn't find out that the three were here because of him. Having three murderous bloodhounds on his tail was enough, he did not want to be pursued by a horde of pissed off cyborgs out for revenge.

    A pity things were unfolding so quickly, he could've tried to get some help from the cyborgs relating to his condition.
  8. Tempistfury

    Tempistfury It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Apr 21, 2003
    Three synthetics had come out of nowhere, breaking down a wall and wreaking havoc. The citizens began to resist, and Trevor unshouldered his SKS. As he lined up his sight on one of the trio's head, a smoke grenade kicked into full force, making the shot impossible.

    He glanced around and saw that kilrick's crew was running, and running hard.

    "What the hell? I thought they were supposed to hardened veterans... its just three guys --" Trevor thought. His thoughts however were interrupted as one of the cyborg citizens landed several feet away, half of his skull crushed, and the plating that used to make his chest peeled away. A quick glance revealed the the damage was sustained in hand to hand combat. Trevor glanced back at the smoke grenade which was giving up its last puffs of smoke, and then ran as hard as he could to catch up with Kilrick's crew.
  9. Albatross

    Albatross Still Mildly Glowing

    May 20, 2004
    I took off running, hell what else could I do. The Atheans, who I had known to be formable warriors, were being taken out like the Sunday trash. I didn’t understand how those men could take such a beating and still be alive to throw an oncoming Athean across the room but they were more than able to do so. It was as if they were invincible to everything, bullets, melee assaults, even electricity. I couldn’t understand it, but at the time it wasn’t important for me to understand. It was important for me to stay alive.

    As I sprinted forward I called back to the others “Follow me, there’s a way out through the back of the med lab.” I really didn’t have time to look back and check to see if everyone else was following though I did glace back for a second and everyone seemed to be keeping up. We dashed through the corridors and hallways that made up the med lab and at last came to the door that led out to the surface streets. I turned back to see if everyone was still with us, though I had a feeling that someone was missing.
  10. welsh

    welsh Junkmaster

    Apr 5, 2003
    OCC- Ok, I am tired of waiting for Rama to continue this. Time to pick it up.

    Jorus was gone for what seemed an eternity as I tried to make myself look comfortable. It was a waiting game now, and I was unarmed and in uncertain company. Patience had never been my virtue and I was beginning to wonder if this errend for Caribe was worth it. I also worried about the rest of my group.

    Finally Jorus returned. "I have need to counsel with Rama, Salvager. And I fear this may take some time."

    I nodded. "I understand, but I have my own obligations and Rama is one of my crew. If he leaves us, we lose his service and he loses his pay."

    "I will give you a guide. Roark knows the city well, better than any map. He can guide you to the places you need to go." Said Jorus.

    "He's your man. I prefer my own."

    "Loyalty is expensive."

    I wasn't sure if that was a threat or merely a statement so I let it hang.

    Rama seemed undecided, then he turned and nodded to me. "It will be alright. I will catch up to you when this business is finished."

    Jorus gave a smile that looked like a crack on granite. "You see, and you can utilize Roark until you leave New York. I will also provide you with both the medical supplies you need, a map, and allow Roark to lead you to the arms caches I have placed around the city. Not all mind you, but you should have no need for supply."

    I nodded, still not happy. "I also need information."

    "No doubt. But you know where I am. I won't move from this place. Roark can get in touch with me when necessary. " Said Jorus.

    It was clear he wanted to end the conversation and was filling my hand with gifts. But I was leaving without a member of my crew and I didn't like it.

    Rama understood and nodded. "I will be fine. I will catch up when I finish here."

    "Don't waste time, Rama. We should not stay here longer than we need."

    We shook and parted. On the way out I was given my supplies and met with Roark. Roark was a tall,lanky fellow with long curlish black hair and a mean scare that ran past a lost eye. He held out his hand. "Roark."


    "Ready?" He asked.

    "Let's go."

    And so we left Rama behind.
  11. SuAside

    SuAside Testament to the ghoul lifespan

    May 27, 2004
    Logan had taken off... Now all alone, he felt both releaved & slightly depressed.

    Running off was better for him & drastically increased the survival chances of the group. However, he would need to rejoin them to complete his sole remaining mission. Crafty, as always, he had planted a tracker on the doc's jacket, when she had put him to sleep.

    Although he did have some inside information on the city, roaming through it would be very dangerous indeed. Still, Logan needed to find a backbone connection, fast.

    Sticking to the shadows, he made his way through the ruined city. He knew, however, that he wouldn't be alone for long in those shadows...
  12. Carib FMJ

    Carib FMJ Nuka-Cola Chaser

    Nov 8, 2003
    Jorus turned to Stryfe and that stoney smile faded into something unscrutiable. That was the old man's nature. He was like that, or as far as Rama could remember.

    Jorus reached in the lower draw and the room tensed and Stryfe was ready to reach for his Desert Eagle when something in his mind shut down every killer instinct he ever had.

    Jorus smiled and brought up an antique bottle of Thunder Bird liquor. "So tense, Stryfe... So tense." He drew two tumblers and began to pour.

    "So... tell me of my family."

    And Stryfe began his tale from the bad lands to New York where is now; In the city of skeletons and bones.
  13. welsh

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    Apr 5, 2003
    With Roark as the guide, We made it back to the Athean stronghold, but we found that our adversaries had gotten there first.

    The front door to the building and been pulled off and tossed to the side. Inside we found the first body of a cyborg bleeding oil and lubricant and blood on the marble floor.

    "What the hell?" Muttered Jake.

    Inside where the bodies of other cy-borgs, many broken and tossed asside like broken ragdolls. Others were busy trying to repair themselves or their kin. A few were openly crying. Whatever robotic evolution they had experience, they had not lost their humanity.

    We tried to get answers but for the most part the Atheans ignored us. Whether this was out of spite or disinterest, I don't know. Most just ignored us or told us to go away.

    One, a woman, looked up as we approached and moved towards us. I remembered that she had spoken to Terra but I couldn't recall her name.

    "Your friends are alive." She said. I could from within her the sounds of sizzles and cracks. She too had been damaged in battle.

    "What happened here?"

    "Farnum has been attacked. Powerful sentinals from Daemonicus. Hunters." She said.

    "Daemonicus?" I asked.

    "You don't know?"

    "No." I said.

    "But they have been chasing you. It was one of yours they came after. Why else would they decide to attack. We have lived here for generations. We serve the collective conscious. We only aspire to be as one with the central AI."

    I didn't understand all that she said but she was right, we had been chased. "Yes. three creatures, incrediably strong and deadly."

    "Hunters." She said nodding.

    "I am sorry they came here."

    "I too am sorry they came. Perhaps it is part of the plan." She said, her voice sounding sad. "We bear you no ill will. You came for sanctuary and we would protect Terra."

    "My people?"

    "Fled down the southeastern corridor towards a subway station. From there I don't know. Our sensors do not go so far." She said. "Except one. He is infected with the curse."

    "One of my people seperated?"

    "Yes, you call him Logan. He is a carrier of the virus. He suffers the taint of Daemonicus. He is the one they are hunting."

    "Do you know why they are hunting?" I asked.

    "No. Daemonicus has his reasons, but they are his alone and make little sense to all of us. Insanity to understand. He suffers the human condition, the human stain." She explained. "He is divided by protocol. Shizophrenic."

    "But who is Daemonicus?"

    "The antithesis of Xerxes and the child of the creators." She said. "Your people have escaped but I have learned something else that you should know. One person who had died has come back. ANd his mind has been opened."
  14. SuAside

    SuAside Testament to the ghoul lifespan

    May 27, 2004
    A College. Perfect for Logan.

    He quickly scouted out the area. Memorised the escape routes. Dealt with some vermin.
    Luckily for him, no mutants, no scavs, no gangs.

    In the basement, he found what he sought: the backbone connection. He quickly unwired it & plugged the cable into his own makeshift computer. The computer screen reported that the line was viable, although weak. It would allow access to NY's network.

    Logan took his time to set up his security protocol & check his hacking tools. He was fairly sure his 3 stalkers would need quite some time to track him here.

    For a few minutes he watched his green cursor blink in front of him, collecting his thoughts & calming himself. Then he got on with the task at hand:

    exec subterfuge.exe -level 3

    Subterfuge running masking, rerouting & firewall protocol . . .

    exec bloodhound.exe -var1 Authority -var2 NY

    Bloodhound running tracking protocol . . .

    Target 1 found:
    Target 2 found:
    Target 3 found:
    Target 4 found: masked

    exec sniffer.exe -ident 1 2 3 4

    Sniffer running identification protocol . . .

    Target 1: NYPD
    Target 2: NYC Portal
    Target 3: NY Port Authority
    Target 4: scrambled, unable to run identification protocol

    exec bloodhound.exe -nodetrace 4

    Bloodhound running node tracer . . .

    Node 1: home
    Node 2:
    Node 3:
    Node 4:
    Node 5: unable to trace, node masked

    In his attempted search to identify the so called Authority that had given him his mission, he had now found a small clue. Why would something as simple as a Port Authority have a relay to a masked and hidden ip?

    Intrigued Logan wanted to learn more, as his screen went blank. Without Logan touching his keyboard, words started appearing.


    the authority?


    i'm still searching, but i need you to be more specific as to what you are expecting from me.


    i need more information!

    and the screen went blank in a flash, erasing the conversation.

    DEAMONICUS IS HERE. appeared in a flash & disappeared again.

    Logans neck hair stood straight up.

    exec bloodhound.exe -message last

    Bloodhound running tracking protocal . . .

    Target 1 found: masked

    WARNING - Subterfuge Report: ping surge. Home IP is being pinged. Source: masked.

    His enemy had tracked him down again. Soon the hunterkillers would be here, he had to act fast & hope his own masking protocols would buy him some time.

    exec bloodhound.exe -nodetrace 1

    Bloodhound running node tracer . . .

    Node 1: home
    Node 2:

    WARNING - Subterfuge Report: Intrusion alert. Firewall holding.

    Node 3:

    WARNING - Subterfuge Report: Firewall level 1 breached. Two security layers remain.

    Node 4:
    Node 5: unable to trace, node masked

    WARNING - Subterfuge Report: EMERGENCY - Firewall level 2 breached. Only one security layer remains.

    Logan pulled the ethernet connector out of the wall, destroying the college's connection forever. Deamonicus now knew Logan's exact position, but luckily hadn't been able to gain access to his laptop. Now Logan knew a splinter of information more about his unknown assailants, they were somehow linked behind the NY Port Authority. But that didn't make any sense...

    On the ground floor of the building, Logan heard a door being smashed in. Franticly, Logan gathered his gear & started moving towards his primary exit.
  15. welsh

    welsh Junkmaster

    Apr 5, 2003
    With Roark's help and some guidance from cy-borgs, we were able to figure out what path the rest of our group had taken. The subways tunnels had filled with a thick layer of dust and winds would blow small whirlwinds across the deserted platforms, but even that would hide no movement.

    Down one tunnel through an access corridor and down another passage way. Deeper into the bowels of the city, but in the right direction.

    Three times they left traps behind for us. Three times we caught them. Had we not worked with the Greens before, perhaps the surprises would have blown us all to hell.

    It took us two hours but finally we caught up to our group which had stopped to rest. There was still fear, and some relief in Stowe's eyes. Deeds and Jasmin were both ready with blasters. I was also relieved to see Wolf. The new person I didn't know.

    "Where is Rama?" Asked Deeds.

    "Somewhere behind us talking with family. Perhaps he will catch up." I said. " I have maps, a guide and medical supplies. Whatever hit the borgs is not chasing you."
  16. welsh

    welsh Junkmaster

    Apr 5, 2003
    People weren't happy that we had left Logan behind. But he had made his own choices. Hopefully he would be able to find us. He had made his own decisions and we'd taken risks to protect him. In the end he had his own demons to fight.

    No good deed goes unpunished.

    "Are we moving on the first site?" Asked Deeds.

    "Yeah. Roark is on loan to use to help shows us about." I said, introducing Roark.

    They nodded, Deeds looking suspicious. There were new comers and I was surprised to see Terra was still with us.

    Jake and Roark opened up a map of Manhattan, then crossed it with a map of the underground passages.

    "So our destination?" I asked.

    Edwards said simply, "Columbia University. Dept of Bio-Engineering."
  17. welsh

    welsh Junkmaster

    Apr 5, 2003
    Roark led us through the tunnels for over an hour until he stopped by an large tunnel that was more cavern than not.

    "This is not good. Maggots." He said. "Better to go up."

    There was no argument from the others who remembered the time in maggotville.

    Roark took us through a side tunnel to a ladder, than climbed up. At the top he came up against a manhole cover. Using a crowbar he banged on it three time. Waited. Then he carefully lifted the cover up and led in sunlight.

    The harsh glare of the sun was painful on our exposed eyes. We'd been underground for over two days and needed to adjust. More importantly, new sounds.

    As we came up we found ourselves in the midst of a market of stalls selling an assortment of goods and foods.

    I followed Roark up and then helped the others. When we had all reached the top, Roark replaced the manhole cover.

    "This market will be shutdown by dark. To dangerous. The University is still to the North."

    I nodded and we proceeded.
  18. Karkow

    Karkow Still Mildly Glowing

    Feb 6, 2004
    Wolf fell to his knees and started screaming.

    The others stopped in surprise and looked at him.

    He had a vague look in his eyes, looking at them but not truly seeing them.

    “The collective unconscious knows.” He spoke. “Incoming merge…Don’t be afraid. There is Love in the Telematic Embrace!”

    He fell down, shaking.

    Stokes and Terra helped him up, both with a strange look in their eyes. Stowe ran towards Wolf, opened his pupils and started talking to him:

    “Can you see me, Wolf? Look at me, can you see me?”

    “What the fuck happened?” Asked Kilrick, thinking how much this looked like one of Logan’s seizures.

    “I don’t know…” Replied Stowe. “But I’m not taking any chances… I’m going to shock him!”

    After she spoke, Wolf slowly raised his metallic hand in the air, motioning her to stop. Then slowly gathered himself to sit down and collect his breath.

    “I’m fine, doctor.” He spoke, heavily. “There’s no need for that.”

    “The hell you are!” Said Kilrick. “What was that, Wolf?”

    “I don’t well know, mate. Something hit me… I felt pain, but not mine. Someone or something was in agony, deep in sadness for awhile. But then there was a sense of peace and tranquility, like some great thing had happened. I can’t really explain it…but I’m okay now, boss. Let’s get going.”

    He stood up, not wanting any help, picked up his things and started walking. The others started to but with a disbelief look in their eyes. Deeds was mumbling something to himself.

    Stokes walking next to Wolf, spoke to him:

    “You really ok there? That was some surprise you gave us there.”

    Wolf remained quiet.

    “If you need anything just ask. I’ll be here.” Stokes continued.

    “Ta”. Wolf replied. He felt strange. There was something he didn’t tell the others: the pain he felt… he knew what it was. It was as if he felt the entire massacre of the cyborg community done by the three droids. It all just came to him, without notice and explanation.

    He continued walking, thinking about something he didn't really like. He took his liquor flask out of his jacket, took a sip, light up a cigarette and avoided thinking at all!
  19. Tempistfury

    Tempistfury It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Apr 21, 2003
    Trevor patted his sides, under his trench coat feeling for his MP5k's and full clips. He knew the chances that they had been lost were minimal, but actually feeling them there made him feel just a bit more secure given all the circumstances.

    One moment the man -- wolf was his name -- was okay, and the next he was spouting some of the machine's rhetoric. Then, seconds later he's absolutely fine. One of them wanted to shock him as a precaution... as if this happened frequently. As if the mechanized consciousness overrides wolf's frequently.

    Anywhere else that would have been an acceptable risk if it was infrequent. But in the middle of Manhattan, a city teeming with machines -- deadly machines at that -- having one of your own ready to involuntarily switch sides at any time was a bad idea.

    As he withdrew his hands from his sides, where his ammunition was stored, he noticed a few of the group looking at him. Their looks were a curious mixture of disapproval and distrust -- especially from the larger fellow, who brought the word "brute" to mind when Trevor examined him closely.

    "So, what do I do now?" He thought. He wondered if the understood the potential for danger there was here. Given the group's response this was something new, but they had at least seen it before. Or so he could guess. "I'll keep quiet for now, and work this out on my own. If I come up with something before they do, I'll speak up." After all, Trevor didn't want to alienate his best chance of getting out of manhattan...
  20. Karkow

    Karkow Still Mildly Glowing

    Feb 6, 2004
    Wolf drank all of the liquid on his flask in a few minutes, while he smoke most of his cigarettes. He was nervous and feeling strange. He sensed the eyes of his fellow teammates. He sensed their distrust and suspicion. He looked at them and didn't like what he saw also. The only persons he would call friends were gone: Eric and Edden dead, and Rama Stryfe left behind. On this group there was left only people with the same goal, allies under these circumstances, but not friends. some of them he didn't knew very well, some he didn't really trusted.
    ... Well, there was always Kilrick. But how much did he really knew him? He was the boss, kept it that way and seem to like it. He was a tough and experienced merc, about as old as Wolf himself, both old sods... and yet he wouldn't call him a friend.

    So Wolf was uncomfortable, he was suspicious and felt suspicion upon him, he knew the group was freaked out with the seizure he had a little back, and his refusal to be examined only made things worse, and with all the talk about spies not so long ago... But Wolf didn't want anyone to examine him right now. It was stupid and he knew it, being a Medic himself, but whatever was wrong (if anything) with him, he strangely didn't want to share it with anyone.

    He reached for his jacket to find some lost flask... the days of heavy drinking were not that lost in the past, Wolf started feeling a a little squiffy, but disregard it. Looking around seeing his teammates, trying to know were they were but it was a waste of time. He looked at the abandon buildings, to the garbage and junk on the streets, to the shadows... and though he had seen something move.

    Alarmed, he picked his sawed-off double barrel shotgun, reloaded it, and held it in his right hand while walking, but he took so much time that when he looked again there was nothing there.

    "Sod it!" Wolf interjected, and continued walking, but looking threw the corner of his eye. So-many times they have been surprised, attacked and ambush on journeys like this one that it was almost common.

    He looked again to the shadows trying to see something, but again nothing, only darkness.

    The old man continued walking but again he felt something strange, a head-ache. Not nearly as intense as the previous, and somehow different. He closed his eyes for a while and strangely he thought about Eric. He opened again thinking he would see Eric right in front of him but no, there was only the same road as before, his teammates and that guide Kilrick came with.
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