ICC- Zombie Apocalypse- At the Truck Stop

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    Apr 5, 2006
    OCC- Two more zombies have been killed, but now Bud is a zombie as well. This leaves Buzz plus 59 more zombies. Buzz and two more are going after the dead skinhead, four are chasing the truck (one is now almost dead), and the others are now all inside the building.

    At Brownson's Airfield-
    Kimberly arrived at the chopper, having loaded two shells into her shotgun on the run. She stood between Erica Spears and the oncoming zombies in order to protect the pilot, but a little to the side so she could shoot as well.

    Erica knew that it was a long range shot, but she was very accurate and still had a decent chance to at least hit one of the creatures once. She fired twice at a runner's head, but both shots missed.

    Back at the truck, Joe Barring had finished reloading his shotgun, but the zombies were too far away for him to hit them at all with it, so he tried to climb up onto the truck. He had no success either. Baldwin finished reloading his Colt Viper and took aim at the creatures as they approached. The three walkers were now fifty yards away from the truck, and the four runners were forty yards off. Two more runners were now sixty yards away, and the other walker was still off in the distance.

    The two walkers heading for the chopper were now fifty yards away, and the three runners were forty yards away. The other two walkers were too far off to worry about yet.

    In the parking lot-
    As Jeff floored the gas pedal and the truck headed north, some of the zombies followed it. Mutt fired at the next closest one with his M-16, but the bullet went wide. The skinhead with the shotgun also fired, hitting the nearest zombie but not quite bringing it down.

    Buzz reached the skinhead who was just a few yards away and began to gnaw on the corpse. A few more zombies were right behind him.

    In the diner-
    The zombies in the diner stopped devouring Bud, and his body began to stir. They staggered en masse to the corridor entrance, jostling against each other to be the first through the door in pursuit of Jim Kerr. Two of them shoved through, their arms outstretched. Others, unable to get through the mob, began heading around for the kitchen.

    Then Jim Kerr heard a loud crack behind him as two zombies smashed the office door to pieces! They pushed forward after him.

    At the same time, the back door gave way under the ghouls' fists and more of them spilled inside. Then the kitchen door was smashed down and more of them pushed inside. Jim was surrounded!

    (OCC- Jim gets one chance to act before the zombies can attack him. Up or down - decide fast! Also, roll Sanity [currently 85%] first. If Jim fails the roll, he will lose 1d10 Sanity points but can still flee up or down. However, if he fails the roll he would have to succeed in a roll against his Dex of 15 on 1d20 in order to climb up. If he were to fail that roll, he would not be able to climb yet and the zombies would attack him. Going downstairs does not require a Dex roll to succeed, nor is a Dex roll needed if Jim succeeds at his Sanity roll.)

    At the motel-
    Since the three remaining walking corpses were now below the roof's overhang and out of Stephanie's line of fire, she took the time to reload her pistol. Only one bullet was left in the chamber and the clip was empty, so she ejected it and slapped in a fresh one. Now that she was no longer busy shooting, the thought of what must have happened to Brigetta began to sink in. When she had left the diner, Horst had been about to die and Dr. Hausmann had been trying to save him, but there was nothing she could have done. He must have been reanimated and attacked her, which would account for her arm injury. If she had been bitten... Stephanie kept her tears in check and concentrated on what she had to do. "Let's get this ladder up and bring it over to the east side," she said. Jenny Cooper helped her, not noticing her internal turmoil.

    The zombie that Mr. Foo had shot first climbed the open stairway and reached the balcony. So had the uninjured one, but the last one was still forcing its way through the obstacles on the other staircase.

    Mr. Foo retreated back into the motel room and Ellen Cody shut and locked the door behind him. She then dragged the nightstands over to the door and stacked them in front of it. "I was starting to get a little worried," she said.

    "If I were that easy to kill," said Mr. Foo, "I would have been dead a long time ago. Let's head back into the room as far as we can. Stay behind me, and I'll shoot any of them that get inside."

    On the T-Bone's rooftop-
    (OCC- No more zombies outside the diner are at point blank range. Roll to hit normally now.)
    Sally reloaded the Beretta and looked around for a new target.

    Bo Richards hurried back to the hatch, loading two shells into his shotgun as he did.

    "Hurry, Jim!" called Dr. Hausmann. "Up the ladder, fast! They're closing in!"

    Father McCormick fired at one of the zombies going after the dead skinhead, hitting it in the head but failing to drop it.

    Rita noticed that the .357 Magnum was now empty, and she did not have any bullets for it. "Give me that!" she shouted, snatching the .38 back from Ashley and firing twice at the same zombie, hitting once and finishing it off.

    Tisha fired at another zombie's head, connecting and wounding it.

    David shot twice at the zombie as well, hitting it in the head once and killing it.

    Underneath the T-Bone-
    Beth reached the warehouse again, where Jimmy and Mitchell were busy preparing the barricade. "Let me lend a hand," she said. "Almost everyone else has gone up or into the liquor closet by now. Those things will be there soon!"

    Further below-
    The scene on the other side of the cell door was horrifying. The walls were made of thick, old stone. Two young women were manacled to opposite walls, wearing only their underwear. One was alive and screaming, straining to break her chains free from the wall. The other was dead and moaning inhumanly. She was also pulling at her chains in an effort to reach the living woman - and she was a lot stronger. Just as the door opened, her chains finally snapped free. She turned to look at the newcomers, then surged towards the other captive.

    Duke held his ground and raised his M-14. Robert also remained steady, but Lynne shuddered slightly and added her shrieks to those of the poor woman in the cell. Max was agitated, but kept his wits about him.

    The undead woman moved with incredible speed, but stumbled and missed when she tried to grab her fellow prisoner. She then tried to bite her leg, but the chained woman squirmed out of the way.

    Lynne raised her Grease gun and opened up on the creature with a burst, but none of them hit due to her lack of skill with the weapon, even at such close range. Unfortunately, Buddy was in the line of fire, and he couldn't quite get out of the way in time. The poor dog was hit by three .45 slugs and was cut to shreds. Max whimpered in distress and fled back down the corridor, unable to cope with the loss of his friend.

    Duke was aiming at the ghoul and did not see what had happened to Buddy yet. He shot it in the head, having no trouble hitting from so close. Its head was blown open and it fell, unmoving.
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    May 27, 2004
    On the T-Bone's rooftop -

    Luke hears the backdoor crash and sprints back to the back.

    In the Liquorcloset -

    "Get your ass inhere, we're sealing it!" Dave yells a final warning.
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    Brownson Airport

    Wallace Fired, missing by about 20 feet. "Fuck!" he shouted, pulling the hammer back with his thumb, and squairing himself up for another shot
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    Aug 21, 2004
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    In the Shelter-

    Lynne is still not even aware of what she's done when Robert says to her loudly. "Lynne, hold your fire."

    She lets go of the trigger and for a moment is stunned, and then ashamed at what she's done. "Oh no... Not Buddy."

    Max's paws leave an echo down the hall as the dog escapes.

    "I think we need to get you another gun." Says Duke.

    Robert looks at her. "Are you ok?"

    For a moment the fear in her eyes is quite clearly visible. "Yeah.. I think so.. it's just that... you know. It's today. And now this.... I mean, it could be me down here, ya know."

    Duke shrugs. "Post Traumatic Stress?"

    Robert shrugs maybe. Than to Lynne- "you think you can get that woman free?"

    "I can try."

    Both are suddently stunned by the sound of gunfire near by. Duke has taken his rifle and put it to the dog's head, firing one round. When he sees them looking at him, he shrugs. "Just in case dogs come back too."

    In the Hallway-

    OCC-Steve- please post. I will also allow you to roll a quick idea.

    IC- Azadeh, standing across the hall in the liquor closet sees the zombie break through the doorway into the hall and reach for Steve Kerr. She fires quickly has hastily. Had it not been for the short range, the bullet would have gone wild. But the hallway is narrow and the shot is almost point blank. The shot pops the creature's head and it falls to the floor.

    "Shit, they are coming in." She says, "Get ready to retreat back."

    Down in the shelter's warehouse-

    Samantha looks over Bob's condition. Having had no time to tend to the wounds Bob has continued to bleed. Samantha looks and sees the man is in bad shape. "Is there a first aid kit?" She says as she looks around for something to use as an advantage.

    Mitchell remembers that he saw first aid kits among the supplies, removes one of the boxes and gives it to her. She quickly succeeds in bandaging his wounds and then, with smelling salts, is able to revive him to consciousness. Woozy and confused she says to him, "YOu've been badly wounded. I am no doctor so I cannot do much more than change your dressings. We're down in the shelter under the T-Bone and we may need to move again. Do you understand."

    Groggy and unclear, all Bob can do is nod his head.

    occ- Bob is badly hurt and has bled a lot. His movement speed should be reduced and he needs to be careful not to damage the stitching. Little he can do until he gets read medical care at this point. Suaside, for now Bob needs to rest. He will not be able to function for a few rounds.
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    Apr 2, 2003
    on the roof of the diner:
    Alice saw that the zombies were all inside so she took the time to reload her gun.
    Jim Kerr climbed up the ladder to join the group on the roof
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    In the Liquor closet-

    Azadeh watches as Jim scampers up the ladder. The ladder is pulled up after him but by then Azadeh is already closing the door.

    "That's it. Let's block this thing and then get downstairs. I hope they have room to retreat down there." She says as Dave is already moving something to block the door.

    Behind the door they can hear the inhuman moans as the zombies begin to fill the hallway.
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    OOC- This will be my last major update before Sunday night, though if Welsh posts most of one this weekend I may be able to post the rest. I can finish the weapon/ammo/skill list and post it in the Character Thread tomorrow. Since everyone's posted, it's more important to keep the story moving.

    I rolled two more shots for Michael, but since they both missed horribly and Gonzalez didn't post saying that he actually wanted to fire all three I won't count them in order to save him some ammo. He can however fire three shots per round, provided they're at the same target.

    At Brownson's airfield-
    Kimberly raised her SPAS-12 and fired one of the only two shells she had loaded at the closest zombies in an effort to slow them down. She hit all of the runners and one of the walkers behind them, slowing them all but not stopping any of them.

    "Thanks!" said Erica, taking aim. "The fuel's been pumping six minutes now. We've got less than fifteen minutes left, less than ten if we're lucky." She fired twice and hit with one shot, downing the one Michael had wounded.

    The surviving zombies lurched onwards towards them. The two wounded runners advanced to thirty yards, and the walkers were now about 45 yards away. Another walker reached 60 yards.

    Meanwhile, at the truck, Joe Barring fired his Mossberg at the rapidly approaching zombies. He scored another excellent hit that horribly damaged all four of the nearby runners and two of the walkers. One of the runners was even felled outright!

    "Damn!" said Baldwin. "Glad you're on our side. You gotta show me how you do that one of these days. Who says there's never a cop around when you need one?" He fired two shots at a wounded runner's head, only hitting it once. But it was enough for a kill.

    The two damaged runners reached 30 yards, the two unharmed runners were 40 yards away, and the three walkers got to 45 yards. The other two runners were still too far to worry about yet, but the final walker closed to 60 yards.

    In the diner-
    Swarms of zombies, moaning as air passed through their lifeless lungs, squeezed through the diner from various directions in search of prey that had either gone up to the roof or down to the fallout shelter. The first two arrived at the entrance to the liquor closet, which was being hastily barricaded. More were starting to enter the hallway.

    At the motel-
    The fast-moving zombie on the balcony raced around the southern side and reached the door to the motel room where Mr. Foo and Ellen Cody had taken shelter. Charlie Moon fired at its head, He hit and downed it. The injured zombie behind it moved around the southwest corner and along the southern wall. The other damaged ghoul got past the barricade and onto the balcony.

    Ellen helped Mr. Foo move to the back of the room, away from the door. Luckily, this was the very room they were using to store supplies. Ellen found a first aid kit and treated his wounds properly.

    "Ah," said Mr. Foo. "Thank you. I feel completely better." Now that he was patched up, he was no worse for the wear. Just a few scratches and bruises after nearly being killed by a grenade. Yet another narrow escape. How many did that make? He'd lost count.

    Up on the roof, Stephanie holstered her pistol and helped Jenny Cooper pull the ladder up onto the roof. "Once it's up," she said, "let's get it over to the eastern edge and lower it down. Climbing from the west is too risky. More of them could come out of the grass with little warning."

    Jenny nodded. "There were a bunch of them coming fast from the east before that much larger group followed more slowly. About nine or ten walking for every one running."

    Stephanie did the math in her head in an instant. "That means we could be facing fifty or sixty more before long."

    Jenny gulped as they got the ladder onto the roof.

    On the T-Bone's rooftop-
    Sally moved towards the center of the roof, now that she had run out of things to shoot from the northeast corner. Rita began to reload her .38 revolver. Bo loaded two more shells into his shotgun and arrived at the hatch just after Jim Kerr got up.

    "What about Bob?" asked Dr. Hausmann. "What happened to him? Did he go downstairs?" She looked very worried.

    (Jim Kerr, roll Psychology: 34% skill. Alice may also roll, but she only has the base skill of 5%)

    Roger McCormick fired at one of the two zombies heading for the dead skinhead. His shot connected with its skull, harming it badly.

    Tisha fired her last shot, striking home and wounding the other zombie. But it still kept coming.

    David shot the wounded zombie twice in the head and dropped it.

    In the parking lot-
    The zombie that McCormick had injured but not finished staggered past where Buzz had fallen. As it did, it stepped on the detonator. A massive explosion ripped through the parking lot!

    Buzz, the zombie, and the skinhead's corpse were all blown to bits. Luke's truck was flung high into the air by the blast, and the western wall of the diner collapsed. Even the eastern wall took heavy damage, but it did not fall.

    The four zombies pursuing the truck were also badly hurt even at such a great distance. They were flung around, but still they were not slain. The truck itself was far enough ahead of them that it was merely jolted. It continued down the road and was at that point almost out of sight.

    In the diner-
    All of the zombies inside the diner were also blown away. It was unclear whether any of them were still capable of functioning.

    Dave and Azadeh heard the explosion and dived for the stairway. Dave reacted sluggishly, as did Azadeh. Dave was extremely badly wounded, and fell bleeding to death at the top of the staircase. Azadeh was in equally bad shape.

    The explosion caused a grease fire in the kitchen, which began to spread.

    On the T-Bone's rooftop-
    Rita could not escape the blast. She took the full brunt of it and died outright. Charlie Moon was too busy lining up a shot that he wouldn't get to make - he fell unconscious and bleeding massively to the parking lot below. Ashley was caught completely off guard and the lower half of her body was blown to smithereens.

    Father McCormick moved too slowly and was blown straight into the waiting arms of God.

    David managed to jump aside just in time, though he was slightly wounded and thrown back by the blast. Tisha was not so lucky - she died instantly.

    (OCC- Dave has -2 HP, Azadeh has 0 HP, McCormick, Tisha, Rita , and Ashley are dead, Charlie has 0 HP, David has 8 HP and is still on the roof, but the ones who failed their Dodge roll fell into the parking lot

    Everyone on the roof, roll Sanity! Willie lost 5 Sanity and now has 45. David lost 3 and now has 38 ).

    Luke had left the west side of the roof in the nick of time. He felt the force of the explosion, but was unharmed. Hausmann gasped, but kept her wits and ran to where David had fallen, on what was now the edge of the roof. Sally was a distance behind her. Though anyone else would have panicked, Sally remained steadfast.

    "Tisha!" cried Willie. He broke down and began to cry, his heart shattered. Rosie put an arm around him to comfort him, but she herself remained calm. So did Bo, his years on the force having strengthened him.

    David screamed in agony. Though his physical wounds weren't that bad, his mental wounds were significant. Mrs. Foo was shaken, but she had seen people blown apart before in war-torn China and did not panic.

    Underneath the T-Bone-
    The people in the fallout shelter looked around in alarm when they heard the automatic gunfire, and then gaped in shock as the massive explosion ripped through the diner.

    "Quick!" shouted Randall as he ran back upstairs. "They may be hurt!" He found the two unconscious people in what was left of the liquor closet at the top of the stairs, and knelt beside Azadeh. but he seemed to be doing more harm than good. Gary arrived right behind him and tried to do something for Dave. But he could do nothing.

    "I'll be right back!" shouted Samantha, grabbing the first aid kit. She and Beth, who took another, raced upstairs and reached the landing halfway up.

    "Hey, I'm coming too!" called Jimmy, close behind them with a third first aid kit. Mitchell remained in the shelter with Max, who ran into the room and huddled in the corner with his paws over his eyes. Bob lay barely conscious on the floor.

    In the secret prison-
    Lynne picked the lock on the woman's chains with unnatural ease. Her confidence starting to return, she tried to help the poor woman, who had stopped screaming but was sobbing uncontrollably now. Lynne looped her arm across her own shoulders and led her out of the hellhole to rejoin Robert and Duke.

    "Good job!" said Duke. "If you weren't so good at opening those locks quickly, she'd be dead now."

    "She may wish she were, after what she's suffered. Let's find her some clothes," said Lynne. "I remember seeing jeans and designer shirts back in the warehouse."

    Just then, they heard an enormous explosion overhead and looked at each other with dread.
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    May 27, 2004
    On top of the stairs leading down -

    "Aw, chucks..." Dave mumbles looking down on his wrecked body.

    "I always knew the beer would get me in the end." he says just before he faints as he identifies the projectile that had hurt him so badly: a keg that had been propelled through the air.

    Down in the "shelter" -

    "Oh lord..." Bob cries realising his efforts had been in vain.

    On the T-Bone's rooftop - (or what's left of it)

    Luke is confused, his ears are ringing, but he manages to keep his wits about him as he looks at the place where only moments ago he had been standing. He wonders why he had been spared, but he soon realised it didn't matter much. He starts scanning the area for useful materials that have been tossed aside but that can probably be salvaged (guns, ammo, his jacket that should be floating around somewhere...).
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    OCC- Small update here. It's still the same round - everyone who hasn't posted since the explosion should do so.

    On the T-Bone's rooftop (what's left of it)-
    Those who survived the blast remembered most vividly the deafening roar of the explosion, the power of concussion that knocked all off their feet, the feeling of earth rocking beneath them. For the first few moments they remembered only the brightness, the explosion and the force against their bodies.

    Ashley was closest to the blast. She had spent the last few hours thinking of her family and the foolishness of her rebellion and escape. How much she wished she could return home. When the explosives went off she was nearest and standing above the blast. When the concussion hit, her attractive blonde head disappeared in a cloud of flesh and blood. Those creatures nearest the blast disappeared in a flash of sudden brilliance. Rita, standing nearby, was swept aside like a broken doll, her bones broken by the blast.

    The blast blew out and up, but those inside the diner felt the worst of it. The force of it obliterated nearly all those creatures that had so recently swarmed into the diner. They disintegrated in arms and legs and body parts as the blast blew through the west wall, shattered what glass remained, and blew walls down. Of the creatures all were knocked and thrown or torn apart except two who were so damaged that they could only twitch and shake.

    The blast went through the building and through the doorways out, shaking the walls. Kitchen stoves were knocked aside and refrigerators were thrown against the wall, lighting gas fires within the diner. Dave and Azadeh had just enough time to try to duck into the trap door when the wave of the blast knocked down the inner walls and brought down the room around them. The drop ladder was blown up and out of the diner.

    Jim Kerr had been closest to the hatch, but he was far enough away that the blast wave blowing up through it didn't harm him - not directly, anyway. It still hurled him roughly to the roof.

    Dr. Hausmann had thankfully been spared further injury, and she quickly regained her footing and went to help David. Sally also had not been hurt except for her pride, as she was knocked off her feet.

    Mrs. Foo had been bowled over, but to her relief suffered no real harm. Bo Richards was also lucky and managed to avoid aggravating his injuries.

    Willie had been flung onto his stomach, cracking a rib. Rosie had landed next to him, skinning her knees. Alice fell too, but she was unscathed. Of those who survived, Luke had been closer to the blast than anyone but David, and he received a blow on his shoulder when he fell.

    (OCC- Everyone on the roof was knocked down and risked damage, but most were lucky. David's damage from the fall is included in his earlier injury. Jim Kerr now has 12 out of 14 HP, Willie has 11 out of 13, Rosie has 9 out of 10, and Luke has 10 out of 11. First Aid or Medicine can heal some or all of this damage.)

    The West wall of the diner was momentarily lifted off the ground, and then when it settled, it caved in. Charlie’s body was rocked in the blast and then fell down to the parking lot below. McCormick had been near the wall when the blast swept him, the concussion breaking his body. When the west wall fell, he went down with it. Tisha turned in that moment to look to the west, and the beautiful Asian woman’s head was nearly ripped off as her small body was lifted up and dropped nearly at Willie's feet.

    In the parking lot, many of the cars parked close to the Diner were burning and destroyed, either destroyed by the blast or knocked aside by the shock wave. Gas tanks were ruptured, spilling the fuel onto the pavement where it quickly caught fire. But the small group of survivors was lucky that Rita had shut down the gas pumps earlier in the day.

    At the motel-
    "I noticed that Buzz had turned into one of those things right before I ducked in here," said Mr. Foo. "I'm certain I killed him. Stephanie was right about the dead being reanimated. She's a smart girl."

    The explosion at the diner drowned out any possible response, and he and Ellen could feel the shockwave even from this distance, though they remained standing. "Charlie!" she cried.

    "Stay back from the door and window. We can't see past the barricades anyway, and the rest of the walking dead will be upon us soon. The diner's too far to reach now, and the only thing we can do for the people there is survive." Mr. Foo was worried about his wife too, but he had no time to dwell on her fate yet.

    Stephanie and Jenny had just started carrying the ladder to the east when the bomb went off and blew through the diner. "Holy Hannah!" cried Stephanie, her eyes wide in shock. She peered across to what was left of the T-Bone's roof and exhaled with relief. "Brigetta's no worse for the wear, thank God, and neither is Bo - uh, Trooper Richards. There's Jim Kerr with them. Looks like he got up there just in time, though he got thrown pretty bad. But where are Bob and Sean? I don't see them anywhere." Her heart sank, and it sank further still when she saw the helicopter in the parking lot. Even from here she could tell that the damage was extensive. Maybe if Bob was still alive he could pull off a miracle and fix it, but it would take forever. Her only hope was for the helicopter in Brownson to make it back.
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    Apr 2, 2003
    so let me see I have to roll psychology for Jim, idea for Jim, and Sainity for Jim.
    How bout Alice anything to roll for her?
  12. Mr. Handy

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    Apr 5, 2006
    (OCC- You also need to roll Sanity for Alice, and you may roll Psychology for her as well at 5% if you like. I already rolled damage for them: Jim lost 2 HP and Alice escaped uninjured.)
  13. Steve-the-Zombie-Killer

    Steve-the-Zombie-Killer Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Apr 2, 2003

    On the remains of the roof of the T-Bone Diner:

    As the explosion ended Jim found himself laying near the hatch. He quickly used his brains to figure out what was wrong but came up with nothing. As he gazed over the remains of the roof he saw the zombies below but did not find the site disturbing. He also tried to figure out how he could stop the zombies but could not come up with anything.

    Across the way Alice sat up and saw that she was ok. However as she gazed across the way at what had happend she went totaly bersek and ran toward the hatch trying to get down.
  14. welsh

    welsh Junkmaster

    Apr 5, 2003
    In the shelter-

    Randall continues to try to work on Azadeh, trying to catch his breath while he works, concentrate. This time he successfully tends her wounds

    As he works he knows that Dave is dieing quickly and is relieved when Samantha arrives carrying more aid. "Check Dave, I think we're losing him."

    Samantha tries to provide what aid she can, but can't seem to help the dieing man. Beth tries to help but can't seem to stop the bleeding

    "I can't stop the bleeding. Damn it." Says Samantha.

    Beth feels helpless.

    Jimmy offers to help Azadeh back down into the warehouse below while Gary begins to inspect the damage.

    The damage is awesome as well as gruesome. Despite this Gary remains un-fazed by the human destruction. His knowledge of mechanical engineering helps him do a quick inspection of the damage. The blast and blown much of the liquor cabinet away and the building is a burnt shell. Much of it on fire. Those fires need to be put out, but with the damage done to the buildings, sooner or later the entire structure will probably come down.

    "You better shoot that boy in head least he come back." Says Gary who is looking for the gas tanks for the kitchen as well as any zombies that remain. A few continue to squirm about, but most were so badly crushed by the blast that they are no longer a threat. "
    We're also going to need to turn off the gas in this place or we might have problems. And we need to get those people off the roof. Any weight on the roof could bring it down."

    Further below-

    Robert and Duke feel the earth rock. "A blast." Says Duke.

    Robert looks to Lynne and the girl. "Lynne can you help her up to the warehouse and out of here."

    The Native American girl nods. "I'll do what I can."

    Duke is already heading out the door when he says, "What about the rest of this place. We're barely explored it."

    Robert looks down the dark hallways that seem to stretch further into the complex. "They'll be time for that later. Let's go and see if we can help those people above."

    At the hotel-
    OCC- Everyone at the hotel except Mr. Foo should roll sanity as well.

    most of the windows at the Hotel shatter in the concussion of the blast spraying glass within. Those standing are shaken or knocked from their feet as theblast wave hits them, but none are hurt.

    For a moment Ellen does not understand the signficance of the blast. Then she cries out "Charlie." As she understands what has happened and feels the loss.

    "We have to go to them, Mr. Foo. God know how many could be hurt. Charlie?" She cries out.

    At the Diner-

    The dust fills the air around those at the diner as the rubble settles. The air smells of burnt flesh and burning gasoline as puddles of gas ignite in the parking lot. Many were damaged in the initial blast, even more will be destroyed by the fires.

    Dr. Haussman is among the first to take stock of the situation. "Mein Gott. We must secure zis position. Jim and Bo, check our wounded. If ze are dead do not hesitate. Shoot zem twice in ze head. Otherwise zey vil come back as ze zombies. Sally, look to Jim's wounds when you have time."

    She looks to Alice and Luke, "You two. Please. We must cooperate. Zis position is not safe. Make sure none of ze zombies are threatening, ya. Again, two bullets in ze head. If you think zis is not enough, use three. You, ze waittress, you come with me, ya. Get a gun."

    Only upon looking at Alice does Haussman realize that Alice has gone quite insane
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    Apr 2, 2006
  16. Mr. Handy

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    Apr 5, 2006
    OCC- When rolling damage with multiple dice, you can combine them into a single roll at Invisible Castle instead of rolling them separately. For example, damage from a .357 Magnum can be entered as "1d8+1d4". Also, I rolled Michael's attacks on a zombie from the previous round here. He can still act again this round.

    At Brownson's Airfield-
    Kimberly fired the last shell in her shotgun at the approaching zombies, but none of them were hit. She now had to reload quickly before they arrived.

    Erica Spears fired twice at a wounded runner, landing one powerful hit that shattered its skull and dropped it.

    Michael shot three times at the head of the last runner. Two of them hit and killed it.

    The two closest walkers were about 38 yards off, the next one about 15 yards behind them, and the last one was further still.

    Joe Barring fired another blast from his shotgun, only to have the shell jam it. Muttering under his breath, he began desperately trying to clear the jam.

    Baldwin shot two times at the head of a zombie, but both missed. "Aw, hell!" he shouted. "We're in trouble now!"

    All three of the nearby runners were just twenty yards away, and two of them would reach them almost right away unless someone shot them fast. Three walkers were about 38 yards away, and the fourth was over fifty yards back. The last two runners were thankfully still a little ways off.

    At the motel-
    In spite of the gruesome carnage, Stephanie displayed amazing grace under pressure and soldiered on. The fact that the two people she cared most about were still alive was very reassuring. Jenny Cooper, inspired by her example, kept her head together as well. Both of them brought the ladder to the east side of the motel's roof.

    In the motel room, Mr. Foo said to Ellen Cody: "Yes, but first we have to deal with the threat here. I think Charlie took out a couple of them, which makes our job a little easier. Once they're finished, I'll escort you to the diner. I want to check on my wife as well." He ushered her to the back of the room and stood in front of her in order to protect her. Then he shushed her, his excellent hearing clearly picking up the sound of one of the creatures right outside the door. "One of them's here," he whispered.

    "I hear it too," Ellen whispered back.

    Indeed, one of the walking corpses had just reached the door to the room, and the other was approaching on the south side of the balcony.

    In the parking lot-
    The skinheads' truck zoomed off to the north and disappeared from sight. The four zombies standing in the middle of the road gave up their pursuit and turned in search of closer prey. Three of them started towards the motel, and the other one went towards the T-Bone.

    In the ruined diner-
    Jimmy was about to try to help Dave and Azadeh when he barely saw Charlie from the corner of his eye. "Hey, this one's alive!" he shouted, running to the Indian's side with his shotgun in one hand and his first aid kit in the other before anyone could react. He knelt beside him and tried to bandage his wounds, but ended up making them even worse. Poor Charlie bled out.

    Gary tried again to preserve Dave's life, but to no avail. "I did my best, but it ain't good enough. Better put a couple in their heads fast before he gets up like the others." Now that Jimmy had run off, he enlisted Randall's aid in bringing Azadeh downstairs. "After you deal with the rest of them, find a ladder or something to get those people off the roof before the whole place comes down!"

    On the T-Bone's rooftop-
    "David's the worst off," said Bo, "then Willie and Jim. Rosie and Luke are hurt a bit too. The bullet in my chest has waited this long to come out, so it can wait a bit longer." As he looked to the west at the wounded people, he did not notice Stephanie over on the motel's roof. He finished reloading his shotgun as he inspected everyone. "I'll stick with you and protect you, Doctor."

    Dr. Hausmann nodded and looked off to the west as well. "Ah, wunderbar!" she said. "I see Stephanie over on ze roof of ze motel. Gut to see her safe."

    Bo exhaled in relief. If anything had happened to Stephanie, he would have been devastated.

    Sally reached the hatch and started to help Jim Kerr. "Hang in there, cowboy," she said. "You're going to be fine." She treated him with expert skill and restored him to full health. "Just try not to get hurt again, and you'll heal right up. I'll go help David next." As she passed Alice, she tried to comfort the woman, but she was still in shock for now.

    Willie was in even worse psychological shape. All he could do was hold Tisha's broken body in his hands and sob, his mind too far gone.

    "David's got a gun," said Rosie, "but he's better with it than I am." She rushed over to him and picked up his dropped weapon and his spare clips. She tried to help him while she was at it, but she could do nothing for him. "Hold on, sugar. There's a real gorgeous nurse coming over to help you. Try to behave yourself, and you might have a chance with her."

    Underneath the T-Bone-
    Mitchell was startled to see Robert, Duke, and Lynne return with the woman they had rescued. He averted his eyes when he saw her. "What the hell happened down there?" he asked.

    "We found two women chained up in a cell below," said Lynne. "One of them was already dead and had turned into one of those...those things. This is the other one. There should be some clothes for her in those crates. Hammond and Earl sure were a couple of sick freaks. I'm glad they're dead. I just wish I'd been the one to kill them. What happened upstairs?"

    Mitchell set to work with the crowbar. "Damned if I know. The others will fill us in when they get down here. Man, all this was going on right under my nose." He gulped. "The other woman...what did she look like?" Lynne described her for him. "Phew! That isn't her, thank God. Say, where's Buddy?"

    "I...I'm sorry. I was trying to shoot that monster and...I'm not very good with this thing." She set the Grease gun and its spare magazines back down in the crate and picked up a few more clips for her .45 automatic. "I'll stick to my pistols from now on."
  17. Steve-the-Zombie-Killer

    Steve-the-Zombie-Killer Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Apr 2, 2003
    On the T-Bone rooftop, what remians of it at least:
    Alice sat still trying to control herself over what had happened. She knew someone had given her an order but she was not interested in doing anything right now.

    Jim Kerr was sitting still also and he saw Alice sitting in the corner. He went over to her and tried to comfort her but could not figure out how.
    Instead he just put his arm around her and held her close to him as he hummed the theme from Greatest American Hero.
  18. Stompie

    Stompie Mildly Dipped

    Apr 2, 2006
    Brownson Airport

    He winced, feeling the pressure grow, as the runners gained more ground. With he hammer cocked back, and the weapon supported; Wallace found his weapon sighted on the cranium of one of the the two runners. Missing the creature by a consiterable distance.. , "FUCK!" he shouted, lining up for another shot.
  19. Mr. Handy

    Mr. Handy Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Apr 5, 2006
    OCC- Since Gonzalez hasn't posted, I'm going to assume Michael continued to shoot at the zombies last round. He can act again this round. Willie and Alice are now themselves again. Bob can now act as well, though his wounds will slow him down and if he does anything strenuous he could reopen them.

    At Brownson's Airfield-
    Michael fired three more times at the head of the wounded ghoul, scoring just a single hit. But it was enough to bring it down.

    Erica Spears turned to Kimberly. "Go help them!" she said. "We can handle these last few." Kimberly nodded and sprinted to the truck, reloading a pair of shells on the run. Erica waited until the closest walker reached 30 yards and then did a double tap at its head. She hit both times and took its head off. The next closest zombie was now 45 yards away, and the last one was still distant.

    Joe Barring desperately attempted to clear the jam, and he barely managed to do it while keeping his cool. Baldwin fired his last two shots at one of the uninjured runners, landing an excellent hit that stopped it cold.

    The other running zombie reached the truck and went after the nearest prey, Joe. However, he easily evaded its clumsy attacks. The wounded runner was only ten yards from the truck, three walkers were at 30 yards, and the last walker was at 45 yards. Thankfully, the last two runners had yet to arrive.

    At the motel-
    Stephanie and Jenny lowered the ladder and leaned it against the east wall of the motel. Stephanie waved and called to the people on the other roof: "Hey, guys! You've got another one coming your way, and we've got three more! Aim for their heads! Oh, and the computer's fixed!" She drew the pistol again and took aim at one of the creatures approaching below. They were now 35 yards away. "Just a little closer..."

    Below, the zombie outside the motel room pounded on the door, nearly knocking it off its hinges. The second zombie was just behind it. Ellen recoiled in fright, and Mr. Foo raised his MP-5 and took aim at the door to be ready once it gave way.

    In the ruined diner-
    Jimmy stood and pointed his shotgun at Charlie's head. "I'm sorry," he said. "He's gone." Not paying attention to his surroundings, he shot him and blew the dead Indian's brains out. Before he could do anything else, one of the zombies he had thought was destroyed in the blast twitched and nearly grabbed his ankle! "Help!" he screamed, panic rising up within him and overwhelming his senses and shattering his fragile psyche.

    "I'm on it!" called Beth, raising her M4 and firing at the zombie, but the bullet missed. Gary leveled the Marlin at it and quickly snapped off a shot, but he missed as well. Finally, Samantha took a shot with the Ruger Mini 14 and hit it in the leg, shearing it off. It lay unmoving, and Jimmy started to backpedal away from it.

    Randall picked Azadeh up in a fireman's carry and began to carefully bring her downstairs. As he reached the landing halfway down, he passed Robert and Duke on their way up.

    On the T-Bone's rooftop-
    Sally spoke softly to Willie as she went by him. "I know you're upset," she said, "but you're going to have to let her go. The only thing you can do for her now is make sure she doesn't turn into one of them." Willie finally came to his senses.

    Then the nurse knelt beside David and began to bandage his wounds. "It's going to be okay, big guy," she said, patting his shoulder. "It's not as bad as it looks." She did a good job and patched him up fully. "There. Good as new."

    David smiled at Sally. "Well, hellooooo nurse!" he said. She giggled slightly. "Thank you. You made it all better, but you forgot to kiss it."

    "You'll have to take a rain check, hon," said Rosie, returning his pistol and ammo. "You've got a few more things to shoot first, and you're a better shot than I am." David regained his feet and pointed his gun over the edge of the roof. "Shoot those bodies in the head a couple times each fast, before they get back up. There's also another one coming this way from the north road."

    David put two bullets into Rita's head without hesitation and nearly blew it off. A hint of a satisfied smile crossed his lips, as if he had wanted to do this for a long time. "I better reload now," he said. "That thing'll be in range soon enough."

    "Dankeschoen, Stephanie!" called Dr. Hausmann as she walked with Bo to the west. "Ve must get off ze roof soon. Is there another ladder around?"

    "There's one in the garage," said David.

    "Stay back from the edge," said Bo. He aimed at Father McCormick's body's head. "Rest in peace, Padre," he said solemnly. He fired straight and true, taking his head off and ensuring he wouldn't rise again until the Rapture.

    Underneath the T-Bone-
    While Mitchell got the crates open, Lynne helped the crying girl get dressed. "These are nice," she said as she put the jeans on her. "I think I'll keep a pair for myself too." She then helped her into a silk blouse.

    Max whimpered in the corner of the warehouse. "I'm sorry, Max," said Lynne. "It was a terrible accident. I didn't mean to shoot Buddy."

    Mitchell crouched next to the dog and scratched him behind the ears. "Come on, pal. We've got work to do." Max nodded as if in understanding and sat up.
  20. Stompie

    Stompie Mildly Dipped

    Apr 2, 2006
    Brownson Airport

    Wallace took aim, and squeezed the trigger, on the runner at just 10 yards. The horrible shot missed its mark. Wallace felt sick to his stomach, knowing that the critter was way to close for comfort. He reached to the sheath, on the interior of his boot, and withdrew his knife, gripping it against the wooden handle of his .357, as he prepaired for what could be his last shot, at dropping the runner.

    (OOC - I think wallace has a knife. I'm not sure - I will check this realy quick, and edit my post accordingly. )
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