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  1. Plautus

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    Nov 24, 2010
    -I wasn't sure whether to post this in new game ideas or New Vegas discussion; however, since it isn't for a new game, I thought here would be the more prudent choice.-

    Anyhow, I was thinking about ideas for an expansion to New Vegas that would add color to all the factions in the game, and here's a little something I've come up with, as a rough idea.

    In a newly opened area of the Wasteland, there is a functioning factory capable of producing not only weapons, but also various metal goods useful as armor, building materials, etc. The factory is currently inhabited by a tribe, and Mr. House, the NCR, and Caesar are all looking to get their hands on this piece of prime real estate.
    Background: The Tribe and the Factory

    The Factory was originally restored by a ground of emergent Vault Dwellers, who used its industrial capabilities to their fullest extent to better themselves. The emergent Vault Dwellers were run by a council of people with mixed opinions.

    A tribe of nomadic wastelanders, meanwhile, had fallen on hard times; the brahmin and bighorners they once hunted, had been killed off by other tribes, and, starving, they sought refuge nearby. They petitioned the Vault Dwellers for safe haven in their factory complex; however, the arrogant Dwellers spat on them and told them to leave. Therefore, the tribals conquered the factory and enslaved the Dwellers, whose leadership was torn over the proper course to take against the tribals.

    So, the factory lies awake, run by inept savages and their vault-dwelling slaves. Neither faction is innocent, and both had their reasons for doing what they did. That said, the Tribals aren't using their resources effectively at all.
    Around the same time, NCR Rangers, Mr. House's expeditionary Securitrons, and Caesar's speculatores discover the factory. Each wants the factory's resources, but also realizes the issue with the tribals. Each has a plan to deal with both.

    Mr. House will allow the player to do whatever he wishes with the tribals, so long as either the player takes the factory or destroys it, as House wishes to maintain a monopoly on all his region's assets. As Mr. House's Lieutenant, the player character will be given complete control of the factory if it is conquered and allow him or her to control production output: a great reward for a great feat.

    The New California Republic wants the factory for itself, and will give the player character unofficial status as a Ranger to get the factory under NCR control. The NCR's ultimate plan is to kill all the tribals, and then deny their existence. Out of gratitude for their service, the NCR will pay the player character handsomely in caps and equipment.

    Caesar acknowledges the usefulness of such a factory for his Empire, and wants to maximize its effectiveness by assimilating its people. His agents have already infiltrated the factory, and so he is the only of the three who knows about the existence of the Vault Dweller slaves. Unlike the NCR, he does not want to kill all the tribals, but rather make them Legion. Giving Caesar the factory will result in better equipment for his soldiers... and the player character.

    An independent character working with Yes Man may do whatever he wishes with the factory and its people... even side with them and help them stay independent. Factions like the Brotherhood of Steel may or may not also show an interest in this complex.

    Please share any comments or criticisms!
  2. White Knight

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    Aug 28, 2010
    Would the NCR path include killing the Vault Dwellers, because that wouldn't get them good points with Vault City.
  3. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    Not all Vault Dwellers come from Vault City. Plus, Vault City gives a shit about people from outside of their town.
  4. Plautus

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    Nov 24, 2010
    Maybe, I'm not sure yet. Either killing them or not killing them would make logical sense.
  5. DirkGently

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    Jun 2, 2010
    I imagine it would go either way. The NCR would prefer to have you keep the Vault Dwellers alive and make them NCR citizens, but if you gotta kill him, you gotta kill him. Similarly, Caeser would want them alive as slaves, but if you gotta kill 'em, you can. Keeping them alive would mean more money/better reward sooner; restaffing the place would mean you'd get less money/resources from it, since I'm assuming that the PC would get a cut off the 'profits'.

    Also, I would think that the instead of making the player an unofficial Ranger, it'd just give you abunch of reputation points with the NCR, or Caesar, with throwing some extra rewards in that can be earned in anyway by helping the faction (like how you get access to the emergency radio, the safehouses, the stashes, etc).
  6. AWildmann

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    Sep 12, 2010
    They might as well reward you with a high rank, in NCR case as Ranger, and Caesar a Frumentari or something like that.

    Having these ranks would probably change how people react to you, depending on the faction and might allow you to have a few bonuses.
    Also, maybe a Caesar follower?
  7. Plautus

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    Nov 24, 2010
    I was thinking that if you are Legion, you're rewards include high up membership in the Legion, and your own Frumentarius follower (a new character). In the main quest, I was thinking that Vulpes Inculta would assist you for some of the time, since he would be chosen to handle some of Caesar's most delicate matters. Vulpes would also give you a Better Disguises Perk that would allow you to fool all NCR personnel and civilians except elite rangers and leadership figures. The training he gives you and your relative unknown status would, perhaps, lead into another DLC where you infiltrate Shady Sands...

    NCR would pay you in (an extremely substantial) cold hard cash for your services and allow you to keep a share of the loot they cordoned off for you (but because there is so much of it, you'd be allowed to carry only a certain amount.) Additionally, you would be offered a position as a Ranger along with your very own Ranger Combat Armor, pistol, and either a carbine or sniper rifle. Maybe, they could also promise you a nice piece of property back in Republic Lands, namely Shady Sands; this action could lead into the next DLC, since the player would naturally want a nice house in one of the safest cities in the known world.

    As his trusted Lieutenant, you would be given complete control of the factory and its output by Mr. House. This complete control should compensate for the fact that you won't receive any faction specific bonuses from him, save for, perhaps, your own Securitron bodyguard. As a newly-rich business man, you could use the wealth of the factory to procure an home in the NCR capital... and become Mr. House's personal diplomat to the NCR Senate.