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    Dec 13, 2018
    I have some ideas for a mod I might attempt and would really appreciate some feedback. This is all conceptual so please don't say, "oh this is stupidly big no one human could ever make something like this." These are all just ideas right now, of which some might enter the creation kit and some already have entered the creation kit but were then moved to the recycling bin.

    So my premise is a total conversion mod which takes place in Arizona towards the end of the 22nd century. The player character is a followers of the apocalypse scribe sent on an expedition. Their goal, described in an intro by some kind of master scribe is to find a great library in the city once known as Phoenix. On their way there they are captured by tribals and the rest of the expedition is killed but they either escape or are spared. This is where it would start. After this they go on a bunch of adventures, find settlements, tribes, factions, and whatever else. Finally they make it to Phoenix and find the great library.

    This is the part that I'm having a little bit of trouble with. My idea right now is that the Master Scribe had some other plans the player didn't know about but discovers on entering their destination. They find, within this library (probably a former university or military library), a piece of prewar technology. For some reason I'll figure out later this technology hasn't been unearthed by scavengers until now. This technology is... wait for it... the internet. Yeah I know kinda lame, but I'll explain more.

    I'm not entirely sure, but my general understanding of the origins of the real world internet are that it was created by darpa(?) so that if cities were nuked in the cold war there would still be a way to have national communication without needing a connected string of individual nodes (because some of these nodes would be knocked out by the nukes, breaking the whole chain). So going back to the fictional world, my idea would be that this was indeed created in the years prior to the great war. In some university or military base in Phoenix lies the big red button, that when pushed, turns the system on. Back in the Boneyard (where the player was sent from and where the followers of the apocalypse have their base), the master scribe found some kind of technology related to the prewar internet (it wouldn't be called the internet, that wouldn't fit with the whole 50s theme but we'll get to that). He figured out the use of it and instead of telling the rest of the followers about it, he realized it would put important information in the hands of bad people who really shouldn't learn it. Basically, he realized all the faults in the internet we have today.

    When the player discovers the big red button, they are contacted by the Master Scribe. Maybe the master scribe found some way into the network without turning it on or something like that. The master scribe basically tells them, "the reason I sent you was for you to destroy this technology, the whole great library thing existed but was basically a ruse to get you to accomplish my real goal." The player then gets to decide whether to destroy it, save it, or just leave it be.

    So I know I'm going to stick with the general premise of the player character being affiliated with the followers of the Apocalypse and being sent on an expedition to Arizona. The reason that I'm posting this here is to get peoples opinions on the internet thing. I would have to flesh it out a lot more but the main reason I'm unconfident in it is that I don't think it fits with the whole 50s-60s theme of fallout. But then again, the first message sent using the internet was in 1969. Anyway, if you managed to get this far, please tell me what you think, be as harsh as you see fit.