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  1. Charwo

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    Mar 9, 2017
    I'm asking for ideas for what makes a good Fallout like game to others. Me personally I LOATHE the open world design, I want to go back to the big world maps with lots of space and room for random encounters. However, I love how easily moddable Bethesda games are. So my perfect Fallout-like game would have:

    A world Map with lots of various encounters
    Hunting and foraging mechanics based on an Outdoorsman skill
    The ability to use bows and crossbows
    Vehicles (even if not animated like the Highwayman)
    An easy to use mod tool kit
    A wide pallet of objects (pre-war, scavenged, quality hand built, refurbished)
    A wide variety of animals and plants to discover in random locations
    The ability to disable, re-program and sell robots
    An interrogation mini game where you can find random spawning slaver camps, kill bounties, robber's caves, etc.
    The ability to enslave opponents you fight non-lethally. Sell bandits for profit if you want.
    A way to salvage and repair armor (and avoid damaging them in the first place if you shoot the right places, so you can get a power armor set by shooting one through the chest, and another through the helmet and combined them.)
    Settlements you can sponsor (you wouldn't build them but the more money and equipment you give them, the tougher the guards, the better the walls the better dressed the people and the more money and equipment the merchants have), this would also go for things like Abandoned Vaults
    Probably isometric and without voices to make modding even easier
    Blatant skill checks like NV
    Visually distinct Uniques like in Fallout NV, both weapons and armor, and enough mannequins to decorate them all. People tend to like that.
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    Apr 24, 2018
    Meh, the thing that's really missing from RPGs these days is dialogue. Even games with generally good dialogue, like NV and TToN suffer from shitty player dialogue. TToN could have been an actual Torment game if they'd given the player character dialogue choices some agency, rather than having him use RPG speech. RPG speech is getting so bad we're in danger of creating a new pidgin language from it.

    You don't even need Planescape quality writing - VTM:B pulled it off with much simpler lines.

    It's gotten so bad that in real life, whenever somebody says "Tell me about..." I always assume they're a badly written RPG, and ignore them.
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  3. PlanHex

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    Nov 4, 2007
    Three little words: Turn Based Combat.

    Kinda funny how we get different things out of these games, as most of that stuff in the OP is something I absolutely do not care for and would want taken out of the game in favour of using the time and money on better combat, quest and narrative design.
  4. Kohno

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    Jul 30, 2009
    Obviously I'd start with emulating the original games as far as I could; cavalier oblique perspective, TB combat, point'n click gameplay. I'd add combat features, but generally I'd hold on to the simplistic trappings to not make combat too heavy handed; I'd broaden the skill system and ramp up the interactivity with NPC's and world objects to 11, I'd increase the adventuregame features and the amount of puzzles.

    That said, with the above trappings and general Fallout design goals held onto, I wouldn't object to a Fallout game that was practically a blobber like M&M 6 and 7 and Wizardry 8 (or even M&M 5 and Wiz 7). And in a similiar vein, I wouldn't object to the basics of the game working similiarly to B.A.T.2 or Dreamweb.
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    May 2, 2018
    I'd base it off the original games as much as possible and expand dialogue options. Maybe even bring turn based combat back which I enjoyed from the first two.