Interplay's lackluster idea to keep Fallout alive

Discussion in 'Fallout Tactics Help & Tech' started by HellSpawn, May 14, 2000.

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    Oh my god! I just checked out this FO:BOS site and I have to say that this
    is one of the most terrible ideas I have seen. I'm a huge hardcore FO1/2
    fan and I love BlackIsle for making them, but this attempt on the title is
    complete shit. I say if they were gonna make another Fallout game, wait
    another year or so and then start on FO3! But noooooo....they have to
    create some sort of strategy game and made by a third party developer and
    then just slap a Fallout theme on it and say "happy?". Well, I still love
    FO1/2, but this new game is not giving me that feeling that I'm ready to go
    back into the wasteland.

    Shit, if you want to play a Fallout themed game while FO3 is being thought
    over, screw this FO:BOS shit and go play Wasteland Half-Life.

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    Sep 30, 1997
    Pardon me but I don't agree. Fallout Tactics have more common things with Fallout than Wasteland Halflife, plus these guys are gonna make this game much, much better than WHL. Why? They're pros and have much much much more exp. in making games than WHL team. So pardon me, but I'd rather pay $2 and play Fallout Tacticts :-)
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    hahah it's looking like i'll be paying $2 for fallout tactics as well & not the $69.95 i payed for fallout 2 :)
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    I wouldn't call it 'lackluster'. To me, it looks like it might be a great game. If they can reproduce the feel of F1/F2 then I can't see an issue with controling 6 characters as opposed to one.
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    There's a big difference...

    >Pardon me but I don't agree.
    >Fallout Tactics have more common
    >things with Fallout than Wasteland
    >Halflife, plus these guys are
    >gonna make this game much,
    >much better than WHL. Why?
    >They're pros and have much
    >much much more exp. in
    >making games than WHL team.
    >So pardon me, but I'd
    >rather pay $2 and play
    >Fallout Tacticts :-)

    WHL is being made by a mod team for another game. FOT:BOS is an official game by the parent company of the first two Fallouts.

    You won't be seeing WHL on store shelves, nor will it even be sold.

    Someone could even make a Fallout MUD (not to be confused with the Fallout MUD already out) to make a Fallout Online game and I wouldn't be unhappy. Why? Because the people making the game aren't selling (marketting) it. They are just fans creating a game for the love of Fallout.

    FOT:BOS is an attempt by Interplay to soak up money on a game theme whatever way they can. I have to wonder if BIS even had a say in it.


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  6. MatuX

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    Reproduce the feel of a true post-apocaliptic RPG with a strategic game ala Jagged Alliance?
    Oh, come on, I hope this is a joke......
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    Why would reproducing the feel be a joke? It seems they keep the same look of the game. So instead of one guys/girl running all over the map looking for stuff, you have six. And if they can make the Multi-player option work, well so much the better.
  8. Roshambo

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    Apr 3, 2003
    >Why would reproducing the feel be
    >a joke? It seems
    >they keep the same look
    >of the game.

    If just looks count, then consider the Winamp skin a sequel to Fallout.

    >instead of one guys/girl running
    >all over the map looking
    >for stuff, you have six. is an RPG game. The other in a combat sim.

    Compare X-Com to Fallout.

    Big difference.

    > And if they can
    >make the Multi-player option work,
    >well so much the better.

    So far, by the "stages" and nearly linear play, multiplayer will be it's biggest asset.