Fallout 2 mod Inventory Filter mod

guys what do you need Inventory filter mod standalone for, if it's literally bundled with all the mods out there?!
Is somene seriously playing stuff like Wsteland Merc trilogy to seriously require it? one has to be mad to play this mod over and over especially that it's not quite compatible with HRP
In the WM trilogy, the filter is integrated ;)
I'm trying out resurrection now and it doesn't have it.
Resurrection - is integrated ;)
It's not bundled with RPU or UPU.
It's possible that the clean version of the mod doesn't have it

You can also use version 2.0, it works too. I assume that there will be a translation for IFA 2.0.2
Perhaps you should check, here a new version was posted recently as well. (02/16/2022) sfall


What I said in your quote wasn't really a complain about the slowed down pace at which sfall comes out.. It's the other way around actually.. slower pace suits me well in comparison to new sfall every month where I literally sometimes couldn't finish playing the game before a new version poped out.. updating sfall usually screwed everything for me in Fo2.. ( due to that stupid red sign), hence why I waited rather for updated RPU.. recently however I have no time to play at all.. my old folks retiered few years back and i have to take care of them ocasionally.. when pops wants to go on a walk in the forest i usually have to go with him (and that's like every other day for like 3hrs).. due to his age and a passed covid infection his nervous system is not in top shape anymore, so he might get lost in the woods.
Let me express my opinion:
Usually, only downgrade or radically new versions of sfall could cause bugs (for example: switch from sfall2 to sfall extended, the current version or to turnover), and then I didn't see the problem.
I don't think it's necessary to switch to the new version of sfall right away, especially if everything works well. Just keep playing for fun. Practice has shown that in new versions, there may also be critical errors.

As for the family, you're doing well.
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Made a new "GIVE ALL" button in English, for anyone wants to enable UseGiveAllImage option in InvenFilter.ini (since 1.5.1) but only finds it shows a white square (the button graphics was available only if you choose to install Russian files).

I know it doesn't look perfect, but at least it's serviceable.

EDIT: now with tone correction from Risewild, and the letter V is corrected.

EDIT 2: I made a repack of Inventory Filter 2.0.0 with the new button image. You can get it from NMA Downloads.
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In my opinion, the text stands out a lot, looks foreign.
Make it a little bit smaller and add a little "transparency".
The characters were taken from special unarmed attack labels because I don't know how to make fitting text as the "drop all" button, it's more like a patchwork.
The characters were taken from special unarmed attack labels because I don't know how to make fitting text as the "drop all" button, it's more like a patchwork.
I could try to make the "Give All" text if you want me to. Is there a button template I can use to place the text on top of, or would I have to make my own button with the text?
There's no template. My button is based on the "drop all" button.

Originally the brighter "GIVE" text didn't match the dimmer "ALL" in lower half, so I edited the "ALL" as well to make the whole button text look more uniformly.
Does anyone have a mirror download for version 2.0? I downloaded the extended version of Ressurection, but the Inventory Filter included there is a bit outdated (1.6). Thanks in advance.