Iron Fist or Melee Weapons?

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    Oct 12, 2016
    All of my planned builds take all three perks of Iron Fist to increase the damage of unarmed attacks. Since I use unarmed in melee range to deal with weaker opposition to avoid wasting ammo, I feel this would be a good idea. Of course there is also the option of using melee weapons instead of melee, which don't have any perks to increase their damage or effectiveness, though Ninja requires 80 skill in Melee Weapons. The only other Unarmed skill is Paralyzing Palm, but it is only used in VATS.

    The last time I made an assassin, I took all three ranks of Iron Fist. Together with Ninja, I could take most opposition with sneak attack criticals, wearing Chinese Stealth Armor helped keep me undetected. The high critical chance modifier combined with Finesse, Ninja, and maxed Luck made every hit a critical.

    Of course the Pyromaniac perk increases the damage of Shishkebab so that it becomes the most powerful melee ranged weapon in the entire game, even more so than the most powerful unarmed weapon with all three ranks of Iron Fist. I suppose that the Pyromaniac build will take this route instead of the unarmed.

    Now I'm wondering if taking Iron Fist is necessary if you're going to use melee instead of unarmed. If I don't use Unarmed, won't Iron Perk be wasted? Paralyzing Palm would probably be useless as well if Unarmed isn't used.

    So I'm guessing that Unarmed is better for VATS and critical builds while Melee Weapons would be better for the Pyromaniac or Low Critical builds. What does everybody else think? What do you do for your build? Do you use melee, unarmed, or both? Would using both be a waste of perks and carry weight? Should you only choose one or the other
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    There is an unarmed rearmed mod which introduce martial art stance for unarmed. Even enemies using them.

    There is a bullet time mod which burn ap for turbo effect. The slower the time the more ap it burn. Ahould be ideal for unarmed and melee