Is Luck Worth Maxing?

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  1. DwayneGAnd

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    Oct 12, 2016
    Recently, I beat the game with a guns sharpshooter. I wanted to get as much critical hit chance for my character. He maxed luck at 10, took Finesse, Built to Destroy, and wore Ulysses Duster, First Recon Beret, and Lucky shades, for a total of 28% critical chance hit. He took the light touch perk to get a flat 5% modifier to critical hit chance when wearing light armor.

    I've been doing some calculations, referring to the critical hit chance on the Fallout wikia for the weapons and there seems to be a marginal increase when taken into consideration factors such as luck, equipment, and perks.

    For example, one of my endgame weapons was the 12.7mm Smg. At 28% critical hit chance with light touch, my calculated critical hit chance was 7.24%. Yet if I set luck to 6 to qualify for better criticals, and remove the built to destroy perk, I get 6.68%.

    Now for a weapon with a higher critical hit modifier such as Christine's CoS rifle, I got 75% with all the factors I listed above for the first calcuation and 52.5% for the second factor.

    Apparently, the difference is much greater for weapons with more than 1% critical hit chance. This I just learned.

    Sure, luck helped me win big at blackjack until I got banned from every casino, but I can't help but feel if luck is even worth maxing for combat builds focusing on critical hit damage, or if those points could be put to better use elsewhere.
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    Apr 21, 2016
    We told you to stop making these threads you friggen spastic.

    Also yeah it works wonders in the casinos.
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    Nov 8, 2018
    I always max out Luck AND Intelligence no matter my play style. If you're going to do Dead Money, you WANT high Luck. I max it out to be sure I can win big at blackjack. 7,500 chips later, I'll go collect my comps. Those complimentary vouchers for 1,000 free chips spawn in the little safe in the abandoned BoS bunker every three in-game days after you return to the Mojave. If you found the Stimpak, Doctor's Bag, and Weapon Repair Kit codes for the vending machines, you now have free healing and weapon repair every three days.

    Also, the crit chance helps with the Compliance Regulator. That unique laser pistol does piss damage but if you land a crit, it paralyzes your enemy for 10 seconds. Shoot with the CR til you land a crit, then switch to another weapon and finish the fucker off. Even better, NO ONE AND NOTHING IN THE GAME IS IMMUNE TO THE STUN EFFECT! Ulysses, Col. Royez, and Gaius Magnus will all go down, and they're all immune to knockdown otherwise. This is where Intelligence factors in since my Courier is specced in energy weapons.