Is there an actual Lucky Jim Mine?

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    Apr 30, 2019
    Well I've done almost all vaults (
    I didn't realize there was a choice of the escape prisoners overseer and picked the bad one so stopped when he asked to help with Great Khans
    ) and now I'm trying to do all the caves. I quick traveled to Lucky Jim Mine and only found Lucky Jim Mine House, even looking at the Local Map
    20190504203028_1.jpg 20190504203035_1.jpg
    I found something that very much like an entrance to a mine
    20190504202917_1.jpg 20190504202944_1.jpg
    and another view of the trail leading to the mine cart in the above can be seen at the bottom-left of

    which in my image I'm next to the mine cart (extending just beyond the left border) is my location on the Local Map but I can't seem to find the entrance area (where your cursor much point to while activating to get to it), nor as mentioned above does it seem to even be on the map so I suspect there isn't one.

    Am I right or is there actual Lucky Jim Mine?

    Thank you kindly
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    Jun 14, 2014
    You're right. There is no real mine.

    The "entrance" is collapsed and it's what your picture shows.