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    JE Sawyer has been answering a ton of questions on the Gun Runners' Arsenal item pack over on his Formspring.<blockquote>Hypothetical situation: game releases a number of DLC's, and the last DLC is released at the same time as an item pack containing items that could have easily been included in the DLC, but wasn't for the sake of profit. Ethical, in your view, or not?

    If you're talking about the weapons in GRA, they would not have been included in LR. GRA contains over two dozen weapons, plus new ammo subtypes, plus new challenges and achievements. The content in GRA was always developed as part of a stand-alone DLC. They took separate development resources and separate testing resources.

    About the GRA: If new ammo subtypes are being added to existing ammo types - say, 40mm grenades and their incendiary variants - would that conflict with weapons added through mods which use the current 40mm grenade ammo list? What about the DLC weapons?

    Okay, here's the deal: initially all of the new ammo subtypes were added to their respective lists via script. Unfortunately, we found a load order bug that would cause indefinite hangs if a weapon were hotkeyed with an ammo subtype from GRA -- basically it was a dumb side case but it was real and serious and bad, so we had to add the new ammo subtypes directly to the ammo lists in GRA. That is, the GRA ammo lists *overwrite* the stock ammo lists. Not ideal, but there you go.

    Gun Runners' Arsenal sounds great, but please tell me you put some emphasis on Energy Weapons. They're in bad shape compared to guns.

    There are some doozies in there.

    I know your not sinking to EA'snickel and diming for clothing and weapon packs that cost a few bucks each but still not a road I want Obsidian to go down. One day just like Mass Efect 2 you'll charge $3 for a few diff clothing options.

    I specifically asked to make GRA because I wanted to show players, publishers, and developers that you could make a reasonably-priced weapon pack that added more than two retextures.

    Well, that and because I wanted to add some more weapons and ammo types.

    In any case, I feel that players will get a very good value for GRA. There's a lot of cool stuff in it.

    I think it's worth noting that The Witcher 2's patch 2.0 offers an update that adds substantially more stuff than GRA for free. Worth reflecting on.


    GRA question, are there gonna be new Unarmed weapons? If so, could you name one?

    Yes. There will be new weapons for every skill category. All of the new items are available at merchants *only*. The weapons are a mix of the following:

    * Unique versions of core weapons (e.g. the Nuka-Breaker is essentially a unique Rebar Club and the Bozar is a unique Light Machine Gun).

    * Brand new weapons that have no current base equivalent in the game. Many of these are created with recipes.

    * "GRA" versions of core game weapons that previously had no mods. E.g. if in the core game a weapon (for example, fictional weapon Super Laser) had no mods, you may see that merchant has something like Super Laser (GRA). The (GRA) signifies that it can be altered by mods with the same weapon name and (GRA) suffix -- e.g. Super Laser Focus Optics (GRA). The (GRA) mods will not work with weapons of the same name from the core game. Sorry, just a limitation of how we had to structure the data due to potential .esm/.esp conflicts.

    * Non-unique versions of unique core game weapons that had no base version.

    Jason Bergman confirmed that there were 27 new weapons in the GRA pack, does that include the already existing weapons that now just have GRA in the title to allow for modding? or are the 27 all completely new?

    That figure is all-inclusive: some unique, some completely new, some mod-able GRA versions, and some non-unique versions of unique core game weapons.

    Aren't equivalents of most items in GRA already available as mods?

    I'm sure some are, but I doubt most are.

    Why is the GRA pack being added and not put it in with the stock game? Time constraints or for profit?

    Because it took more than a small bit of time to develop and test.

    Can you explain what you mean by "Non-unique versions of unique core game weapons that had no base version." ? Like a generic "This Machine" ?

    Like that, yes.

    I was wondering what type of challenges will be given in Gun Runners Arsenal for Fallout New Vegas. Can you shed any light on what type of challenges will be given? Are they going to be fetch challenges, kill challenges, find challenges, or what?

    They are combat challenges. The one star (*) challenges are quite easy to pull off. The two star (**) challenges are moderately difficult but nothing too crazy. The three star (***) challenges are generally quite demanding.</blockquote>Thanks OakTable.
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    Wow. And those are being counted towards the 27, note.
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    Well, that's pretty disappointing. Oh well, there's always Steam sales. Remind me how much OWB was off when it went on sale, again?

    EDIT: But hey, whatever your view on this is, at least they aren't Bioware, releasing 4 buck packs for 4 reskinned weapons.
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    This Machine is the only unique weapon that I can think of that doesn't have a regular counterpart.

    Oh, and now that I think about it, there's That Gun.

    But does it count if it's readily available?
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    Gun Runners' Arsenal is getting pretty bad shape so far. The only thing that got me mildly interested is Bozar and ammo types, something I wouldn't pay for more than half a dollar.

    So how the hell does Weapon Mod Expansion mod exists? Incompetence?

    Why bother with creating brand new weapon when you can recycle content? :lol:

    Well, at least it's still infinitely better than Courier's Stash. :lol:

    P.S. By the way, hello all, new account here, but been reading this site for quite a while.
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    Nice to see J.E. Sawyer's answers on this. However, it saddens me to see that there's only going to be one Bozar in the game, for all that I know. :(

    Oh well, at least they're adding it.
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    Plus the ones that are just being ported over from Fallout 3 like the sword.

    Edit: Also, why would you want a generic version of an easily obtainable unique weapon?
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    Modders don't quite have to worry about the integrity of the game quite as much as Obsidian does. This has come up before for DLC, with Bethesda and Obsidian being much more limited by the engine than modders. Which is kind of amusing.

    I assume it does. This Machine, That Gun, Alien Blaster, that should be it. Maybe Euclid's C-Finder? Heh.
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    I use "Weapon Mod Expanded", there are two weapon mod mods, and it's pretty good. It adds three mods for every weapon in the game, hundreds more than this adds and for free.

    Exactly, a good chunk of the "new" weapons in this DLC are either going to be recycled Fallout 3 weapons or slightly altered vanilla weapons with a new name slapped on.
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    New Vegas expansions have been on sale for $5 on a few occasions and once $3 (I think during the summer sale). That's 50% and 70% off.

    On your second comment, whilst the costume DLCs are hilarious wastes of money, calling the Mass Effect 2 gun DLC "reskinned weapons" is BS. Incidentally the firepower pack is $2 not 4. Those were entirely new meshes, but more importantly they played significantly differently from what was in the vanilla game, each with a unique gimmick that was actually interesting and affected the approach to combat (some more significantly than others).

    It was one of the only non-expansion DLCs, although initially highly skeptical, I felt was worthwhile and worth the admission price. Not extraordinary value but sufficient. That, however, may have just as much to do with $2 being below a certain threshold of percieved expendability (psychologically or otherwise).
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    Eh, I think I'll just wait to get the GOTY edtion, but uh, can they even call it "GOTY"? I don't recall anyone naming them as such.
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    I think it was voted so on a poll on the Wikia? Either way, if Two Worlds II had one, so F:NV can.
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    Modders can butcher together quite a lot of stuff without having to worry about it. Obsidian on the other hand has to make the game work on pc, xbox, ps3 and has to have it still work with possible next DLCs and patches and whatnot. It's not that simple.
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    So each "new" weapon, mod and whatnot will have the "GRA" suffix added to the name? Really? That'd be even more of a dealbreaker for me, constantly reminding me as the player "Here, this is an item we've screwed you over with 4$ , kthxbai" whenever I spot one in some merchants inventory.

    I'm sorry Obsidian, but I call bullshit. They've built up a rather good and pleasant reputation when it came to well thought out, worth their money DLC, but this garbage puts them in some bad light.
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    Probably because they can be modded. For example "modded Laser Rifle > AER14 Prototype", "modded Sniper Rifle > Gobi Sniper rifle".
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    For PC ubermenschen, maybe. For console players? It's a godsend.
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    Well New Vegas didn't win Game of the Year, Red Dead Redemption did. Right? I forget.

    If they do something like that, it'll be called the "Ultimate Edition" or "Complete Edition", or something similar.

    I only have ten bucks left on my PSN, and that's reserved for LR.
    Don't know when I'll pick this up, or CS.

    But it seems pretty cool. New items are new items, whatever.
    I'll take it.
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    Considering how much fun I had and have with this game compared to what I spent I don't mind giving them a bit extra bucks as a thanks, even when the pack itself is not totally worth.
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    I think they designed this way so you can't mod unique weapons. For example, being able to attach an scope and splitter laser beam to the AER14.
    Only speculation of my part, obviously.

    Remember that with GRA installed, unique weapons will have greater range than his counterparts, so you actually have a reason to use one or another.

    Except WMX unbalance the weapons heavelly. The "weapons have recoil" option of Project Nevada also does this.
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    Counting now modable weapons toward the 27 and adding 'normal' versions to the unique ones which also counts....
    While i still think it might be worth the 4 USD, i'm somewhat annoyed of the stupid PR spin given to this.

    I mean for me it's okay if a developer sells some ingame items for a few dollars, but trying to screw customers through a false (/inflated) content list, that's really low.
    I'm really disappointed by Obsidian right now.