Just me? Tale of Two Wastelands Forum = Nightmare

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    Disorganized doesn't even cover it. Dead link central is just about right.

    'Just google it'. Okay...

    When you find a link that actually loads it's almost always a maze of outdated and/or nested posts. And that was before half of it was hidden! How does this even happen? I'm seriously asking. I've never created or a moderated a forum. No idea personally.

    My favorite part though, is that literally every support thread I've ever seen is just someone being told *repeatedly* (sometimes over several pages) that they should have been able to solve it on their own.

    The amount of time spent doing this would be funny if it wasn't sad. It must get tiring, choosing to engage in something that they feel is a waste of time, just to say that it's wasting their time. It's certainly ironic, in the vein of replying just to say 'stop replying to me'!

    Maybe there's a vicious cycle at play, I don't know. Couldn't tell you why it happens. I'm not looking to fall prey to the fundamental attribution error, but I have to call a spade a spade. Seems like the people in charge are none too happy...for as many years as I've known about this mod.
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    We had to change forums very recently. The old one was suffering attacks and the site admin became hard to contact.
    So we were forced to port the old site into a new server with a new forum service and we are still working on it.

    Also all the forum part to access mods for TTW 2.9 was hidden. Because users were wasting our time after TTW 3.2 was released. And I mean really wasting entire days. All because they couldn't read the LARGE messages saying "DO NOT USE 2.9 MODS WITH TTW 3.2!"

    We wasted a week of time trying to find and fix bugs from hundreds of users that don't exist. They just ignored the messages and kept installing dozen of outdated mods in a new version where those mods are not compatible.
    You have no idea how much time, effort and work the team lost. We got flooded with bug reports each day and only 1% of them were real bugs and not related to using outdated mods.

    When users do not read or don't care to follow instructions or learn how to mod their game, they rely on modders to fix it. We are always happy to help them, but they need to put at least the effort of reading the instructions. We are not paid, we do this on out free time, and wasting entire days we could be fixing real bugs and making TTW better by chasing non existing bugs is a torture.

    If you're getting links to stuff that are too old, all you have to do is make a new thread about whatever issue you're having. This is a totally new version of TTW. Stuff works differently now and more efficient, many old stuff will not work. Or try our Discord server, where you can usually get help in real time.

    Also I think this thread might fall under cross-site flaming rules of NMA, but I ask the admins to allow it. Because I am always interested in knowing problems TTW users have with TTW or the site itself.

    EDIT: Could you please link to those support threads where people are repeatedly told by the team, that they should be able to fix the problems themselves?
    I need to check that out if I want to try and fix that problem, I looked around the forum just now but without knowing which threads they are, I can't find them.

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    Sorry, I have memory issues and my browsing history was cleared. So I don't have the links.
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    This usualy means all the questions you're asking have been answered already in readme or other installation guide.