Kickstarter Drive Update #13, $30 Tier Updated

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    The 13th update sees inXile upgrade the $30 tier to pull $15 pledgers upwards, and talks about the upcoming end-of-drive live streaming event.<blockquote>Also we have spent some time thinking about and asking fans what we could put into the $30 tier to make it more interesting and to not disrupt what has already been offered. I think we have come up with an interesting list that may persuade a few people to upgrade. Based on your top requests and a forum poll we now offer the following as part of the $30 tier:

    • An extra digital download of the game in any format. Many people wanted to be able to get a Mac AND a PC version, or PC and Linux, or even an extra PC version for a friend. Now you can.
    • Access to a collection of exclusive Ranger portraits that will double the pool of character portraits you have to choose from at the start of the game when you are rolling up your Rangers. This unique image collection will not only give you more Ranger portraits, but more Ranger icons used to display your party location on the world map.
    • Access to a four-episode Video Development Blog that will show you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the design and development of Wasteland 2. Sit in on designer meetings and art-review meetings to see the process behind how the game is made. See interviews with Brian Fargo, Chris Avellone, Mike Stackpole, Alan Pavlish, and the rest of the development team as they explain to you what they are doing and why they are doing it.
    • A novella by Chris Avellone based on the universe of Wasteland.
    Of course, all backers who are in at higher levels will also get all of these added items too.

    Also we will have a live streaming party on Monday night (16th) from 10pm-12am EDT to celebrate the green light of production on the game. Our Kickstarter does not close until 5am the next morning, but we wanted to get some of our friends and family together to celebrate this little bit of history and share it with you. On attendance will be Nolan Bushnell the founder of Atari, Chris Avellone and a few other surprise guests. We will be answering questions received through live chat on the Twitch TV stream as well as from Facebook fans. I will tweet the URL Monday afternoon as well as post it here on Kickstarter.</blockquote>Fargo also confirms the vision document (which was discussed as a possible tier reward) will be available to everyone.
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    He should make it clear these new rewards form part of the higher tiers as well, otherwise I can see people downgrading to get the MCA novella.
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    The soundtrack was tempting me but the novella might be what makes me increase my pledge...
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    But he wrote it in the update.

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    Fuggin' awesome. At first I read, "Based on your top requests and a forum poll we will offer one of the following". The brain is a sneaky thing; I was happy with the possibility of just one extra thing.
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    Yay, upped to 30$, i'll have a copy to give my friend as well now.
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    24 hours to go according to countdown.
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    General question: How do PayPal backers update their pledge? Should they take the same tier again (i.e. a second $15)?

    /Edit: Nevermind, I just saw that the PayPal page got updated with a function to upgrade.
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    You are now an official backer of Wasteland 2

    $50 pledge + Early release episodic Novella (Part 2) on the Wasteland 2 world created by Mike Stackpole, a NYT bestselling author and member of the original Wasteland team. Also, get PREMIER ACCESS TO AN EARLY PLAYABLE BETA ON STEAM. (Please add $15 for international shipping)


    i said i would if i remembered to close to "charge" date as i dont want outstanding purchases pending for long periods of time :)