Killap's Unofficial Fallout 2 Patch?

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    Is Killap still updating his patch, or is it a done deal now? Found a few bugs on my dumb playthrough.

    Basically, you can ask to see Tandi in NCR and the guy (Feargus?) will let you through the door, but Gunther won't let you in to see Tandi - the door is locked and he'll call the guards if you try to pick it, too. You can kill him with super stimpacks and the door will unlock for Tandi, and she has all the necessary dialogue with a dumb character to do the quests for Vault 15, but she will say speak to Gunther once they are completed to collect your reward... but he's dead, so it can't be completed.

    Maybe I'm missing something, but it sure does seem like there is some missing dialogue with Gunther.

    Also, and this isn't really a bug, but you can free the slaves in NCR and the Rangers will acknowledge that, but they don't finish the quest for that either as dialogue abruptly ends with a dumb response. Seems like maybe something could be put there to make you a Ranger despite being of low intelligence, though that might be against the nature of the unofficial patch. I only mention this because Becky in The Den will acknowledge that you killed Metzger and give you a reward for that.

    Finally, one other thing I noticed; I was messing around on the Tanker, helped Badger and tried speaking to the Captain since I was unsure about how I would get to the Oil Rig. I used the computer next to him, clicked "go" and it took me straight there... despite not having done any of the prerequisites for this, like repairing the tanker and fueling it, or speaking to AHS-9 to kill the Shi Emperor, which results in the same thing (he tells you to use the computer and it'll take you there).
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    Here is another I just remembered. Had to double check it, too.

    In Vault City, there are two men inside the customs office. The one behind the inner door gives out the day passes, and as a dumb character, he will actually give you one if you remove your armor and show him the vault suit (though he only does this once).

    The other guy there will notice your low intelligence and take you to the servant allocation center, where a short scene plays out and results in you being put into the Vault to "clean it". However, this guy doesn't go back to his post in the customs office, which causes a problem. The way I think this is supposed to play out is the man, who is supposed to be in the custom office, notices you wandered away from the vault and teleports you to the servant center (saying the man in charge would be upset that you're not doing your job, and he does actually teleport you to the servant center... it's just outside of where he is currently standing right now). The guy in there then teleports you back in to the vault... but it won't work like this since the customs guy is stuck in the servant center. If you happen to lose your day pass, there would be no other way to get back inside Vault City if you needed to (without killing everyone there, I suppose).
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    NCR Gunther:
    Talk to Sheriff Dumont to get to know Tandi is looking for someone to do a job for her.
    After that Gunther will let you in.

    Dumb characters don't need to fix/fuel the tanker. Matt, the brotherhood soldier will take care of that for you. Pay attention to what he tells you.

    Vault City:
    You can get back into Vault City by talking to Skeeve, provided he is outside of the gates.
    The devs didnt't bother moving him back after the "cut-scene" as they figured it would be taken care of in the map_enter section of his script. Problem is that only resets him if you first enter the map at night time and then come back to it at day time.
    I'll report the problem and the fix in the correct thread.
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    Doh, thanks for the right link. And @Darek, I will post in the other thread.