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    May 4, 2013
    Can somebody help me please!?

    Just bought the game from steam, and the lag is horrendous no matter what I do. I mean like 5-10 fps in open world, inside small buildings, entering/exiting vats -really all the time. Ofcourse extra bad with more graphic heavy enviroments, like many people and explosions. It all but stops at some points.

    I have a good computer that runs latest crysis on ultra, latest drivers for my nvidia dual 280 cards, all the latest patches. A quad core 2,7 CPU and 8 GB ram

    I have tried;

    -d3d9.dll fixes -yes alternate ones from nexus as well
    -ALL kinds of overrides in nvidia control panel, max performance, -vsync on/off, overriding AA and AF etc
    -Dozens of different codes into fallout_default and ini, adding cores manually, adding core distribution, manually setting RAM distribution etc etc
    -Ofcourse running the game on different settings, from lowest to ultra quality
    -Running the game as admin
    -Running on SP emulation
    -Changing Nvidia drivers to older ones
    -Changing npc emotes and such in console in-game
    -Running nexus mods for tweaking and manully change all graphics turning virtually every option there is to run the game off and on again.
    -Reinstalling in different drives
    -Running it with no-cd cracks (atleast 3 different releases) to override steam

    I have spent 5 hours now, and this is an outrage. I'm very familiar with PC and hardware/software, and I cant find the problem. Bethesta should be ashamed for releasing this.