Legion/BoS war (Expect spoilers)

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    Aug 28, 2010
    Its in Van Buren, but the Paladins who sued the stealth boys then became paranoid from repeated use and formed the circle of steel. And they do use tactics, the teachers in Hidden Valley teaches the iniates squad based tactics.
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    Mar 11, 2011
    You guys seem to forget that in New Vegas, there is just one chapter of the BoS. In case of war (however stupid the idea of BoS waging a war against anybody is) there's little doubt that other chapters, if contacted, would help Mojave chapter out.
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    Apr 24, 2005
    This didn't happened at Helios One.
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    Apr 5, 2003
    man for man, BOS should beat the Legion, but the problem is the Legion has numbers, ideology and structure.

    Sure, we criticize the Legion for being machete bearing killers, but there are Legion assassins too and the Legion is pretty good at penetrating deep into enemy territory and raising hell through raiding. They can hide their guys in crowds, set traps and terrorize.

    A Legion/NCR war looks like it favors the Legion until your character intervenes. NCR might have better weapons and technology, but the Legion troopers are committed to the ideology of total war and conquest, and their numbers beat NCR tech.

    BOS has better tech but smaller numbers. Mostly the BOS is hiding out in some bunker and trying not to be discovered. That can't last for ever. Legion troopers can identify BOS hideouts, set traps and lay siege.

    Don't forget you get the Ghobi from a Legion sniper hideout. Put a couple Legion snipers with Ghobis outside a BOS hideout, and they can snipe out the BOS as they leave, then trap them in the bunker.

    BOS- is a bunker mentality. The Legion is organized around tribal groups united under an ideology of total war. BOS can win a few battles, but in the end, their screwed.

    Isn't that what Veronica says?
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    Apr 10, 2011
    Actually I think the Gobi might have been the rifle that Boone used to kill his wife.
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    Mar 17, 2011
    I agree, the brotherhood is fighting with both arms tied behind its back. With exspeditions in Texas, DC, and Chicago of course thier weak at home. The only reason the Mojave chapter is so weak is because thiers nothing important enought thier to warrant more troops.

    I don't except the cissors beats paper and paper beats rock so cissors beats rock arguement. The Legion is powerfull against the NCR because of the nature of the NCR government. The Brotherhood are a dicatorship, thier leaders don't go around giving speeches that make them assination targets. Thier willing not to protect civilians in order to save thier troops so the psycological warface won't work. The NCR could beat the Legion with no problem if not for their government.
  7. welsh

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    Apr 5, 2003
    Courier- I think Boone used his hunting rifle to kill his wife. Not sure how he would get the Gobi, as you get it from a Legion sniper post.

    Quag, I disagree. Rose says the same thing as do other encounters. The problem for the NCR is that its expansionist and its outreached itself. Not only that, but there are corrupt forces even within the NCR.

    (1) Its an NCR group that wants to move the mutants out of Jacobstown.

    (2) When you expose Crimson Caravans and Van Graffs, the NCR uses the info to blackmail them.

    Rose makes the point, the NCR can't even police itself and, in terms of providing law and order, Legion has them beat.

    Legion is all about war and expansion. Its the idea that unites them and drives their purpose. Their guys are committed, while BOS and NCR have dissidents.

    Ok but what about the BOS. The BOS is monastic and insular order. They have no allies to speak of. Yes, they have the technology, but some of that depends on gathering from the outside world.

    The BOS is fundamentally a defensive group. They want to dig into their bunkers and stay there and they are short handed from their wars with the NCR. In contrast, the Legion has been growing, gathering different tribes under their common purpose- total war.

    As for the internal organization of chapters of the BOS, hard to say what they would do, especially given that other chapters of the BOS probably are facing their own challenges.

    BOS best option in New Vegas is to ally with an independent New Vegas and come out of its hole. But its unlikely the BOS alone could defeat the Legion, much as its unlikely the Boomers could or NCR could.
  8. Courier

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    Apr 10, 2011
    If you talk to Boone he says that he killed her from a sniper's nest near Cottonwood Cove, and this is the only sniper's nest around. I don't think he used his hunting rifle either, it's not likely that Boone would want to keep the weapon he killed his wife and unborn child with.
  9. White Knight

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    A weapons is an inanimate object and once you associate a memory with it, you associate it with its copies. With your logic, Boone wouldn't be able to use any Hunting rifle because it would remind him of killing his wife and child, because Boones hunting rifle dosen't look any different from a normal scoped Hunting rifle. Besides he only reacts to places, rather than objects. Why does he never react if you have the Gobi sniper rifle or you give it to him? And the Gobi was there before Boone was at the nest, its mentioned in a report about the nest in camp Mcarran.
  10. Stanislao Moulinsky

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    The siper nest was made by the NCR. There's a note in Camp McCarran that talks of its installation.


    Strangely the note says that there wasn't any weaponry at the nest.

    Also, logic. Why would the Legion make a sniper outpost looking at their own camp?
  11. welsh

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    Apr 5, 2003
    Good points. I had thought the sniper position was overlooking the road into Cottonwood Cove.

    Courier, I missed that from Boone. Nice pick. Perhaps it was the official guide that said it was a Legion nest. I'll have to check that. The Vault agrees with you guys.

    Correction noted. Nice one guys.