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    I've made a list of all the builds I plan to make, writing on paper the name, faction, sex, SPECIAL stats before and after updates, weapons, ammo, perks, armor, and helmet.

    I have made a total of 48, written on twenty-four sheets of paper. Here is a summary of all the builds I have made:

    Cowboy (uses weapons affected by cowboy. All builds use the courier duster and first recon helmet. As a result, they use Light Touch, Tunnel Runner, Travel Light, and both perks of toughness. Uses Blood Nap for close range and dynamite for explosive weapon of choice)

    -Sniper: Uses either Scoped Trail Carbine or Hunting Revolver for long range fighting along with lever action shotgun and mysterious magnum for when fighting gets close.
    -Sharpshooter: Uses a combination of revolver, shotgun, rifle, a maximum of one from each.
    -Assassin: Uses weapons affected by The Professional together with a scoped weapon for long range fighting.

    Grunt (uses weapons affected by grunt. Some builds use light armor, others use Elite Riot Gear. Explosive weapons of choice are one of the following: frag grenades, Thump Thump, or grenade launcher. Chance's Knife is used for melee combat against weaker foes to conserve ammo.)

    Lightweight Sniper: Uses All-American to pick off enemies at extreme long range. A Light Shining in Darkness and Assault Carbine are used for closer fighting.

    Heavyweight Sniper: Same, but replace Assault Carbine with Light Machine Gun.

    Lightweight Sharpshooter: Uses a combination of a Light Shining In Darkness, Survivalist's Rifle, and Assault Carbine.

    Heavyweight Sharpshooter- Same, but replace Assault Carbine with Light Machine Gun.

    Assassin-Uses weapons affected by The Professional to increase sneak attack critical damage. All-American is used to extreme long range. Auto .45 SMG or Vance's 9mm SMG used together with A Light Shining In Darkness.

    Guns (specializes in Guns. Uses either light armor, Elite Riot Gear, or T-51b Power Armor. Heavier armor builds use one of either Esther, Mercy, Annabelle, or Red Glare.)

    Lightweight Sharpshooter-Uses pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

    Heavyweight Sharpshooter-Uses either the Avenger Minigun or FIDO

    Lightweight Sniper-Uses Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle with a pistol and/or shotgun.

    Heavyweight Sniper-Uses Anti-materiel Rifle with a pistol and/or shotgun.

    Assassin-Uses weapons affected by Professional such as 12.7mm SMG, 12.7mm Pistol, etc. Christine's CoS silencer rifle is used for silent long range kills.

    Energy Weapons Sharpshooter (uses energy weapons. Uses light armor or power armor. Gannon Family Tesla Armor is sometimes a good choice. Heavier builds use Annabelle, Red Glare, Esther, or Mercy.)

    Lightweight Sharpshooter-Uses a pistol and/or rifle together with Multiplas Rifle for close range.

    Heavyweight Sharpshooter-Uses either Sprtel-Wood 9700 or Smitty Special

    Sniper-Uses YSC/186 for long range together with Pew Pew and Multiplas Rifle.

    Assassin-Uses weapons affected by the Professional. Uses either pistols or adds a rifle with the pistols.

    Pyromaniac (Uses weapons affected by Pyromaniac Perk. Most builds use Advanced Riot Gear, but others use either Power Armor or Light Armor. Heavier Builds uses Red Glare, Annabelle, Mercy, or Esther.)

    Melee-Uses Gehenna. Thermic Lance used to ignore Damage Threshold.

    Brawler-Uses Saturnite Fist Superheated. Industrial Hand used to ignore Damage Threshold.

    Burnmaster-Uses Cleansing Flame

    Sharpshooter-Uses Sonic Emitter Tarantula together with weapons that use ammo affected by Pyromaniac perk. Anti-materiel rifle, Dinner Bell, or Riot Shotgun, are used. Laser Commander and Meltdown are used to increase power of Sonic Emitter.

    Assassin-Uses Sonic Emitter Tarantula together with The Professional. Uses Laser Commander and Meltdown.

    Melee (Uses either Melee Weapons or Unarmed Weapons. Uses light, medium, or power armor. Annabelle, Mercy, Red Glare, or Esther used. All melee oriented perks are used.)

    Warrior: Uses Oh Baby and Thermic Lance.

    Brawler: Uses Ballistic Fist and Industrial Hand.

    Commonly used perks:

    Heavyweight-to reduce weight of heavy weapons.
    Pack Rat-reduce weight of all items less than 2 pounds, including ammo on Hardcore.
    Strong Back-extra carrying weight
    Burden To Bear-same
    Bloody Mess-increased damage
    Laser Commader-increased damage with lasers
    Demolition Expert-increase damage of explosives
    Splash Damage-increase blast radius of explosives
    Hit the Deck-increase Damage Threshold against explosions
    Heave Ho-increase thrown distance of all arcing explosions
    Gunslinger/Commando-used to increase chance to hit in Vats
    Professional-increase damage of sneak attack criticals
    Thought You Died-increase to hit points and damage.
    Black Widow/Confirmed Bachelor-increased damage against males
    Light Touch-increased critical hit chance with light armor
    Travel Light-increased speed in light armor
    Toughness-better for light armor builds
    Tunnel Runner-increased sneaking speed in light armor
    Hand Loader-used for guns
    Vigilante Recycler-used for energy weapons and pyromaniacs using Sonic Emitter or Cleansing Flame

    How do all these ideas sound? Feedback would be appreciated.
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    Hmm...yes...not bad at all.

    The cowpoke build: I think you mean "1st Recon beret". They don't use helmets like the regular NCR troopers.

    Heavyweight sniper: I'd go with Bozar instead of a regular light machine gun. If you're playing a sniper build, you'll want a scope. Bozar has just that. It's pricey as fuck but that's why you want to do Dead Money and build your Guns skill throughout, pilfering all the gold bars in the end. Plunk a few of those bars down and you can cut the price of Bozar down to nothing. If you want a holdout weapon for casinos and the Fort, go with That Gun because of 1) its crit bonus and 2) both guns use the same ammo. Just stick with 5.56 mm/.223 rounds; break down anything else you find or sell it. Alternately, you could go with either of the cyberdog miniguns. I'd prefer the K9000 because .357 Magum and .38 special ammo are as abundant as 5.56 mm. Pair with a police pistol, Lucky, or other .357 revolver for convenience. Or there's always the automatic rifle and Christine's CoS rifle, which both use .308 ammo.

    Grunt: I don't play explosives builds but if you want to go for that, have fun. Whatever's covered by the Grunt perk, it's all fair game.

    Energy sharpshooter/sniper: In my experience, the holorifle is the best energy rifle in the game. Damage over time? Check. Nightvision scope? Check. More efficient use of ammo than Gauss rifles? Check. More damage than Tesla cannons? Check. Mods to improve weapon condition and damage while reducing spread? Check. Affected by the Commando and Meltdown perks? Check. Having the gun handed to you right at the beginning of Dead Money? Check and mate! You'll never need another energy rifle again. You only have to hunt for the mods, two of which are in areas you have to go to complete the DLC.

    Energy weapon builds in general: The fact that energy weapons are easy to stay topped up on even before taking Vigilant Recycler helps a great deal to the point of breaking the game balance. Before taking Vigilant Recycler, you have a 35% chance of recovering spent cells; after, it's doubled to 70%. Before taking the perk, it takes four drained cells (SEC, MF, or ECP) to make a new one; after, it's 3:1. And the cells are all interchangeable by crafting at a workbench or with ED-E/Veronica. Just buy all of a vendor's energy ammo and convert the types you don't need into whatever you do need. Much better than juggling primers, powders, and shell casings at reloading benches.

    Heavyweight sharpshooter: I've only used a plasma caster once to see what it did. I've considered using that, Tesla cannons, and Gatling lasers, though, but it always comes back to the holorifle. Then again, I'm also high on every chem under the sun, especially Turbo, when tackling enemies no matter what my build.

    Assassin: Sleepytyme is suppressed and uses ultra-abundant 10 mm ammo so I'd go with that along with pistols. Having a fully upgraded Stealth Suit and the Silent Running perk help, too.

    Warrior: I'd go with those weapons, too, along with the Blade of the West and protonic throwing axes.

    Brawler: I'd go with Two-Step Goodbye!, Industrial Hand, Fist of Rawr, Salt-Upon-Wounds' power fist, She's Embrace, or a super-heated Saturnite fist. Love and Hate and the Paladin Toaster can get you through the early game.

    I take plenty of the same perks that you listed above, except for the explosive perks. Even then, there's an exception: Heave Ho!, for throwing spears and axes. If I play a gun-based build, I take Hand Loader. If specced in energy weapons, I always take Vigilant Recycler. And I always make it a point to take both sexuality perks, Implant GRX, and Jury Rigging. My current character is designed with the holorifle and Compliance Regulator in mind so I took Commando and Laser Commander while stacking items that increase crit chance.