Lithtech 1 or 2?,,,,

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    Did Black Isle get the rights to the first or second Lithtech engine?

    'Cos if it's the first.... well... I dunno.

    If it's the 2nd... from the screenshots I've seen... I'm gonna be one happy vaultdweller.
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    I saw on bluesnews that a company had just lisenced a Lithtech2 engine to make games for the upcoming playstation2.
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    Yeah, have you seen the pictures of the Lithtech 2.0 engine? The few shots I saw (can't remember where) looks as good IF NOT better than the screenshots from Bungie's upcoming HALO game.

    I can tell you, if Fallout 3 is going to be made with Lithtech 2.0, I'll have no complaints at all.

    Lithtech 1.0 on the other hand, is getting a bit old and rusty around the edges... and doesn't really look as good as the Q3 or UT engines, IMHO.