Making a V.A.T.S Oriented Character

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  1. DwayneGAnd

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    Oct 12, 2016
    I know that a lot of people use V.A.T.S with their characters, getting perks such as Grim Reaper's Sprint and action boy/girl. V.A.T.S gives a higher chance of critical chance and decreases the damage you suffer from enemies.

    Now I've been wanting to create a character to maximize the effectiveness of V.A.T.S. In other words, I want to get the maximum possible of action points to make him/her a killing machine. Action Boy give 25 action points, items such as jet, nuka cola quantum, and mississippi quantum pie give more action points each. And then there is Tribal Power Armor with gives a total of 13 AP due to subtracting 2 because of the agility penalty, and Ledoux's Hock Mask giving 25. The power armor gives 8 more than Ranger Battle Armor, and according to the Fallout wikia, it's the best choice of armor for V.A.T.S oriented characters.

    According to the Fallout wikia, the maximum number of AP points you can get from wearing and using all equipment and items to increase AP is 280! With this setup, a character could become unstoppable in combat.

    With Ranger Battle Armor, the maximum is only 272. And due to the agility bonus from the Tribal Power Armor, the small guns and sneak skill would be affected, meaning that you will never reach maximum effectiveness and power using small guns with Tribal Power Armor, but you could still do this with Ranger Battle Armor.

    None of the characters I've made in the past tried to reach the maximum AP. Has anybody here ever done this? What success have you had?
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    May 3, 2016
    The only AP related perk/item I used was Grim Reaper's Sprint, and that perk made me feel like I had infinite AP 90% of the time. I'm sure your idea would work.