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Discussion in 'Fallout 4' started by Charwo, Mar 30, 2020.

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    For some stupid pedantic reason, I keep wanting to fix Fallout 4. And by that, I don't mean change the main quest, cause while lackluster I can see it, but change the city of Bsoton. See there are mods for alternate main quest (Valkarie etc) there are good sidequest mods (Tales from the Commonwealth)but it's the WORLDBULILDING that's so terrible, the thing Bethesda's supposed to be good at.

    Not all of it. Not nearly. Mond you I can barely mod crafting requirements ATM but I think where Fallout 4 FAILS and FAILS hard isn't the story is the worldbuilding. Boston needs to be a city-state. Not the whole of it, but the Fens in the West to the Docks in the East, with the Charles River as boundary on the North and south on the southern end more or less running parallel with Mass Pike East.

    To justify not changing EVERYTHING, say Boston took a Catagory 5 hurricane to the face about a year and a half before the SS awakens and then took a severe glancing blow from a vicious Nor'easter that was more ice than rain or snow in April.

    And that justifies why Boston is a warzone. It DID hold on, even prospered before the Insititute sabotaged the Commonwealth Provisional but due to the Insitutites terror campaigns Boston has shriveled as people go to places less likely to have Insitute monsters creeping about: Rhode Island, Cape Cod, Nantucket Island.

    So all the damage you see to the interiors of Boston are actually very very recent. Those cars rotting on the highways? Two years ago they were still functional if decrepit.

    It's apocalyptic again because of natural disaster, and the guys the city brought in to help keep order, the Gunners? Well, the money ran out and the Insitute bought them out. In this version, Diamond City is the refugee center, Moe's selling swatters there because he's an idiot but the vendors are all spread out in the Fens, as is Nick and everything but the inn. It's a giant refugee center for people displaced from the destroyed places like College Point and Salem and such and so forth.

    In practice, this means a couple of things, at least for a base fix: Trinity Tower needs to be moved south out of Trinity Square which is fine, the NCPS have to be moved, new interiors created in the Fens, cleaning up several would be dungeons, and creating NPCs in populated areas, probably deleting Swan All together, although he might be able to be moved north of the Westing estate.

    Instead of everything being frozen in place from 2077, change all of it so it WAS is somewhat good condition until two years ago and everything's gone to shit since then.

    This I think would fix most of the worlsbuilding problems, that and deleting all the skeletons and trash where they shouldn't be.

    Will the MQ ever be a roleplayers thing? No. Will the character ever be your avatar, no. But those aren't the problem, at least not by themselves. Other than shoehorning in the Brotherhood, the basic premise isn't bad. It CAN be fixed and not be a completely different game. At least that's my take on it.
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    Hello Charwo,

    Well your fixes sound good regarding trying to make the world feel a bit more like two hundreds years have passed. Perhaps some buildings or block should be partially "renovated" and filled in with furniture other areas that were empty to begin with or had buildings but these have been collapsed are now used for new post war buildings that look pretty decent.

    Also water pumps and purification machines, generators, and perhaps lamps to light up the settlements during nights.

    And of course a walls surrounding the settlements with some of these having collapsed.

    I am also for clearing out some dungeons and that these are still occupied by NPCs who try to make a living here.
    Oh and prospectors in places such as factories who will tell the player that they claimed this place the moment he or she meets them.

    I am not sure if there should be wrecks of cars that still ran two years ago before the disaster but definitely that a lot of them have been cleared from the inner city as their material was re used for other purposes.
    The further the player gets away from the city the more wrecked cars and trucks he encounters.

    Definitely remove a lot of the rubble, rubbish and the skeletons from places were people frequently pass or used to live.
    Only in places barely visited or never visited before should there be piles of rubbish and skeletons.

    But like you wrote, the campaign itself can not be fixed so a mod like this would probably most interesting for people who just want to wander around the Boston wasteland.
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    No, it was the story that mainly failed that game. If the story was good it could have been enjoyed as some kind of Mass Effect ripoff. Sure, the world building is shit. It was shit in Fallout 3. It will be shit in Fallout 5. Moving entire world locations in the GECK like that will not be as easy as it sounds unless you want to break a bunch of quests.

    Removing clutter has likely already been done by someone else. Browse Nexus and find out before you waste your time.