Map areas keep dissapearing from my savegame

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  1. Question2

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    Jun 20, 2017
    This has happened twice now, and i dont know what caused it. Everything goes fine until i enter an area that i have previously entered (e.g. new reno) and notice that the map is reset to the default state (salvatore thugs are still there when i killed them before, etc).

    I check my save game, and most of the maps (in the form of .sav files) have vanished from it. I obviously didnt delete it by myself...anyone might know what caused it? It's very frustrating.

    I tried to move .savs from an earlier savegame folder, but the game won't recognize them at all for some reason...its still using the default versions of the maps instead of the ones i moved over. Does anyone know why?
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  2. Darek

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    Jan 7, 2008
    Never seen or heard anything like it, but I'll take a wild stab at it anyway.
    Perhaps you opend a savegame in the save editor, left it running while playing the game. Went back to the editor and made some changes without updating the savegames latest status first. Alt-tabed back to the game and went to a map that was no longer in your save file.