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    These are another maps that I've been working on the last two years or so.
    As you may know, Fallout Long Live The King got cancelled, because I couldn't do all the work by myself, especially creating maps, this takes a lot of time, as I said in the past. I would need a map generator or .clp generator to make things go smoother,quick. But this is something light years away.
    FLLTK consisted of 23-30 brand new maps the story was about overthrowing the current leader of the BoS(unknown prior to mission 27, the General would be giving the missions and the instructions from the leader to the player character) this was the main plot/ending, but I was going to change it into having two other endings, second one would be the prisoner(player char) to lead the BoS after he has completed a lot of the tasks given by the king, and the king would either die by the player's hand (then the player would be the new king, pretty much like in Riddick) or getting assassinated because of the player's deal with the other factions from the SE US(and if you still have the mod's files, you can see how I named those factions, they're in folders with entities). Third ending that I thought about that time would have been the player would join the enemy faction (so-called Commonwealth, I didn't have any other name idea for it in 2014-15) and defeat the BoS (this change of faction would happen around mission 11, in the OG scenario). These were the three main endings planned, but other one more independent could have been made, like the player character leading his/her own team, or alone, plundering both factions. This what the mod was all about, I didn't mention the endings on moddb, only the introduction, as if the player character was a prisoner who would work for BoS interests in the war with the Commonwealth. There were clone soldiers to appear in the game and Mechs, I made a facility map named mission 6-8 can't remember. But it would have taken me a lot of time to complete it in 2015 now that I think about it.

    So, in 2016 I abandoned the project, I didn't have time and I don't have any time even now. But sometimes I still want to create some minigames or maps to have some little fun, but not involved in large scale projects anymore. So from 2016 until now I still made some maps time to time. I probably released a few from 2017, but now I am going to release the ones from 2018 to 2020. The list is not complete there are still a lot of maps that I don't know about or forget, most of them are incomplete, but you can finish them quick, only by putting a roof for example.

    Most of the maps are either big .clp pasted in there just to test something, or unfinished maps that would be looking awesome if they were finished. Sorry, but didn't have enough time. The game's editor engine is really limited, wastes to much unpaid time.

    So here are some pics, before you DL it, just to show-off.

    This map supposed to be a robotics enterprise's building, just like RobCo, was planned to have 3 levels, I think I started it in 2019 and got placed in development hell. (In 2019 july-september I really wanted to make new maps, but figured out it would take me a lot of time, so I stopped, because since october that year I had serious IRL work to do)

    this is another unfinished business, was going to be a minigame about murderer and cops. Like in Purge.mis(Check my old threads it's still downloadable)

    This was made in 2018 october in a span of 2 weeks I think. It's a mansion, you can .clp it and paste into your map, it's in the .rar file too

    A pipedream map, wasn't going to be finished anyway.. started in 2018 dec

    This one too, but in 2019 july

    Eheheh, this time, this one is lovely. Was going to be a huge Macomb-like map, with commercial sector(you can see there was a try to make some kind of mall there) and industrial, + some ruined buildings made by myself not copied from the original game files. But of course, this is too big to be completed. Only if I was paid... Started it in 2019 august

    Another map I started in 2019 april may I think, can't remember. The point was to create a similar looking map to cañon city. And it worked, it was a trial to figure out how to use the robotic tileset, to make the map as if it was made by the OG Fallout Tactics developers. It's obvious it's like the FT Devs made this, but it's actually me XD. By Copying their style of architecture. Could be made in 2020 idk.. I didn't have much time for maps in 2020, really busy year(year of hell, 2019 oct onwards). Most of them in the summer(aka my latest map).

    Now here's the 2020 april master piece, I also worked on it in october last year (last edit). You may figure out what I wanted to do here, from what popular film it's inspired. If you don't know yet I'll mention it in a spoiler:
    it's from Cube (Zero)
    This one was going to be like the Purge.mis, more of a puzzle map, to get out of the box, a saw-like mission, either single player or could be edited to be multiplayer, up to 7 player. And would have like 7 levels, to match the number of the cubes from horizontal. I wanted it to look 3d, not only just one level, but it lagged af, I don't know why it even lags to be honest, the game is from 2001 it shouldn't lag like that even with heavily crowded maps.

    You can see the pipes here, some irrelevant to the game mechanics tiles, but relevant to the appearance of the maps. An elevator, just like in the movie. And the extraction point, after the player completes the puzzle, doesn't die from the deadly traps.

    Of course there's also a vault map which is included in the rar file. Forgot its name, but it's a map that should have been included in the Enclave project lead by Robert House. Since he wanted more bunker/vault maps, he once told me this, well I now made some of them.

    Direct Download Link

    I will be posting more if I find them, it's a mess in my folder of maps, I have had different ideas in the past years, so that's why there are a lot of unfinished maps, either because got bored by working on them or I wanted to test another idea.

    The game (FT) has great possibilities though, the owners should have made it open-source, so we could edit it, it's amazing it still has a fanbase after 20 years. Imagine what would the fanbase do with the source after two decades, maybe even a speech tree. Then you would get an upgraded version of F1/F2.

    Ah, and there are some easter eggs in FT I'd want to talk about, it's unrelated to the topic but, Peoria map it's actually inspired from the original game aka Enemy Infestation(made by the same company), the devs come with a game in 1998 but the fallout devs were interested only in this phoenix engine, so this is how Fallout Tactics came to be. Probably people know this already, but it's nice to mention it.
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    That's why I focused on small-scale campaigns. If the tunnel is too long to see the light at the end, you're not going to make it. Not alone. It's better to release small but finished thing, instead of joining the many carcasses of great, expansive mods laying around.
    If you enjoy making puzzle maps, maybe you should have focused on those. No necessarily a campaign, just single missions.