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    Mar 11, 2011
    I am really disappointed with new endings. Sorry BioWare, it's the same old shit, just covered in sprinkles. Mac Walters tried way too hard to be "artsy" and "deep", just like hipster kid splashing paint randomly onto canvas. He wanted to include some kind of EPIC TWIST at the end of ME3, and failed miserably. Sorry, but the whole idea of Glitterchild is retarded. Why can't we have epic battle with Harbinger? Why can't it turn out that the Shepard himself is the Catalyst and in order to save the galaxy he needs to sacrifice himself (I really suspected that that would be the case while first playing ME3), making the Crucible disable Reaper shields, thus, depending on EMS, allowing the united forces to destroy majority of Reaper fleet gathered aroud Earth? Would it be predictable? Yes. Would it be cliche? Definitely. Would it be a satisfying ending? Hell yes. Face it, writing in BioWare games was never exceptionally amazing, and neither was it in case of previous ME games. ME3 as a whole was a huge disappointment, and forced inclusion of the Godchild did not help.

    Anyway, hi guys, I haven't seen you in a while!
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    But before at least they were able to create a sense of accomplishment, even if it was an illusion one.
    After all, is sci-fi fantasy, not hard sci-fi.

    Now not even this...

    Well, this has to do with the game plot and C&C settings, wich most of the time don't have influence in the endings, I think we already discussed that.
    Your EMS is what really matters not your choices, they are only flavors to add instead of having an impact on how the story ends.
    For example, I choose the geth instead of the quarians, wich means I think synthetic life deserves a chance.
    Why synthesis isn't available for me, but destroy are? Because my EMS is low.

    The curious thing with the EC is even more strange results are generated now, specially if you have a low EMS.

    ME3 have a lot of problems at the game's core, the endings were only the more discussed ones.