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    This is the third and final character I discussed in an earlier thread on Tips for Newbies from a Former Newbie. This character focuses on fighting in melee combat rather than in long range combat. This playstyle is harder to do due to most of the opposition you face having guns. Still, when built properly, you can take on most enemies easily.

    This is probably the weakest of the three character types you can make due to reduced range and the fact that even the most powerful unarmed and melee weapons don't deal as much damage as even the most powerful guns. Some enemies are just too dangerous to fight in melee combat as their weapons will probably tear you to shreds before you can get a hit in, even with the most powerful armor in the game. This means you need to choose your battles carefully and avoid combat when you must, taking a stealthy approach. No I don't mean investing into sneak and using stealth boys. I tried that and it didn't work, luckily I didn't save my game after investing a lot of points into sneak.

    In Fallout 1, I find it easier to wear the robes in the cathedral and the military base so you can complete those objectives without getting your hands dirty. This means not enlisting the help of the followers of the apocalypse and having any npcs when you tackle those places due to certain enemies attacking you if you have any companions. I also didn't bother taking out the entire oil rig in Fallout 2 due to the turrets having armor penetrating ammo and they would likely kill me quickly. Therefore, I had to rely on using super stimpacks to kill the president and then using the keycard he drops to hack the turrets to take down Frank Horrigan.

    With this type of build, you need more endurance, but not as much luck due to slayer making all your hits criticals. You'll also want max strength by the end of the game from getting implants and wearing power armor to maximize your damage. Finally, you'll want higher charisma as you'll find that talking your way out of combat to avoid fighting is to your benefit. In Fallout 2, this will also get you more NPC's. Bonus Move is more important than Action Boy because you'll need those extra movement points.

    Here is how to build this character in Fallout 1:

    S-6 (implant and power armor to get max strength for maximum damage)
    P-5 (implant for Better Criticals)
    E-7 (implant)
    C-7 (bonus from wandering tinkerer)
    I-9 (implant)
    A-9 (implant)
    L-5 (bonus from Chuck in Boneyard)

    Traits: Gifted and Small Frame

    Endgame Weapons: Super Sledge (ammo conservation purposes against weaker enemies) and Power Fist (primary weapon for stronger enemies.)

    Perks: Awareness, Strong Back, Bonus Hth Attacks, Bonus Move (2), Better Criticals, Slayer

    Fallout 2:

    S-5 (module and advanced power armor)
    P-5 (module for better criticals)
    C-8 (mirror shades and module)
    I-10 (I started with 10 because it's practically impossible to get into the Sierra Depot where the intelligence module is)
    A-9 (bonus from EPA)
    L-4 (get the nueroscan in NCR)

    Endgame weapons: Super Sledge and Mega Power Fist

    Perks: Awareness, Strong Back, Pack Rat, Bonus Move (2), Action Boy (2), Slayer, Better Criticals, Living Anatomy, Quick Pockets, Bonus Hth Attacks

    Sulik used the .223 Pistol, Cassidy the Pulse Pistol, Vic the Gauss Rifle, and Marcus the Pulse Rifle.

    Edit: I'm going to be playing through all four builds again seeing as how I made changes to my guide on the thread Tips for Newbies From A Former Newbie. Maybe this way I'll make my characters even better without feeling like I'm wasting stat points. Check back at a later date to see my results.
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    For Fallout 1, here is how to set your SPECIAL if you want to get the recommended perks without having to use drugs for qualification, assuming you take both Gifted and Small Frame, as well as get the maximum amount of action points and as many skill points as possible, without using drugs:

    E-min 5
    C-everything else

    For Fallout 2:

    E-min 6
    C-everything else
    I-10 (NCR) or 9 (Hubologist)
    L-4 (NCR) or 5 (Hubologist)