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    Broken Steel: it starts off similarly, but in an area that has more natural barriers and plenty of overhead cover (to negate the advantage of Vertibirds). Liberty Prime is sent ahead onto open ground. Where they are destroyed without warning by a single warhead (rather than multiple nukes with a blast radius of five meters, which fail to destroy the nearby building, that was sacrificed for no reason).

    The Enclave then come out of hiding behind your position. Thus cutting you and the BoS off from reinforcement, resupply, and retreat (the three R's of war I guess). Your only hope is to press forward, and launch a daring assault (on a random note: I've been watching a series of Caesar's conquests, and this kind of scenario is more often the case than not). This involves scouting, skirmishing, and sabotage across an open/non-linear map to stack the odds in your favor, determine the lay of the land, and gather intel (just as jolly old Julius would do. Apparently that wasn't just something that everyone did. Weird.).

    Thematically it would be about hubris. The BoS lose LP to it, and then you have to exploit the arrogance of the Enclave. Who think, that in stranding you and destroying LP, that they have already won. Along the way you also find out about Elder Lyons plans for the Capital wasteland. He may have decided to engage in a 'humanitarian' mission, but this isn't strictly for the better...

    Without their isolationism the BoS is a might bit authoritarian. This might also force you confront your own hubris in thinking that you set them on a better path, with options presented to influence the high ranking members on this mission. Of course the option to finish off them off with the Enclave stays, but now has meaning.

    Lastly you would learn that they were surprised to find you in the area, which houses their 'civilian' population. Who you can interact with by impersonating Enclave personelle or something. This would add weight to your strategic decisions as they may affect innocent bystanders. It also helps to explain why they don't just nuke everything in the region to be done with it.

    Operation Anchorage: General Chase lost touch with reality, rather than just being a crank. So the simulator was his personal toy, not an actual training sim as was officially planned. The prize room then becomes his personal trophy room.

    Instead of just a war sequence it would be heavily propagandized in a spoofy manner, a bit dream-like, and with wildly different areas conjoined into an open world. Possible sections: an idyllic vision of a pre-war America, a nightmare American POW camp, a power fantasy reclamation where General Jingwei is basically Cobra Commander, etc.

    These resulted from his drug-addled mind attempting to cope with the horrifying realization that the war was never intended to be won. So you'd get to understand his mental state, and progression over the years. The focus would be on how people fight against what they hate, only to end up supporting something just as bad or worse. It would also show how hypernationalism feeds into the kind of paranoia that detaches people from reality (basically it's a cult mentality).

    The Pitt: I'd keep this mostly the same so here are the differences. It starts with you discovering the slave trade and deciding to investigate for whatever reason you feel like (roleplaying H'OKAY?). You can sneak in as a slave or slaver, persuade/bribe/or prove yourself to join the latter, or just fight your way in.

    Collecting steel is cut. It takes up too much of the story and worldspace. Which would be more open (are you sensing a pattern yet?), so you can freely get to know the different factions (there are at more than 2 of them) and do various quests. Since you don't start off as a slave, you aren't shuttered into any particular role.

    The theme is still means vs ends, but slavery is argued as an archaic form of imprisonment that got out of control. It was started to stop people from killing each other (imposing a cruel order on free chaos). The alternative of course was execution. So they do that whole 'it could be worse' thing. Ashur would also represent a lot of what is wrong with the BoS. As in 'What if a Paladin was President.'

    Point Lookout: there isn't much to work with here tbh. I guess there needs to be a properly Lovecraftian concept, but with the fantastical part being purely cosmetic. As opposed to just being like 'hey! look over here! we're referencing something vaguely!' So I guess tribes become cults, a vault concept is applied to the wasteland, and technology continues to produce unforseen horrors.

    Maybe the brain guy can project his mind across the entire map through strange looking pylons. Initially you just have increasingly strange dreams whenever you sleep. Which I suppose would be forced on you somehow. Also, when you wake up you find yourself in a different part of the map. That ghoul would show up and try to help, but you wouldn't be able to understand most of their words (interference). So it starts to seem like he's behind the strangeness and is planning something nefarious.

    I guess it would be about fear of the unknown (anything not understood). The brain guy would be constantly spying on people out of fear, not realizing what he's doing to people. So maybe the conflict between him and annoying British ghoul is about what people do out of fear of the unknown. It would relate to the whole spying/cold war's almost like that was the original idea. Maybe Emil garbled the fuck out of things, in putting his usual stamp on it.

    Mothership Zeta: yuck...add a mid-century sci-fi concept to the aliens, so they aren't just aliens (e.g invasion of the body snatchers). Have them be actual characters. BUT focus on what is happening the wasteland, how they affect humans. Initially it should be a rumor. People just seem paranoid. Then you find out about them and end up going back and forth from their ship to deal with the it isn't a linear a slog.

    However, at the end it turns out that there was some pre-war experiment into bio-psychological warfare. Basically you got infected, your had a high fever and succumbed to a kind of mass hysteria. Thematically it would focus on xenophobia. People get so afraid of an external other that they don't realize that they're being manipulated through fear. Disgust for the monstrous aliens turns out to have been toward anyone who happened to be bald or something ridiculous like that. So I guess at the end you probably find out that you slaughtered a bunch of innocent people.
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    I think I have some fixes for Mothership Zeta.

    * Someone has kidnapped you and put you in a Tranquility Lane-esque simulation.
    * They're mutants from a Lunar Vault that had been created via genetic engineering by the Pre-War Enclave.
    * It's all a dream brought on by some Megaton or Tenpenny Tower rotgut.

    Some other tweaks for the other works.

    Operation Anchorrage:

    * I don't see why it's not actually how the battle went.

    The Pitt:

    * You have it spelled out that Ashur is the person buying all the slaves from Paradise Falls. They trade their ammo and steel products to other settlements.

    Broken Steel:

    * Colonel Autumn is the head of the Enclave if he survived and if not, then a new Colonel.
    * You can make a deal with either to join the Enclave and nuke the BOS' hideout.

    Point Lookout

    * There actually is a villain and plot against him. It's just he's pretty lame. I'd make him more crazy and awesome.
    * I'd have the Nappy Napper as a ghoul child hanging around the swamps.
    * I'd revela the Hillbillies are all mutants.
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