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    May 11, 2020
    Hey all, I'm just looking for some general advice and recommendations on mod usage. I've found it a bit difficult piecing together all the information on mod installation, compatibility, and such, especially without central repository (like nexusmods) or when top level posts don't reflect the current state of updates, and so on. I'm pretty savvy when it comes to modding games; I've modded almost every game I've ever played if it was possible from DOOM to FO4, so just point me in the general direction and I'll figure it out!

    I played Fallout 1 or 2, can't even remember, for a very short period of time a long time ago but never got super into it. I've just now finished off of a modded first time FNV playthrough with like 200 hours playtime, and I've catapulted it to the top of my favorite new age fallout/elder scrolls games. I know it's reminiscent of the OG titles so I figured I should give em another go, namely FO2 because I know I won't have the patience to work through both titles. I'm a sucker for modding my games; If I know I can get an essentially superior experience (and you guys have been crafting these mods for like 2 decades) I just can't justify a vanilla playthrough. I generally try to keep things lore-friendly, which usually comes down to fixing and modernizing the game, adding in things that are in the spirit or the vision of the original creators, and making things as brutally difficult as the fun allows (I think dark souls has ruined difficulty for me in other games).

    And as for the actual question(s):

    I'm very interested in EcCo as it seems what the creator set out to do is very much in line with how difficult I would like to make things. So as far as I can tell, what I want for my definitive vanilla-esque modded playthrough is RP 2.3.3 (pkged with sFall) with EcCo? I know that RP is the base for this, but is it possible to use RPU? What about latest updated sFall versions? It would be a bummer to miss out on fixes provided in recent years by sFall, RPU/UPU, but there are really no economy/combat difficulty balances otherwise. Are there any other major fixes or mods that are definitive must haves?

    I've gotten quite used to the whole grabbing whatever the fuck mods I want for FO3, FNV, FO4, Skyrim and doing a quick 1-2 in xEdit to make everything play nicely, but I suppose there's some more pick and choosing for older games. Sorry if it's all a bit lengthy and vague!

    Oh yea as a side note, was a bit tricky having to figure out the registration question when the links to the forum archives 404! Wayback machine for the win!
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    Glad that you want to play older games. So, about ecco, as far as I know ecco has some problems with its ecomomy. What it means that you sell something for 500 and if you wanted to buy it back you would need to pay 5000 for the same item. Because of that I do not recommend playing with ecco. There is an updated version of the mod version 0.6.3 but its on a russian forum and has broken English translation unfortunately. But if you still want to play the game with some balance fixes, I recommend installing Fallout 2 weapons redone. It's a great mod that fixes and changes couple of things about weapon damage. About sfall It's easy as hell, İnstall RP and RPU after it and just drag and drop the new sfall version into your Fallout 2 directory
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    Based on everything you've said, I would play Fallout 1 rather than 2. Fallout 1 is actually a rather quick game, and overall it's a much tighter experience than F2.
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    Apr 29, 2020

    The Ecco Mod works good..

    You only must read the readme file

    There are changes in Barter formula so you need high barter skill now or you will get less money for things and buy it for high money.

    Weapons also know that a Armor has reduction of damage.. Some critters have high damage threshold.

    You can now take parts from animals to sell or create things... And you can learn more crafting things... So try it and read things...

    @agris Fallout 2 is better than 1.
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    Jun 18, 2018
    Just a note about choosing Fallout 1 or 2.

    Since u played over 200 hundred hours of FNV, I guess the worldmap and size are an issue to u. Fallout 2 is a much larger world, in which u can spend hours and hours exploring the world. Especially the modded versions such as restoration project and Megamod.

    Fallout 1 I think can be as immersive, if not more so, but there's not to much to explore. So while the world is very immersive, and u do want to find out more and explore, it is not as rewarding as 2. It has a far greater focus on the main quest, and it is almost the sole motivator for wanting to keep playing eventually (as it should?).

    Both games are awesome, and both are superior in certain aspects. Fallout 1 is like "I just can't wait to get to the end", while 2 is "I just don't want it to end"

    If u do choose to play Fallout 1, u should probably use Fallout et tu . Its Fallout 1 using Fallout 2 engine, with a few mods most likely installed (haven't checked). This will be a softer HUD throwback. OG Fallout is even less comfortable then the OG 2, which is actually pretty good now that it has been modded.
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