modoc quest guarding brahman GVARS

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    May 16, 2006

    So I have a case of some bad OCD. I already restarted the game to try out the Maria mod(im using restoration project as well) but the issue is that this time around after finishing ALOT of quests from different towns I forgot to guard the brahman/complete the quest and now I cannot speak to her father to start the quest. What can be done to solve this? I have a savegame editor and i see the GVARS such as brahman alive and protector/etc which are both 0. What GVARS do I need to change to have the quest completed or is there anything I can do besides restarting from an old save or starting over. I really don't want to start over for a 3rd time. Is this quest even important or is my OCD just silly?

    Thanks in advance for anyone that can help,