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    Jul 28, 2011
    Lupo chatted to Rowan "So what's been happening much?"

    "Not much my dear mate, made it head engineer and been laying in the girls at Gomorrah, they dig my crazy style. It's the beard, it catches attention."


    "C'mon buddy! You gotta lighten up the serious tone! Drop the cool act and be wild!"

    "Wild isn't the word, even animals are more sophisticated and show more pride than a whore-bag. I don't try to put any act on, it's just how I am."

    "Oh really? Well I bet you've never shagged another girl since Laura, you should let yourself go free."

    "..." Lupo didn't respond.

    "Y'alright buddy? Didn't mean no offence, ye know I dinnae."

    "It's okay, I've got something that needs doing. Rob, I'll be back later, I've got a little retribution that needs doing. Arrivederci." Then Lupo headed back into the wastleland without a trace, leaving the others confused.
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    May 20, 2011
    Rob was just as confused as the rest of the group, the three talked and ate for a while before finishing, Rowan paid Rob fifty caps to help him finish his 'invincible' robots. For the next five hours the pair worked furiously on the machines, while other NCR troopers looked on.

    "You should consider joining the NCR, good work hours, friendly people, and enough pay to get me laid at Gomorrah every week"

    "I prefer being a free man, I can go anywhere I want, whenever I want, and no one to stop me"

    "What do think happened to um.. what's his name?... Lupo?"

    "Some 'personal retribution' I guess, he'll be back, he was hired to protect me"
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    Jul 28, 2011
    Lupo stood at the peak of a small cliff. His trenchcoats rim flew wildy with the wind, and his barret "Requiscat", held in his hand over his shoulder. He looked over the wasteland and spotted his targets, a dozen legionaries in a camp. There were loads of slaves carrying cargo through. Looked lime some trade post, except slaves were carrying the cargo from one place to another. Then he saw a legionary he knew very well, vicous to the core, and ruthless til the end. He hopped down from the cliff, and approached at a distance, he readied his rifle and went prone, and waited until the right moment where he could gain his 'retribution'. Where he would kill his target he had been searching for years but never had the strength to do it, to stop him from the pain and slavery the Legionaries had done to him. To stop his brother's suffering.
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    May 20, 2011
    Rowan and Rob had finally finished the robot after hours of reassembling the wiring and electronics and waiting for the fission batteries to charge, the pair stood back and smiled at their work.

    "A hard day's work pays off eh?"

    "You sure it won't explode on the first shot this time?"

    "Go ahead, shoot them"

    Rob drew his revolver and shot both robots weak points, but the securitron and protectron seemed unharmed, Rob looked at Rowan and slapped a high five.
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    Jul 28, 2011
    An hour after, Lupo came back with a pack'o brahmin strapped with a whole lot of legionaries. Slaves trailed after. A guard stopped him at the entrance.
    "What's the meaning of th-" Lupo halted him and passed him a bunch of caps.
    "Escort these slaves to Mormon Fort, in freeside. The caps should be good to gamble.
    "Th-thanks sir, I will." The trooper saluted him and headed off with the slaves. The brahmin with the dead legionaries trodded forward. "One hundred legionaries in an hour. Took me a couple of hours to get back. I assume you fixed the robots?"

    "Yes we did." Answered Rowan.

    "That's good news, you know a good medic who specialises in removing poisons?"

    "Not me I'm afraid buddy." Said Rowan dissapointedly.

    "Damn it. I need him to save my brother." He unstrapped one of the legionaries, who was his brother.

    "He's been poisoned by some drug or serum to force his loyalty. Making him a homicidal killer only loyal to the first man it sees. That would be Caesar."

    "Sounds like fiends to me." Said Jack.

    "Yeh but fiends would rather shoot each other in the back if there was meat to be had. No, this is different, he acts like legion. He was a slave forced by drug. And he can still be saved, then my retribution will be complete." Explained Lupo

    "Didn't know the Legion had resorted to such tactics." Complained Rowan.

    "Seems they're taking desperate measure to make sure everyone answers to Caesar. Fighting corruption, what assholes." Said Jack.

    "All these fuckers behind me, they've not been treated to the shit, so I figured the troops might want some target practice. And I saved a bunch of slaves, makes me feel good. Still, I need a doctor. And quick."

    "I think I might know someone." Everyone turned to Rob.
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    May 20, 2011
    "On the outskirts of Vegas, West of here, there an old shack, looks abandoned to most, but it's actually home to the Mojave's best doctor"

    "Can you take me to him?"

    "His services aren't cheap you know"

    "I'll pay anything, please take me to him"

    "Okay, were going to have to get there fast, I've seen what that drug does to people"

    Rowan and Jack stayed at the Dam and watched the pair, speed off over the hills. After half an hour they spotted the old rusty shack that seemed to be falling apart, they arrived near the door and laid Lupo's brother on the ground

    "Wait here" Rob walked over to the door and pressed the button on the intercom

    "Who is it?" Replied a raspy voice

    "It's a bull shagging a bear, open up Alfred"

    "Is that you Robert?"

    "Yeah" The door suddenly opened revealing a short, scrawny man

    "What do you want?"
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    Jul 28, 2011
    "Can you heal my brother?"

    "Maybe, maybe not. And I say no! He's legion, let him die like legion. Them shithead fuckers can go and lay on each other as long as they want, I aint curing their homosexuality!"

    "What? Be serious Alfred." Demanded Rob.

    "No, he can die like the bull, never milked and always drie."

    "He was forced into a legionary, by the 'drug'." Explained Rob.

    "Ohhh, the 'drug', why didn't you say so. But offer up first, I have a service to run." Lupo payed the caps up.

    "Good, now let me examine him." They went inside and the doctor was searching and examining the poor victim.

    "Yes, he's had a serious dose. Nothing I can do, sayonara! Nah I'm kiddin with ya, I can get him fixed up in a day. Come back tomorrow and he'll be as right as rain. Oh, and if you see anyone else with the 'Bull's Blessing", don't send them all here, I like to keep vague."

    "Thank you sir, I won't forget this." Lupo thanked.

    "Yeh yeh, now scram!" He shut the door and they were on their way.

    "So that's the term Caesar's gave the drug eh? Doesn't seem like a blessing. More like a curse in disguise if you ask me." Said Rob.

    "I agree, where shall we head now? Hoover Dam's an option, but so are Fiends and raiders. Or what about the wind?" Asked Lupo as they walked past the dunes.
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    May 20, 2011
    The pair stood there for a while under the baking sun

    "So what do you want to do?"

    "Lets go Fiend hunting" With blood thirsty tone

    They went to McCarran to get the job and were on their way, the two weren't far from Fiend territory, they had to go South West and they were there at the wall that separated the NCR from Fiends

    "Hey! You're not allowed here!" It was an NCR lieutenant

    "Why? We just got confirmation to access this area by Colonel James Hsu"

    "We were supposed to be sending in a squad to reclaim Vault 3, no one was to interfere, looks like there was a communication problem"

    "Mind if we tag along with the squad?" Rob said with a smile, and withdrew a bag that contained over a thousand caps
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    Jul 28, 2011
    "Oh this is gonna be funm" laughed Rob.

    "I guess, as long as people stop dying cause of them. We infiltrate this base and slaughter them, and there's many ways to do this. Sneak in, kill Motor Runner. Or charge in head first, and come out with the fiends head. Just remember Rob, we ain't invincible. But nevertheless, let's enjoy ourselves and kill them bastards." Explained Lupo.

    "Sure sure. We got plenty of time, and we'll be renowned for being the defeaters of the infamous fiends. Think about the caps."

    "I couldn't care less, as long the heads on my wall, then I'm okay."

    "Then we share the same idea more or less. Let's roll Lupo."

    "I prefer the term: 'showtime'." And then, they marched into territory, ready to defeat the fiends.
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    May 20, 2011
    The pair got to the gate to meet the squad that was supposed to clear out the Fiend base, they were all dressed in black with masks on their faces

    "Are you the guys we're fighting along side with?"


    "Well we got some advice for you: Don't die"

    The group attached their silencers to their weapons and moved in swift and sharp, Rob looked down scope and spotted a Fiend pissing on the rubble

    "Enemy sighted"

    Rob took the shot
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    Jul 28, 2011
    Lupo flanked in from a different angle with two other soldiers, he had met these on promotion day, so had a certain bond with them. A lot of fiends were approaching from the west, so the team took positions in the ruined buildings, then when the fiends turned their back, the three snipers dispatched them silently with their suppressed rifles. The leading fiend turned to see his drugged up allies dead. In fear and shock, he heard the wind brush past his face and looked up to see Lupo jump down on him, dagger ready. After that, they rushed forward to see a fiend raping a civilian, two other fiends were laughing at the sight.
    " You two, flank from both positions and I'll take the direct approach. We'll se who has the last laugh." Mused Lupo.

    "Affirmative." The two snipers switched to silenced pistols and flanked the fiends. Lupo came forward and shot the leader dead. The fiends stopped laughing and fell to the floor. The civilian was about to thank them but the snipers had already ran ahead at the next corner. But on the way, Lupo stuck a thumb to show her he understood. The civilian smiled and ran back to where she cam from. The snipers regrouped with Rob, and looked ahead..
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    May 20, 2011
    Most of the Fiends retreated back to the Vault and locked the door, the group ran towards it to find it bolted shut

    "What do we do know?" Asked one of the Squad members

    "I can reroute the circuitry on the control board" Replied Rob

    "Get to it then" Rob then retrieved a screwdriver and a few other tools and began work, he took off the cover and changed the wiring to the door and within no time it was ready to be opened

    "Everyone prepared?" The group replied with a simple nod, the Vault door rolled open to reveal petrified Fiends

    "How the fuck did they get insi-" The Fiend didn't finish his sentence, a bullet had already entered his skull, Rob retrieved a Semi-Automatic Rifle of the corpse and began firing, the group went down the hallway drawing closer to Motor-Runner's lair.
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    Jul 28, 2011
    (OOC: It's motor-runner. Motor Heads the band lol :))

    Lupo walked through, cautiously watching all corners. When a few popped round, he would kill 3 in one shot then kill the rest with his deagle. He repeated until he saw Rob again, then noticed the stairs leading down. Lupo gave the signal to advance and the whole squad breached in and let open fire on the enemies. Loads fell to kingdom come and others fleed the terror, but the snipers gave chase and they came back with the accomplisment of their deaths. There were casualties though,two troopers were dismembered by some fiend with a chainsaw. He was killed, but he threw a grenade killing his own allies and another trooper. Lupo and the rest advanced near the next set of stairs. These were the bedrooms.
    "Be on your guard, they'll try for an ambush, there's too much close space so we shouldn't stick together, swap any rifles for good cqc." They treaded upstairs and as expected, they were ambushed but were as easily thwarted as they were shredded by the close guns of the squad. a fiend came out and looked angry.
    "What the fuck? You fuckers fucking everything up for us? We make a base here, have a perfect drug smuggling business, and have all the fun we want; and you fucked dicks come to ruin that for us? I'm gonna fuck you up so bad, your own mother won't even glance at the funeral! Ahahah!" He rushed towards the squad with a pipe, but his stupidity led to his downfall. He was immediately torn to pieces by so many bullets. The squad advanced and Lupo looked at the worthless slump.
    "Chew on that, asshole." They advanced to the front porsche of motor-Runner's tunnel, and were ready to take him on..
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    May 20, 2011
    The group walked slowly through the Vault's tunnel, all was silent, everything quiet, they drew closer to a large iron door that was slightly open, one of the squad members spotted a shadow behind it

    "Guys, I think I see somethi-" A heavily armoured Fiend armed with a flame thrower interrupted the sentence and sprayed him and Rob with the flammable chemicals, Rob was able to throw off the NCR trooper disguise he still had on but the Squad member wasn't as lucky and burned alive as the group watched in horror. The Fiend then pointed his weapon towards Lupo, exposing his back-mounted gas tank, Rob fired his Rifle into the tank making it explode, covering him completely in flames, he stumbled blindly before finally burning to death. The group then turned their attention back to the burned soldier

    "Medic! Is there anything you can do"

    "No, I haven't got the equipment to save him"

    "I know what I can do for him" Rob replied


    Rob walked over to the wounded soldier and shot him in the head

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    Jul 28, 2011
    "As long as his suffering is gone now. At least he won't burn horribly now. Let's avenge him and kill Motor-Runner. He's through that door there. The door opened, and Motor-Runner came to them instead with his dogs.
    "So you've come all this way to kill me? You sure you want that? How about I pay you lot to fuck off? Anything, ammo, caps, chems. Name it, and you'll get it; so long as you get the fuck outta here." Asked the fiend boss.

    "Soryy, corruption can't buy freedom and vengeance." Lupo replied.

    "Bastards like you should burn like the brimstone of hell for all I could care." Said Rob.

    "Fine then, we'll do this the hard way." Motor-Runner was about to get his weapon out but he dropped dead too easy as Lupo emptied a clip into his brain. The dogs rushed to attack but Rob was quick and blew their brains out.

    "No Motor-Runner, we did this the easy way.. Now Rest in hell you sick bastardo." Exclaimed Lupo as he turned towards Rob.
    "What now? Your disguise is off, and our ears will burn from the NCR official's nagging."

    "Don't worry about it pal, we won't tell. Call it a favour, as you helped us a deal loads. And call it past expenses cut short to even? After all, it's not like we saw Rob take his armour off. #wink#." The lead squad member said, who had the name 'Silver'.

    "Fair enough, let's get outta here." Said Rob. They were finally otu the vault, and a bit of fresh air seemed like a relief.
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    May 20, 2011
    After Rob was done looting the dead bodies they had killed along the way, they left and walked to the El Rey motel and got themselves room, it wasn't luxury but it was closer to Alfred's shack, Lupo must've gone to sleep pretty quickly as there was no noise coming from his room, Rob then reloaded his revolver and placed it under his pillow.
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    Jul 28, 2011
    Dreams entered Lupo's mind. Good ones this time, as he envisioned his brother alive and kicking, back in action and them two defeating the worst threats the wastes could throw at them. Just like old times, when life was good, when he had a wife,and when he had a family. But he also thought about his new life, where he was assigned that mission to protect Rob. What was the point? Rob looked capable of defending himself, but he was glad to have made an ally. He was glad to mmet old and new: Rowan Samuels, Pawnsy, Jack Turner, the mysterious doctor known as Alfred, and of course his brother. Lupo wondered what fate would lie above, would it be for good or for bad? And would his luck finally run out? He thought about his contact, the guy who was in a dumpster, as well as being the doctor at the strip who saved him from death. Who was he? What were his goals with Rob? But it didn't matter, it was a job Lupo was getting paid for, and Lupo was a professional. He slept peacefully for once in 3 years, and layed with his trusty rifle and snored himself to sleep.
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    May 20, 2011
    Rob awoke to see the sun shining down on his face, he stretched his muscles and put his revolver back in his holster, he opened the door to find Lupo leaning against the guard rail on their floor, they bought something to eat at the caravan that was stationed in front of the motel, the two then retrieved their things at set off to Alfred's shack North East of the motel, when they reached the shack, Rob knocked on the door

    "Who is it?"

    "You know who it is, now open up"

    The door open to reveal a man sitting at the table, Lupo and the man exchanged glances, and walked towards each other.
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    Jul 28, 2011
    "Well?" Asked Lupo.

    "Well what?" Replied Alfred.

    "How's my brother? How's my damn brother?" Demanded Lupo.

    "Kid, I'm sorry to say; I don't want to tell you." Said Alfred remorsely.

    "Tell me! Enough games you bastard! Tell me if he's dead or alive!" With that he grabbed Alfred by the collar and slammed to the wall. "Tell me."

    "Hey, calm it Lupo." Rob forcefully grabbed Lupo away from him. Then a new voice spoke.

    "Whoa, what's the commotion about eh?" A broadly built man with a smile on his face walked out the door, he was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans walked out. He had shortly cut black hair and his eyes were blue. He waved to Lupo and nodded to Rob then gave a handshake to Alfred.

    "Bloody hell, I think your brother broke my back. Lupo, your brother wanted to tell you himself, he just did it a bit too late. Well, have a happy reunion, oh and don't think I'm giving you your caps back, a brother should be worth more, but consider this a discount." Said Alfred as he winked and walked back inside.

    "Lexus, nice to see you again bro." Said Lupo as he took his helmet off.

    "Yeh bro, just like the old days. Nice to meet you Rob." He shaked Rob's hand. Then a sudden explosion went off at Alfred's shack, and the whole house was burned.
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    May 20, 2011
    Rob kicked open the door of the burning shack and searched for Alfred, when he got to the bedroom, all he found was a burnt corpse laying in the bed, though it was slightly taller than Alfred though he couldn't be sure, Rob walked out of the burning wreck

    "Is he dead?"

    "I don't know"

    While the two brothers talked to each other Rob went South West of Hoover Dam and looked into the Colorado river and lit a cigarette, he had made up his mind of where he was going, to Legion territory.