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    "Mutants Rising is a free, game-sized total conversion mod for Fallout 2, picking up the saga of the Chosen One 20 years after the events of Fallout 2. The Protagonist, who is an orphan in Cassidy's care, must find a way to replace Cassidy's failing heart, find the Chosen One, who has gone missing several years ago, stop an army of hostile mutants and look for information about his or her real parents."

    This reveal is my attempt to garner enough interest to actually finish the mod. So I will be showing all of the game that we have been making for the last 10 years. The only thing left to finish is approximately 300 scripts, maybe 40% of the total scripts. The team has grown and dwindled over the years, currently there are only 3 people still chipping away at the mod. This is a call out for people who are familiar with Fallout scripting and who are willing to assist. Now before people get excited and offer, first look over what we have made and think about what's required. We don't want to teach people how to script, this is something you need from the get go. If you only half interested and aren't willing to commit to actually finish the game, don't bother replying. People who are interested please leave a message with Ardent, our lead designer / scripter, from there we will let you into the main website.

    Discord Server - https://discord.com/invite/xksN4KVx

    The images and text I'm providing will be major spoilers for the game, each location will be shown in its own separate spoiler tag - basically in the order you would experience game, but the beauty of Fallout is you could go wherever you wanted and play the game however you wished. You will see the:
    • Main Menu
    • Main Map
    • Talking Heads
    • Town Descriptions
    • Splash Screens
    • Ending Screens
    • Location Image
    • The actual maps of every location
    Certain maps have hidden locations (roof tiles that hide parts of the map for story/quest purposes), all of this will be revealed. Every major location has a talking head, there are 5 companions for the player to find, each with detailed individual backstories and quests to improve the skills of the companion. On top of that there are also a dozen temporary companions that the player can use for quests / story purposes.

    I will update the first page as I upload more images - locations, so keep visiting the first post to see Mutants Rising.

    I. Elko

    Description: Elko is a small, isolated town founded by the Chosen One some 20 years before the game starts. Elko's population is made up from the survivors of Vault 13 (now turned wastelanders), Arroyo tribals and various people who settled in town over the years. This is the very first town of the mod.

    Technical information: After the mutant attack, Elko disappears from map, and instead - Destroyed Elko appears (the same trick as with Arroyo in Fallout 2);

    Sub-locations: Elko Vault, Destroyed Elko, Shufflestop;

    Expected level of the PC on arriving at the location: Lvl 1 in Elko, Lvl 2 in Elko Vault and Destroyed Elko, Lvl 3 in Shufflestop.

    XP: About 6000 XP it total (Elko: 2000-2500 XP, Elko Vault: ~250 XP, Destroyed Elko: 200-400 XP, Shufflestop: ~3000 XP)

    Number of marked quests: 16 (Elko: 12, Elko Vault: 2, Shufflestop: 2)

    Notable equipment: Sharpened spear (Elko), Radio (Elko, Elko Vault), Zip-Gun (Shufflestop, Baxter), Flare Launcher (Shufflestop),

    CNPCs: Cassidy (temp), Baxter (perm), Luigi Santiago (temp)

    Enemies: rats, giant ants, silver geckos, small radscorpions, Matatu (no armor), pig rats, mole rat Ben, Ishmael (no armor), Luigi Santiago (leather jacket)

    Karma titles: none;

    Talking heads: Cassidy;


    Main Town

    Main Town Basements

    Farm Area

    Tribal Area

    Cemetery Basement


    Plateau Cave

    Destroyed Elko

    Elko Vault

    Elko Vault Level 2


    Shuffleshop Sewers

    II. Dayglow

    Description: Dayglow is a peaceful agricultural community where humans, ghouls and super mutants used to live in peace, at least until the mutants suddenly went crazy, caused ruckus in town and left into the unknown.

    Technical information: None;

    Sub-locations: Ackerman Ranch;

    Expected level of the PC on arriving at the location: Lvl 3-4;

    XP: 3500-4500

    Number of marked quests: 15

    Notable equipment: Pipe Rifle (Ackerman Ranch), Sledgehammer (Ackerman Ranch), Leather Jacket (Police station, Dayglow), 10mm pistol (shop), Flare Pistol, Rus Hardin's Revolver, Dynamite (shop);

    CNPCs: Dogmeat (perm);

    Enemies: small radscorpions, giant radscorpions, ghouls (no armor, leather jacket);

    Karma titles: none;

    Talking heads: Terrance;


    Dayglow Entrance

    Dayglow South

    Dayglow Ranch

    Abandoned Farm

    Abandoned Farm Basement

    III. Wendover

    Description: Wendover is a pre-war highway truck stop re-settled and made into a trader town on the way towards Salt Lake City. There's a wacky religious cult in Wendover, a band of slavers and two other gangs of wastelanders. The town is very atomized, but will have to either come together before the imminent mutant attack or be destroyed.

    Technical information: Wendover may be attacked by mutants; Either a "destroyed" version of town will have to be displayed, as in Elko, or one of the maps will need to switch the player's location on entry (like in V15 in F2);

    Sub-locations: Norman Vault;

    Expected level of the PC on arriving at the location: Lvl 5;

    XP: 4800-7600

    Number of marked quests: 19

    Notable equipment: Hunting Rifle (shop), Scoped Hunting Rifle (upgrade at Valerie's), .44 Desert Eagle (shop and Norman quests), Ext. Mag. Desert Eagle (upgrade at Valerie's), Shotgun (Normans), Assault Rifle (later Norman quest), Mean Kicker (slavers, shop), Throwing Spear (slavers, shop), Spiked Knuckles (shop), Jury-rigged laser pistol (Stingers), Flame Pistol (Stingers), Crowbar, Hatchet, Tire Iron (slavers, shop), Harpoon Gun (unique item, slavers' loot), Ballistic Fist (shop, special conditions);

    CNPCs: Doc Camden (perm); Owen (temp); Candice (temp);

    Enemies: slavers (leather armor), gangers (leather jacket), Normans (robes), Supermutants (after the town's destruction);

    Karma titles: Religious Nut;

    Talking heads: Zachariah Mullen;

    Zachariah Mullen

    Slaver Camp

    Main Town

    Church Basement

    Airfield - Junkyard

    Airfield Basement

    Control Tower

    Norman Vault Main Entrance

    Norman Vault Back Entrance

    Norman Vault

    IV. NCR15

    Description: NCR 15 is the modern day Vault 15 - a stronghold for NCR. The vault is completely picked clean (as it should be by now). The town is completely in turmoil after being attacked by mutants. Few survivors are left.

    Technical information: n/a;

    Sub-locations: NCR Farm; Darwin's Ranch;

    Expected level of the PC on arriving at the location: Lvl 4 if coming during one of Dayglow missions, otherwise probably around Lvl 5-6;

    XP: 6500-9500

    Number of marked quests: 14

    Notable equipment: .44 Desert Eagle (cops), Shock Baton (cops), Assault Rifle (NCR military), Shotgun (Diaz's men), various melee and unarmed weapons (Diaz's men); Leather armor (quest reward);

    CNPCs: Snake (temp);

    Enemies: rats, radroaches (V15), looters (leather jacket), NCR police (combat leather jacket and combat armor), one would be mobster and his thugs;

    Karma titles: none;

    Talking heads: none;

    Town Entrance

    NCR 15 Town

    Town Basements

    Darwin's Ranch

    Vault Entrance


    Vault Level 1

    Vault Level 2

    Vault Level 3

    V. Las Vegas

    Description: The largest town in the region, an important industrial complex and a resort all at the same time. Las Vegas is threatened by the approaching mutant army and Dude's actions will lead either to a successful defence or to the city's downfall.

    Technical information: The PC is very likely to return several times to Las Vegas, and its quests will be designed for a wide range of player levels; You can end the game prematurely in Las Vegas, if you are kidnapped by the Organ Leggers and made their unconscious donor.

    Sub-locations: Junkjacker Den;

    Expected level of the PC on arriving at the location: Lvl 6-7;

    XP: We should aim for around 25000-40000 XP

    Number of marked quests: 30

    Notable equipment: A wide variety of items, the availability of which will change over time; Some readily available equipment will most likely include: metal armor, assault rifle, flamer, laser pistol, shotgun, lockpicks, geiger counter etc.

    CNPCs: Fernando the Kid (perm); Elvin (temp);

    Enemies: many various opponents - TBD;

    Karma titles: A karma title for each main Don - TBD;

    Talking heads: Dirty Dirk;

    Dirty Dirk

    City Entrance

    City Entrance Sewers

    Star Bar

    Star Bar Level 2

    Star Bar Sewers

    Casino Strip

    Casino Strip Level 2

    Casino Strip Sewers

    Las Vegas Industrial

    Las Vegas Industrial Level 2

    Las Vegas Industrial Sewers

    Las Vegas Farm

    Las Vegas Ruins - Ghoul Town

    Ghoul Town Sewers

    Junkjacker Den

    Junkjacker Den Level 2

    Junkjacker Den Basement Car Park

    VI. Khans

    Description: The Khans is an abandoned coal mine settled by the restituated raider klan known as the Khans. The Khans are essentially a bad-guy faction, and doing quests for them means evil karma. This location is either found by doing a mission for Dirty Dirk, or has to be found on foot. Information that the Khan territory extends east of Wendover is available in several towns before.

    Technical information: n/a;

    Sub-locations: Caravan Ambush Area; Fake Khans' Base; Bakersfield Outpost; Armor Caravan;

    Expected level of the PC on arriving at the location: Lvl 8-9;

    XP: 8800-14000

    Number of marked quests: 11

    Notable equipment: Tommy Gun, Little Tom (shop), M60, Laser Rifle (shop, when Kahgan's Hand), Explosive Spear (Fake Khans); Throwing Hatchet (Fake Khans); Service Rifle (NCR military/rangers); Black Armor (NCR Rangers); Combat Shotgun (NCR Rangers); 14mm Pistol (NCR Troopers); Cattle Prod (NCR Troopers); Sniper Rifle (end reward); Rocket Launcher (end reward); Ballistic Fist (end reward); Tesla Lance (end reward); Laser Rifle Ext. Cap. (end reward);

    CNPCs: none;

    Enemies: Fake Khans (leather jacket), NCR Troopers (Combat Armor), NCR Rangers (Combat Armor), Muerte Legion (Metal Armor);

    Karma titles: Kahgan's Hand;

    Talking heads: Kahgan;


    Khan Entrance

    Khan Cave

    Kahgan's Cave

    Fighting Cage

    Vault 22 Entrance

    Caravan Ambush Area

    Bakersfield Outpost

    Armor Caravan

    Fake Khans' Base

    VII. Vault 22

    Description: Vault 22 is an inhabited Vault discovered by the Player Character by chance during one of the quests for the Khans. It currently serves as a bio/genetics lab for a certain Dr Greenwood who likes to call herself the Ghoul Queen. There are other groups in the Vault too, and they are all fighting for survival.

    Technical information: This area is accessible at Level 12 at the earliest, due to the fact that the Player will be trapped here and must have means to tackle the quests; Also, this is where you can end the game prematurely, playing a dumb character and letting yourself be transformed into a trog.

    Sub-locations: none;

    Expected level of the PC on arriving at the location: Lvl 12;

    XP: 6000-8000

    Number of marked quests: 8

    Notable equipment: Trog Spear, Pump Action Shotgun, Laser Pistol, Plasma Grenade, Electronic Lockpick, Longevity Formula, Plastic Explosives, Micro-fusion cell;

    CNPCs: none;

    Enemies: Radroaches, Mad Dogs (Metal Armor), admins (no armor), kids (no armor), automatic turrets, trogs;

    Karma titles: none;

    Talking heads: Ghoul Queen;

    Ghoul Queen

    Vault 22 Level 1

    Vault 22 Level 2

    Vault 22 Prison

    Vault 22 Surface

    VIII. Groom Lake

    Description: A divided town tucked away behind inhospitable wastelands, standing guard over the dark secrets of the old world. The town is on the brink of all-out civil war which the Player Character can either help prevent or help ignite the first real sparks.

    Technical information: n/a;

    Sub-locations: Abandoned Trading Post, Area 51;

    Expected level of the PC on arriving at the location: Lvl 12-13;

    XP: 7500-12000

    Number of marked quests: 22

    Notable equipment: Miranda (Modded 223. Pistol), Mason's Sniper (Modded Sniper Rifle), Combat Armor (should be available at the Area 51 Garrison or/and as loot), Service Rifles (as Combat Armor), Special Flamer (Area 51 to battle the Xenos effectively), Thermo-Herder, Hatchet;

    CNPCs: Damien Pickett (temp);

    Enemies: GL Militia (Leather Armor Mk II and Combat Armor), Kristinos Thugs (Combat Leather Jackets + Mar w/ Metal Armor Mk II), Mason's Proletarian Guard (no armor, Combat Leather Jacket, Metal Armor), Attacks Dogs (GL Militia), Wanamingos/Xenos (Area 51 + Side-quest), Radiation (Area 51);

    Karma titles: Proletarian Vanguard, Unscrupulous Mercenary, Honorary Deputy, Flunky;

    Talking heads: Murray Forks;

    Murray Forks

    Groom Lake Entrance

    Groom Lake Trading Post

    Groom Lake West

    Groom Lake West Basement

    Groom Lake Salt Flats

    Abandoned Trading Post

    Area 51 Entrance

    Area 51 Level 2

    Area 51 Level 3

    IX. Cedar City

    Description: Cedar city is one of the current strongholds of the BOS after their previous base was destroyed by an earthquake (although it was in fact destroyed by sabotage). The whole base is full of darker undertones with much more going on behind the scenes than meets the eyes.

    Technical information: n/a;

    Sub-locations: Fort Skrap;

    Expected level of the PC on arriving at the location: Lvl 14;

    XP: We should aim for 10000-15000;

    Number of marked quests: 16;

    Notable equipment: Power Armor, advanced weaponry (to be determined), combat implants;

    CNPCs: Father Malkin (perm);

    Enemies: Radiation (Fort Skrap), fire geckos/giant roaches (Fort Skrap), humans (Combat Armor mk.II / Power Armor), one mad mutant ;

    Karma titles: most likely, a series of reputations denoting Dude's rank in the Brotherhood (Initiate, Knight, Paladin etc.);

    Talking heads: Sgt. Weathers;

    Sgt. Weathers

    Cedar City Outskirts

    Outskirts Sewers

    BOS Base

    BOS Base Level 2

    Sewers/Hidden Base

    Cedar City Slums

    Cedar City Slums Sewers

    Mines Level 1

    Mines Level 2

    Mines Level 3


    Caves Level 2

    Caves Level 3

    X. Red Sands

    Description: Red Sands is a pre-war air force base resettled by a mysterious and powerful faction from the east known as Vermillion League. The mutant army has overrun the facility in order to obtain weapons and ammo to continue the attacks and to launch a full-scale onslaught on Las Vegas.

    Technical information: n/a;

    Sub-locations: none;

    Expected level of the PC on arriving at the location: Lvl 15-16;

    XP: 12000-20000;

    Number of marked quests: 6

    Notable equipment: Hardened Power Armor (high Science and Repair required - and a suit of Power Armor ofc), Gauss Pistol (given by Corben), advanced weaponry (to be determined)

    CNPCs: none;

    Enemies: Super Mutants; Radiation;

    Karma titles: none;

    Talking heads: GAX;


    Red Sands Entrance

    Red Sands Level 1

    Red Sands Level 2

    Red Sands Level 3

    XI. Radiocity

    Radiocity is a pre-war media and propaganda center. It was a location of prestige, where all major media companies had their establishments, as well as a number of government bodies and agencies. Currently, the city is occupied by the mutant army, and the Poseidon Broadcast Station specifically is used as a base of operations by Morrow, his associates and his minions.

    Technical information: n/a;

    Sub-locations: none;

    Expected level of the PC on arriving at the location: Lvl 17-18;

    XP: 20000-30000;

    Number of marked quests: TBD

    Notable equipment: AA Machine Gun (Brute), many other high-end weaponrary (TBD);

    CNPCs: Brute (temp);

    Enemies: Super Mutants; Automatic turrets and traps;

    Karma titles: none;

    Talking heads: Morrow;


    Radiocity Entrance

    Radiocity Level 2

    Radiocity Level 3

    Radiocity Subway Station

    Radiocity Subway Maintenance

    Mt. Grafton Station

    Mt. Grafton National Research Complex

    Research Complex Interior

    Research Complex Interior Level 2

    Research Complex Roof

    Research Complex Basement

    The random maps are based on the maps from the Restoration Project, but have been refined. Unnecessary clutter has been removed, the maps feel more sparse. The coastal maps have been changed into river/pond maps, the main map has no coastal areas.

    The mountain maps have their 'cliff edge' returned, something I unfortunately removed from the Restoration Project maps, live and learn.

    The city maps have new ground tiles, hopefully they improve the feel of the location.

    There are 4 special random maps where the player has the choice to use as a permanent base to store their items. Each is meant to have a story attached to them as well as a small chance of encountering a bunch of raiders.

    The Chapel

    The Gas Station

    The Farm

    Abandoned home

    Abandoned home - Hidden Bunker.

    The game will have a series of 'special' encounters, nothing too silly, or too over the top.

    Planet of the Apes homage

    One location has a series of increasingly difficult Deathclaws spawning in. The place offers the player the chance to farm experience, but at a very high risk.

    The Reactor

    The Reactor spawning pond


    More soon...
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  2. hexer

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    Dec 7, 2013
    Good luck with the programmer hunt! I would gladly help with that but alas, I am too busy with FY.
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    Deserves to be a news post imo. Gl with the search!
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    Jun 7, 2015
  5. JaW

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    Oct 1, 2006
    One word: IMPRESSIVE !!!
    Hopefully this will be soon or later finished!
  6. Mr.Stalin

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    Oct 29, 2015
    I will say one thing, that there is still something to work on the maps, some maps are not 100% finished.
    City maps have too many extra decorations (let's name them junk) that you need to carefully get rid of this will relieve the perception of the location.
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    Dunno. Although it's not the style of what I'm doing with any of the maps in Fallout Yesterday, I feel the extra level of detail sets Mutants Rising apart in a good way. It's refreshing to see someone take the art style in a more different direction after 20 years.

    What most people aren't aware is that all Fallout 1 maps, the less detailed ones when compared to Fallout 2, were all built by one person - Scott Everts. So it might not be just a stylistic reason behind the simple design of those maps but lack of manpower. There was also the novelty reason of showing the Fallout art for the first time. Why would I need to exaggerate when I'm presenting the artwork for the first time ever?

    In Fallout 2, Scott had two additional mappers helping him and one of them, the guy who I think worked on Broken Hills, NCR and SF sucked really bad. All of his maps looks squeaky clean and unfinished going against what is considered "normal" for Fallout world's state. They even go against descriptions such as SF being heavily nuked in the Great War. Can't see it dude!

    Ideally, the Fallout engine would have each location have completely unique art without any tileset use but no one can produce that. Let alone have the engine handle it due to huge amounts of unique art assets required to be implemented.
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    You see the maps with a full overview screenshot right now. The actual game is supposed to be played in a lower resolution, thus the experience is completely different and you'll never see all the objects at the same time.
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    I have no problem making small improvements with any of the maps, fresh insight is always welcome. Locations have very specific purposes, Ardents briefs are quite detailed but also allowed the flexibility to change things for the better. Places like Radiocity were very tricky to make, just because of the technical difficulty of building multi story buildings that are actually funcional. I can see why the original games tried to avoid stuff like that.

    As well the roof tiles hide the majority of stuff, every location is designed to be explored...the maps with roof tiles have a completely different feel.
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    Did MR get some more attention now with the shout out for help? like, more people joining discord?
    I guess the help your looking for is a quite a rare find in its own kind, as its seems quite a specific one
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    Original Fallout 1 engine had 3 level elevations accessible as a single "elevation" but it was very slow so they split it in 3 "separate" elevations.
    That's why you'll find some really tall early scenery objects (column, stairs) and animations for going up and down the stairs.
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    People being interested is nice, but it doesn't finish the game, we need scripters. I welcome any discussion about the merits or issues of the game, but I do want to actually play this thing one day. Ardent is still scripting a few nodes each day, but at that pace the game won't be finished until 2026.
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    I'm at my job! But unless anyone else can post it I will get to it later on. It should definitely be front side news!
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  14. QuantumApprentice

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    how did you capture your maps?
    and may I use your maps in a video?
  15. The_Proletarian

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    Mar 15, 2012
    Posted on the front page. Let me know if I should add/change something.

    As a huge PotA fan this is my fav:

  16. .Pixote.

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    Screen grabbed in the mapper and glued together in Photoshop, good times...what sort of video?
  17. Oracle

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    "Mutants Rising team wants you to finish their scripts!"

    hmmm isn't that sounding a bit negative when putting it like that? :)
    but maybe thats just my view. Anyways good to see in on the front page
  18. QuantumApprentice

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    I'd like to make 2 videos, one uses your maps to show off what's been completed in MR, and another one just playing your maps set to some mark morgan :P
  19. QuantumApprentice

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    Feb 9, 2018
    oh and by maps, I just mean the images you posted
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    Haha maybe. I was having that poster with Uncle Sam in my mind. I can't change it but I have nothing against an admin changing the title. I want the mod done so if there's a more encouraging title go a head!