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    My friends and I are going to be playing a Fallout PnP together (the actual specifics of the game are being handled by one my friends) and I was tasked with creating a setting for the game, its in early-ish stages and I thought I'd post it here for fun:


    It's set in the year 2300; 19 years after Fallout:New Vegas, assuming that House/Independent Vegas won the second battle of Hoover Dam.

    The location is Wyoming, mainly in the great plains and mountain ranges.

    Majority of locations look like the picture below, but with slightly less grass and the occasional tree/bush scattered about:

    There are three factions in the Wyoming Plains:

    The Great Khans:Remember that empire that is talked about in one of the Great Khan endings?

    This is them.


    When the tribe left the Mojave they were joined by a large group of Followers who decided to merge with the Khans, eventually the more intelligent and strong minded of the Followers worked their way into the Khan hierarchy and formed an improved governmental structure, creating a council of sorts. This partnership and political revamping greatly strengthened the Khans and encouraged them to continue North, towards the Great Plains through Idaho,along the way they battled several roaming tribes (Such as 80's remnants and an alliance of raiders) and were joined by nearly a hundred new members, gathered from isolated towns battered by warring tribes after the civil war within the NCR, causing the NCR armed forces to retreat from the North West frontier, along their travels they raided an abandoned Military Outpost and equipped themselves with higher quality firearms and armor.

    The Great Khans have set themselves up in the North West of Wyoming forming a new city named "New Mongolia" inside what used to be Yellowstone National Park and are looking to expand, and have already set up several small tribal settlements.

    Their "Trump Card" is the fact that they found a small town with a vehicular depot, most cars intact, and with the help of their Ex-Followers members they now have a small fleet of heavily modified Highwaymen which they use to terrorize and eliminate their enemies (The Highwaymen are modified with mounted turrets),scout new areas and travel across the plains with ease and a brisk pace.

    They mainly use assault rifles,grenade launchers and general explosives (Something they have grown to love after being taught the basics by their ex-Vault 19 Powder Ganger members).

    The Khans famous chem production has had an increase in revenue and inspiration as the chemists of the Khans have encountered new herbs and plants that can be manipulated to get one off their tits.

    At the time of the game, the Khans are suffering from minor Political conflict as certain characters wish to make the tribe more aggressive and expansive, whilst others want to remain small and peaceful.

    ​Cheyenne Rangers/The Rangers of the Plains:

    When the Desert Rangers decided to merge with the NCR, not all of them were pleased by the idea.

    A small group decided to split away and head North East,where they reached Wyoming.

    They encountered the City of Cheyenne, which at the time was submerged in gang war, the entire city was split into five sections controlled by warring and corrupt gangs.

    With the support of the local people, the expert rangers managed to unite the city and drive out those who refused to settle for peace and prosperity.

    The city united under the flag of the Rangers ,who were hailed as heroes for finally settling a decade old conflict, the small platoon of Desert Rangers organized and governed the people of Cheyenne and taught it's newly formed military force the ways of survival and tactical combat,eventually the group managed to get a water purification plant working and the city prospered, people from all around the great plains flocked to the newly formed city-state.

    The Rangers try to be different from the ways of the NCR, and have decided on an Oligarchy (Comprised of a Water Baron, two important Ranchers, the head of the weapon manufacturing factory and the original rangers.) rather than a democracy and enact more frontier style/stricter laws: murder and you will be executed, steal and you will be fined and humiliated in the city center etc.

    The Rangers currently control Cheyenne and have no plans for expansion, as they have seen the fate of the NCR,though they do have secretive outposts spread around where Elite Ranger units monitor local activity.

    The Rangers have constant border clashes with the dying Caesars Legion who are trying desperately to move north in an effort to re-motivate the Legions armies and keep them from rebelling and tearing themselves apart,this is a consistent drain on military effort and resources.

    The Khans and Rangers are enemies of sorts, with the Khans aggressive expansion greatly bothering the Rangers and inspiring anxiety within the city, as well as several gunfights and caravan attacks occurring during the initial settlement of New Mongolia.

    The Rangers "Trump Card" is their weapon manufacturing plant (Though the weapons are barebones and don't deal much damage.) and trade of water and food from within the city, giving them a booming economy.

    Shoshone Tribe:

    Before the war Wyoming had several Vault-Tec Vaults, one such Vault was Vault 53.

    Believe it or not, this Vault was probably a control Vault, but had major interference from it's Overseer/Director and included many Native American documentaries, history books, holotapes and movies in it's databanks.

    The Overseer himself was Native American (Descended from the Shoshone tribe) and welcomed these educational themes.

    Eventually the whole vault was raised and taught in the ways of the Native Americans, with only a small bloodline being assigned as maintenance and technology.

    After nearly 140 years, the Vault automatically opened and the new Shoshone Tribe spread out onto the plains and learnt the ways of the new world and its fauna.

    The Tribe is almost identical in its ways as it was Pre-War.

    The Tribe has several villages scattered around the Plains, but has a large Adobe town built from the remains of their rusted old Vault, this town is named "Cavern Plain" in English.

    The Tribe has dedicated itself to protecting and guarding a particular Mountain Range, setting thousands of mantraps throughout the territory and has several war camps placed in case of intruders. (I will get on to this later.)

    The Tribe are expert hunters and use Spears, Bows,Crossbows and basic weaponry as well as Dynamite and a heavy use of traps.

    Their "Trump Card" is their incredible knowledge of the land, their discipline and their control over the mountain range. (I will get to that later.)

    This faction is in flux in terms of origin and some minor details, criticism on this is encouraged.

    The Objective/Plot:

    View attachment 150

    The Party of Main Characters are brought into Wyoming via a Caravan which is ambushed and slaughtered ala Honest Hearts (I will go over the specifics of the Party with my friends.)

    Deep in a particular mountain range in Wyoming (Simply called the "Great Hills" now.) lies a massive Military Complex, stocked with thousands of Firearms, state of the art Energy Weapons, rocket launchers, turrets, you name it and it'll be inside, as well as a fleet of military cars and tanks and most importantly of all: An ICBM.

    This was brought into public knowledge after an automated radio broadcast that was meant to be encrypted, listing the equipment and strategic value of the location, the automated message was cut before it could state the location of the facility.

    The only problem is that nobody knows exactly where it is in the mountain range, except for the Shoshone elders, who keep the mountain range secure using traps and their best hunters placed strategically around the Great Hills.

    In recent years a mysterious army of SentryBots (Fallout 2 kind) and Protectrons began patrolling the mountain range, seemingly working together with the Shoshone to keep outsiders away from the Great Hills.

    The Cheyenne Rangers want the base as a HQ for the Elite Rangers as well as the weaponry to obliterate the Khans and The Shoshone from Wyoming, they also want to destroy the Legion at their borders and send the ICBM straight into the homeland of the already dying Legion/possibly Shady Sands.

    The Khans want the base so they can use the weaponry within to destroy the Cheyenne Rangers, Assimilate the Shoshone and eventually take complete control of Wyoming, then moving onwards to expand, using the ICBM as a threat to those who oppose their expansion. (Though a political minority want to take control of Wyoming and peacefully force the Rangers out only, not wanting to expand,it will be possible for the Party to give this party control over the Khans.)

    The Shoshone want to destroy the base/keep people out so that it's wicked contents can never be used.

    It is revealed near the end of the story that the base is actually home to a secret chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel, who have been cooperating with the tribe to keep the wastelanders out (they both share the same goal, to keep people away from the technology within.).

    Adversaries/Wyoming Fauna/Notes

    In the Great Plains you have all your standard Wasteland wildlife (Brahmin, Bighorner,Gecko etc.) but you also get Two Headed Donkeys who are used to pull frontier style wagons across the plains as well as Yao Guai and mutant Bulls with crimson colored hide.

    In terms of Raiders/Aggressive Tribes their are several:

    The Oregon Alliance: An Alliance of Raiders and Tribes, lead by 80's remnants ( I don't have a good name for them) that have followed the Khans in search of revenge and have set up shop in the plains.

    The Cheyenne Outlaws: a group comprised from the survivors of the Gangs forcibly evicted from the city.

    White Leg remnants:Survivors of the tribe that fled north, they are at war with the "Oregon Alliance"

    Bandits:Just general bandits.

    That's it so far, what do you think?

    I'm not sure whether this is the right board.
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    Well...let's what I have for you:

    The Great Khans: Well, you mentioned the internal conflict between the peaceful group and the expensive one, the way I see it is that there is a group (not a minor one,maybe medium) that want the Great Khans to be like they ancestors (The Khans/New Khans) who imposed respect and control ( and hatred) through war/raiding, slavery,etc something like The Legion but without the whole Roman sexist thing and the other group wants the way that is now, they want a prosperous empire not a horde. Add some ''enraged'' barbarians that the Khans acquired while reaching Wyoming that side with the Traditionalists.

    The Legion: Although they don't seem to appear in the game, I don't how they reached the region. Since The Legion was defeated and Caesar and Lanius are probably dead it probably shattered itself and went back to Arizona. Going north-east probably made most of tribes join another faction

    Rangers: I can see them roaming the US in the search of a desert to call home, my only wish is to see a npc say this: '' Patrolling Wyoming almost makes me want to go back to Mojave''

    BOS: Instead of a full chapter let it be refugees from the NCR war that made the base it's new home. The refugees still believes in the codex but don't exercise it openly ( fear of another war and explain why they don't try to take the vault,if they know about it at all) but has found new ways of acquiring tech ( commerce,etc) and the tech they sell is cheap and requires monthly repairs, of course is the BOS who offer this services.

    You're lucky to have friends who likes Fallout, for I have none ='(

    Don't forget to destroy any happy endings, only downers ones are allowed. Also no mutants allowed in the main cities.
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    You made some interesting points about the Khans, though I think the only people who would actually properly know the history of the original Khans would be the Ex-Followers, and they are the ones supporting they stay put.
    The people they absorbed were more farmers than warriors, as I said, they were originally from towns and settlements abandoned by the NCR and were barely surviving against bandit tribes until the Khans came along.

    Those absorbed form the "Civilian" portion of the Khans, the farmers and builders whereas the original Mojave group form the warriors and hunters mainly.

    The Legion are falling apart, as Chris Avellone said:They're a slower burn than the NCR, and are currently just wandering en masse around their old territories looking for a cause, which they have found in moving through to Wyoming and pushing the Rangers borders.

    I'll be sure to include that line in, maybe if the Party visits the Ranger/Legion border.

    The deal with the Brotherhood is that they've been sealed up since the beginning of the NCR/BoS war and nobody knows they are there, and they prefer to keep it that way, but in recent years since the Shoshone started getting closer to the actual base entrance, they decided to make a deal with them.

    The story has several endings, as well as variations on victories for each faction.

    For instance, if the party does not assist the Rangers/Khans adequately in removing the Brotherhood from the base, the Brotherhood will detonate the reactors and the whole mountain range will go up in smoke and invisible radioactive fire.

    Even if they do, the Rangers will still have a hard time getting the ICBM working, and if no members of the Party have high enough skill, or make an unlucky roll, the ICBM will launch off to an unknown location (If they critically miss role the ICBM can detonate.)

    Both the Khans and the Rangers want to use the Vault for war, so neither are really "good" endings in that regard.

    The Shoshone just want to keep the status qou.
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    Why the BOS want to blow up the base? It isn't their home?
  5. AlphaPromethean

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    It's a "If we can't have it, nobody can" mentality.

    If they get overrun they'd rather blow up the mountain than let all that military gear get in the hands of the two factions.
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    This is fantastic, would it be okay if I used this setting for my own game? It might be streamed and/or recorded as a podcast
  7. AlphaPromethean

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    Ironically, this game ended up not going through back in the day but we're giving Fallout PnP another go soonish and I am actually setting it in the Idaho/Utah/Wyoming region. It's quite coincidental that you've just replied, as I was going to make a new thread detailing the setting with a full map in a couple days. It's quite different from this original post concept at this point. Would you be interested?
  8. TheOverflow

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    Jan 25, 2019
    I would be interested to see the revision of your ideas.

    I'm sad to hear that your original game fell through, but at least you already had some ideas for your setting that just required some more work.
  9. AlphaPromethean

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    "More work" is quite the understatement haha. It's very much different now and a lot better/stronger I think. I'll whip up a post soon enough. Keep an eye out.