Mysteries of New Vegas

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    Ever wonder:

    -How was Vegas able to avoid the devastation of the nuclear war?
    -Why did they bring back character traits and weapon strength requirements?
    -Why some recipes require a campfire even if it is obvious they don't need cooking?
    -How come you can pick up items even if they go over your maximum carry weight (unlike the first two games)?
    -How come so many new perks were introduced?
    -How come some pistols and revolvers can't be snuck into casinos?
    -Why the police revolver is not affected by Cowboy?
    -Why this game has so many achievements?
    -How did Veronica and the rest of the Mojave chapter of the Brotherhood know about the civil war between the east coast chapter and the outcasts in Fallout 3?
    -You get more points from reading skill books than in Fallout 3?
    -How did Moira's Wasteland Survival Guide make it all the way to the Mojave?
    -Why was Hardcore mode introduced?
    -How come AP ammo actually does its job in this game (unlike the first two)?
    -Why is the Legate so freaking tall?
    -Exactly how was Mr. House able to survive for so long?
    -Why did they change the way speech checks were made from fallout 3?
    -How come a low intelligence courier can still speak normally in most instances unlike a low intelligence Vault Dweller or Chosen One?
    -How come blood sausage and black blood sausage is forbidden in the Fort?
    -How did the courier know that the Weathers were going to Old Mormon Fort if they never told where they were going?
    -Why did they reduce the number of skill points you get from leveling up from Fallout 3?
    -Why did they change the setting back to near the setting of the first two games?
    -How come people no longer react negatively if you look at owned or locked containers?
    -How come Hoover Dam looks much smaller in game than in real life?
    -How come Sarah has a picture of James and Catherine from Fallout 3 in her shop near the Vault 22 Hotel?
    -How did the Followers of the Apocalypse make a come back?
    -Are the remnants truly the last of the Enclave?
    -Why would Arcade be in trouble from the NCR, the brotherhood, and bounty hunters when it is revealed that he was a member of the Enclave?
    -How come all the convicts in the Bison Steve die immediately when you appoint a new sheriff?
    -Why do you fail Why Can't We Be Friends if you blow up the vault? And why do you still get the ending where the powder gangers continue to terrorize NCR?
    -Why does Raul call you boss similar to Vic from Fallout 2?
    -Why does what Cass tell you about what weapons she can use not match what she can actually use?
    -Why is the sturdy caravan shotgun not affected by Shotgun Surgeon or And Stay Back?
    -Why does Dhatri refer to the commander who ordered the Bitter Springs massacre as male when the commander was actually female?
    -How come Lonesome Road doesn't have an intro cutscene unlike the other DLC's?
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    -How was Vegas able to avoid the devastation of the nuclear war?

    Explained during the game, House had laser cannons installed on the Lucky 38 (or laser guided defense missiles).
    Furthermore he had a network of computers that could force the incoming Chinese missiles to disarm.
    Together these took out most of the incoming wave but a few missiles still hit their target and the released blast waves killed most of the people in Las Vegas but did not total the city as direct hits would have.

    Most of the damage to the city afterwards is because of the decay caused by weather and time and the eventual occupation by survivors turned tribals.

    -Exactly how was Mr. House able to survive for so long?

    House spends millions on developing technologies to prolong his life including a micro organism free chamber that isolated him from the outside world.
    Sure after two centuries he looks like a desiccated corpse but he is still alive.

    -How come Lonesome Road doesn't have an intro cutscene unlike the other DLC's?

    No need, it would ruin the discoveries the player would make during the DLC. Finding out about the settlements that existed here before the war and the underground missile base, why the place was abandoned before the great war happened, what drew the NCR and the Legion to the region, what caused the creation of the Divide, and what the connection between the Courier and Ulysses is.

    -How did the Followers of the Apocalypse make a come back?

    Canon ending of Fallout 1 is that the Followers grew in numbers and eventually took over most of the boneyard, establishing hospitals and learning centers.
    For a long time they and the NCR were also allied, the Followers serving it as teachers and scientists until both groups got divided over several disputes such as the NCR no longer looking after its poorest citizens, the increasing influence of the caravan houses and brahmin barons, and the corruption of its leadership.

    -Are the remnants truly the last of the Enclave?

    They are, the Enclave returning in strength in Fallout 3 is fan wishing and ret con nonsense by the writer who simply wanted to use them again as a major opponent.
    The Enclave was not an organization ranging in the thousands, they were an elitist group made of politicians, corporate leaders, military officers, soldiers, scientists, technicians and so on they had recruited and their families.
    Their center of power was the Poseidon oil rig which was not just a base of operations, but also their main R&D center, manufacturing center, and population center.
    They had outposts on the mainland including designated shelters for Enclave personnel that could not reach the oil rig in time before the bombs fell but nothing equal to it.

    After the oil rig got destroyed by the Chosen One the NCR army launched a military campaign against Navarro, capturing the base and a lot of Enclave technology such as Vertibirds and a detonator that could remotely interact with ICBMs.

    With most the personnel and civilian population dead and many of the surviving members leaving the organization to integrate into various communities and populations throughout the wasteland the organization will collapse or has already collapsed.
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    So many of those are answered it would take too long to respond. Play the game again.
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    -why is there so much unradiated water?
    -how is the courier able to purify dirty water using glass pitchers and surgical tubing instead of relying on a purifier?
    -if Boone is hostile to the Legion and vice versa, why isn't Veronica hostile towards NCR and vice versa, especially if she is wearing Brotherhood Power Armor?
    -how come the nightkin have no damage threshold?
    -how come irradiated deathclaws in the Courier's Mile have no damage threshold?
    -why doesn't Arcade have a positive opinion of the Legion if its founder is a former follower?
    -how come melee weapons cause less critical damage than unarmed weapons?
    -how come items you get from Them's Good Eating do not affect your starvation meter in hardcore?
    -how come you can actually leave Lonesome Road before completing it, unlike the other DLC's?
    -how come many fallout fans consider this game superior to fallout 3 despite all the glitches and bugs?
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    these questions are unanswerable. there is literally no answer for any of these questions. the game does not exist. what is fallout new vegas? what even is a fallout anyway
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    Because the game takes place 215 years after the bombs dropped.
    Because she wants the brotherhood to forget it's past and reform and Boone hates the legion for what they did to his wife and also being savages.
    Are you dumb? He used to be but now he's the antithesis to arcades ideals.
    Because it's well written and goes interesting places with characters, stories, and lore whereas fallout 3 is a pile of recycled ideas and dog shit.
    Because those are nice features that make sense.
    probably some gross imposition bethesda put on the game. They likely said new vegas had to acknowledge 3 in some way or another.
    Because unlike 3 this game wanted to be a proper fallout sequel.
    Because they literally tried to kill the world.
    Sheriff killed them. A sheriff brings law.

    A lot of these questions are dumb. Questioning obvious game balance desicions. Hell a lot of these questions amount to "why is this game such a fallout game wth" like this one