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    (A large thing appears of the wasteland dust in San Fran. It stagars toward a fight in the middle of the city.)

    "Your kung fu is no good here!" (The larger primitive looking man kick his oponent to the ground. The stands as if he has no intention to continue fighting) "I will beat you some day Dragon." "I will be waiting Lapan." (The fight ends and they return to their gyms.

    The thing then again stagers toward the person called Dragon's house. All the people in the town stare at the figure. "Look at the funny red eyes", a townsperson shouts.

    "Are you the one they call Dragon?", the creature says when it reaches his gym. The man replies"Yes." "I wish to challenge you",the figure says. "Very well then." Dragon stares at the figure. There are horns and large limbs bursting through a sofisticated looking metal armor. "Who are you", asks Dragon. "I am Gruthar." "Very well if you request to fight you will have to take of that of which you are wearing." Gruthar takes of the armor. Dragon's eyes widen and everyone in the room freezes in shock. Out of the armor comes very muscular looking deathclaw...

    A car approaches the towns sign, it reads "Dragon V.S. Gruthar...a deathclaw!? Out of the car steps Sodaminsane bulging out of his leather jacket from extreme physique wearing blood stained shaded sunglasses with MASON carved on them.

    Behind Sodaminsane's car appraoches a bike kicking up a lot of dust.