NCR population or % of population in the military

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    I did find a couple posts on Reddit trying to estimate the sizes of the NCR and Legion militaries, but I am curious as to what the overall populations might be for each. In Fo2 they say the NCR is 700k (kilo = thousand), with most of the people presumably living outside of the major towns as one would expect. With the number of years and the conditions being what they are, what might a good estimate bring that to by the events of NV?

    Given the nature of the Legion, its state of total war, and devotion of troops to both a western and eastern front they would be much smaller overall than the NCR. Presumably with comparable forces for the mojave campaign (bearing in mind that a substantial amount was dedicated to the eastern front). Though there's no telling what crazy gender ratios they would have going, due to making all fertile women brood sow slaves, and all military capable man warriors.

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    However, the amount the NCR has dedicated to it doesn't indicate much of anything about their total military size, or population levels. Secondarily I am curious as to what proportion of total pop their military would be, given what we know about their society, as that would also work for my purposes. Really I'm just looking to get some kind of figure that would allow me to scale everything else accordingly. Mind you with the advent of peasant armies, which the NCR could be using closer to home alleviate the local need for full timers, numbers can inflate during certain times of the year (e.g after harvest). The lazy part of me just wants to say 1 million (way too high) and 5% (50k), with 10-20% of that for the mojave campaign (5-10k). However if I put the Legion at 12k for the mojave campaign, assume it's only half their military, set that at 12.5% of their total pop (which seems low, but then again they aren't industrialized), then they wouldn't even have 100k people which just seems I thought I'd try this first.
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    I've read somewhere (don't recall the source), that the legion had a bigger territory and population than the NCR. Also, most their males are used to fighting and most of their females are used to breed new troops. Also, the legion don't hesitate to send kids to fight while the NCR probably wait for them to be adults to conscript them.

    On the other hand, the NCR do use conscription, which means that any able bodied member of the country (male or female) is expected to join the military at some point. But i imagine that conscription isn't for life either. Also, Legion territory is said to be much more safer than NCR territory, which means that NCR must dedicate more troops to defend their inner territory. Also, they are also campaigning in Baha. Also, when the legion conquers a new territory, they assimilate the land and use the population as new troops. The process is slower with the NCR, and they still have to figh old enemies, like the Khans or the vipers. Plus, the war vs the BOS bled them dry. Sure, they won thanks to their number, but their casualties were high.